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Five Movies Every Man Should Watch

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Movies have always had a special effect in our lives. Be it learning some important life lessons from them, or understanding the importance of romance. It is the effect of movies and dramas, that we see fashion coming and going.

Men have not been an exception to this influence. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, the field of media leaves a mark on its consumers and can even help in developing some good habits. If media can have a negative impact on our lives, then there is definitely scope of good impact as well. All that we need to do is change our perspective.

In our attempt to make a better impact on our audience, we bring to you a list of movies that can have a positive impact in the lives of men. Here you go:

1. Pursuit of Happyness:

Based on a true story, the movie revolves around the relationship between a father and his son. The chronicles the life of Christopher Gardner, a salesman who in turn of unfortunate events loses everything and is forced to live on streets with his son in tow.

In an attempt to become more and excel in his life. Christopher takes up an unpaid internship at a stockbroker firm, while continuing his sales job. The movie not only teaches one about patience but comes as a great lesson for men to go behind their passion with everything that they have.

2. Dead Poet’s Society:

Revolving around an English teacher who teaches his students at an all-boys school to go beyond the conventional thinking and seize every opportunity that comes their way; to live a fuller life.

An absolute must watch by everyone who wants to go beyond the conventional rules and social expectations. The movie is bound to leave an impression on you and make you question and think about the ideas of friendship, sexism, education and many others.

3. Fight Club

Based on a novel of the same name, the movie starts with a narration where it is then revealed that the narrator, who is an automobile specialist, is unsatisfied by his job. He then meets a soap salesman; with whom he then forms a fight club.

The movie is a perfect example for brotherhood, while also talking about mental disorders. Shown in a creative way, the movie tells a story where in the end it is revealed that the narrator was imagining his friend, who in the end also does suicide. A perfect start to get your mind churning out thoughts and making you curious enough to read more about mental stability and mental health.

4. Life of Pi

A story about survival. A must watch movie for every man out there who is trying to survive and learn from this adventure called life. The story revolves around a teenager ‘Pi’ who tells a novelist about his life story.

Due to an unfortunate turn of events, ‘Pi’ a teenage boy finds himself on a lifeboat with the only other survivor, a tiger. The movie then tells the story of how trust becomes the most important entity between the boy and the tiger, in order to survive. A lesson for all of us to believe even when we don’t have any faith.

5. Forrest Gump

Appreciate and be thankful for what you have and keep striving for the next big thing. A very important message told by a movie that has now become a famous name in the world of films.

The movie revolves around a man ‘Forrest Gump’ who apart from physical disability, also faces intellectual disability. Although, the character is an epitome of decency and leads an ideal life where the character never shows signs of any negatives.

The movie definitely leaves a smile on everyone’s face with questions about idealism, human decency and learnings on how one can lead a stress free, creative, ideal and blissful life.

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