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Five Innovative Hobbies for Men

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

We were introduced to the fact that life is unpredictable and we as humans have little to no control over it, during the pandemic. Time taught us to value what we have and explore as much as the life can give us the opportunities to.

While many of us were drawn to the existential crisis that pandemic brough on all of us, many took the advantage to learn things that they always had in their bucket list but were never able to get to it, because of various reasons (majorly work).

Taking this forward, we have created a list of hobbies for men that they can not only enjoy but will also help in letting them explore more and become a better version of themselves.

Adult Board games or Retro Gaming

We are pretty aware of your love for games. But while you have been playing games that need physical exertion, or prefer playing FIFA on your playstation, the new trending games are board games and Retro Gaming.

Board games come in various forms which include imaginative play as well as games with monetary benefits. Some examples are Dungeons and Dragons, poker, scrabble, Monopoly, Scythe, Small World and many, many more.

Car restoration and Management

One of the very essentials of surviving that everyone should at least have the basic knowledge of, is how to repair their cars, especially in the case of emergencies. But somehow we all have never taken a break and learnt the basics.

Take out time and take some basic classes where you can learn how to do some repairs, if you by chance find yourself stranded in the middle of the road, while on your all boys road trip.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language can be fun and interesting. With the world opening up and our wanderlust being at its peak, after the pandemic, it will be a great experience that while travelling you can not only understand other people around, but can also navigate smoothly because of your knowledge.

In recent times, Korean music and TV shows have been trending. Many people in love of these shows not only enjoy these shows but are now also fluent in Korean. An added benefit to understand and grasp what you are consuming.


Yes, fishing. Can sound like a very boring activity to do, especially when one can get some mouth watering delicacies in restaurants. However, if taken seriously, fishing is an activity that not only teaches you patience but will also provide you enormous joy when you get the hang of it and actually catch a fish.

Fishing requires one to be still and patient for the fishes to take the bait. It is that time where you get to spend it with your thoughts along with some scenic views around whatever water reservoir you chose.


An essential that is required to sustain, by everyone. Cooking can give immense pleasure if someone is interested. Men who think it’s not their place to be in the kitchen, let me tell you, Kitchen has, food is for everyone, kitchen is for everyone.

The art of experimenting and then bringing out something that does not only look great but is also great on your palette can be very rewarding. So, why wait? Get your minds working and make your way.

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