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6 Reasons Why Men Should Not Hesitate to Cry

“Real men cry and only the strong admit it”.

Our society portrays men as soulless creatures who should be a rock in the middle of a storm and maintain their composure under pressure.

It's past time we put this false social stereotype to rest and open our minds to a more realistic viewpoint. Crying is a normal human reaction to a range of feelings and circumstances, including sadness, frustration, and even delight.

You cannot dispute that crying is a universal feeling. Men becoming upset and crying to express their emotions is completely normal and acceptable.

Through this article, we aim to explore the vulnerabilities of a Man, and also revisit a few reasons why men should not hesitate to cry.

Why should men not hesitate to cry out?

It is quite common for men to ride through a rollercoaster of emotions because we’ve got loads of things to focus on like career, job, family, and income. Confining emotions to oneself does not do any good to mental health. Mentioned below are the reasons that can prove that why men should be more and more vulnerable:

  • Helps you unleash your frustrations to yourself:

For guys, crying is a good method to get frustration-related emotions that have been holding them back. Cry serves as an emotional pressure release valve, allowing you to let go of these strong emotions.

Men, in particular, have a lot to deal with, making it simple to lose their cool. The expectations and demands of a job, profession, or sexual life can easily cause frustration. Sometimes, working long hours and the stress that comes with it all cause rising irritability.

Additionally, males experience agitation when their testosterone levels fluctuate and their stress cortisol levels soar. This is where crying out your frustrations is a healthy and constructive way to deal with intense emotions. It improves emotional well-being, decreases stress, and can lead to improved communication and conflict resolution.

  • Releases physical and mental pain:

Crying can help you feel less pain, whether it's physical or emotional, by reducing its intensity. Science claims that crying causes the release of oxytocin and endogenous opioids, also known as endorphins.

Endorphins that are released while you cry help numb the pain and reduce the intensity of your inner suffering. When you experience pain, be it physical or internal, your body's nerves send signals in the form of a pain signal to your brain. Endorphins are released in response by your brain to inhibit the nerve cells that receive pain signals. Your pain is generally turned off this way.

  • Enhances mood:

Tears that flow from intense emotion produce stress hormones that enhance mood. You release your unwanted sensations by crying, which lowers your stress levels and may help you sleep better and strengthen your immune system.

What actually happens when you cry is that you take many long, frigid breaths. It can control your brain's temperature when you breathe in cooler air. As a result, after a crying episode, your mood might get better.

  • Provides you with a clear outlook and perspective:

The cathartic release provided by a flood of tears usually leaves one feeling lighter and more in the moment. With the emotional fog that may have been obscuring your thoughts and perceptions gone, you may feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

You'll feel as though your mind has settled into a particular perspective after crying. This will enable you to look back on life's experiences with a more insightful perspective. Particularly men have a propensity to reflect on things quite a bit. When you cry, you can think about what made you feel that way, what caused the tears, and the underlying issues.

  • Expresses your concern for loved ones:

Tears are well and truly an expression of a man's love for his close ones. When a man cries because of his loved ones' pain or struggles, it demonstrates his caring and compassionate nature. It demonstrates that you sincerely care about their happiness and well-being.

When you cry, you can express that you are deeply affected by the pain, suffering, or challenges endured by loved ones and that you genuinely care about their well-being. Crying is a natural and honest expression of a man’s emotions.

  • Helps you set an example for your children:

Men who are open about their feelings and cry out without holding back are more likely to communicate their emotions with their kids. It will also mean that your children will be more comfortable talking about their own emotions and worries.

Well, just remember this: 'Your child is more likely to learn from how you are and how you express yourself than from what you feed him in the form of advice'. Your child will most likely learn that facing challenges and having difficult feelings is normal by watching you cry and express your emotions.

The emotional connection between a father and his children is also strengthened in some sense by crying. Children feel safe sharing their feelings and experiences in this setting because of the trust and emotional intimacy that letting their tears flow fosters.

Should men be encouraged to cry?

Absolutely yes. We must encourage men to break the shackles and express themselves as it helps alleviate mental stress. Educating the community on the negative effects of traditional masculinity stereotypes through healthy conversations in a public gathering is one way to encourage men to cry out to express themselves without having to confine their feelings.

It's not about the tears or the emotional expression of crying. Rather, we should understand that it is about men being vulnerable, it is about men being open to all sorts of emotional discussions, men being able to adjust and accept various situations, and men being uncertain about responsibilities but still trying their best.

We need to give space to men to be able to perform all these things. However, there is a fine line in terms of encouraging men to cry. Encouraging men to cry should not come at the expense of forcing them or disregarding their comfort level. Respecting individual preferences is essential, taking into account elements like nature and cultural backgrounds.

Creating a safe space for men to freely express their emotions should be the main focus. A valuable supporting hand through understanding, empathy, and acceptance will allow men to express themselves emotionally in the way they prefer.


The truth is that males do experience emotions just like other people do, and crying out to express these innate feelings is perfectly normal. Men experience a range of emotions, including joy, sorrow, rage, fear, love, and empathy. It is very normal for these feelings to occasionally cause tears. There is no shame in men crying.

Men have been taught to suppress their emotions and present themselves as dispassionate, powerful individuals as a result of historical stereotypes. However, it is time for us to abandon such illogical notions and grow a pair so that we can freely express ourselves. Keep in mind that crying is a strong way to communicate your emotions that readily transcends any prejudices associated with men.

Written By - Samuel Joshua V

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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