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Everything new about Apple’s Airpods 3rd generation

Although, true wireless headphones existed, Apple bought a massive change in the market by rolling out the Airpods 1st gen. Since, the Airpods distinguished themselves from any other wireless device at that time. Looking at the success of the powerful design, competitors sailed to catch up to Apple. However, Apple’s Airpods still remain undistinguished from the rest. That is because of the recognizable design and Apple’s image as a brand. Most recently, Apple launched the Airpods 3rd Generation priced at 18,500 in India. The headphones are the next generation to the Airpods 2nd gen but have a 100% revamped style and tech on the inside. We can say the features and specifications truly rival with the company’s flagship the Airpods Pro which are priced at 24,900. Anyhow, Airpods 3rd gen still lack a few features as the flagship still stays atop the list. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

The Design, Functionality and Specifications

Apple has adopted from the Airpods Pro to design the 3rd generation. The stems to the earpeices are now shorter and there is a touch button for controls on the stems, just like the Airpods Pro. However, the Airpods 3rd gen do not have the silicon tips for noise cancellation. They have the similar outer-ear fit like the previous gen Airpods. Although, The earpeices on the 3rd gen are bigger than those on the previous generations which makes them more secure and isolation ready but not as secure and isolating as the Airpods Pro. While testing the Airpods 3rd gen, I could hear plenty of ambient noise. This implies the new Airpods are designed for better outdoor usage as specified by apple.

The Airpods 3rd gen earpeice and charging case are now rated IPX4 for water resistance to handle sprinkles of water or sweat. A major change is the addition of force touch controls on the Apple AirPods 3rd generation. Unlike the less precise touch controls on the first-and second-gen AirPods, force touch requires an exceptionally conscious motion like squeezing a button, and input from the headset likewise causes you to feel like these are mechanical buttons, despite the fact that they aren’t. The controls permit you to play and pause music, jump to the next or past track, and answer calls, just as summon Siri without utilizing your iPhone. Although you cannot actively control volume, you can order Siri to do so.

The charging case of the Apple AirPods 3rd gen is smaller and wider than that of the second Gen variation. The Lightning port for charging is at the base, the matching button is at the back, and the pointer light is on the front. The case upholds Qi remote charging with MagSafe compatibility.

Apple continues to use bluetooh 5 and AAC Bluetooth codec as a default for Apple device. The new Airpods also support SBC codec. The Airpods are comprised with Apples in-house H1 chip for faster connectivity. The skin detection sensor let’s your headset know when the headphones are plugged in for automated play and pause function. There is no-active noise cancellation on the new Airpods 3rd gen. The battery life on the Airpods 3rd gen are way better than the previous generations. I was able to get 5 hours of play time with music and calls. The charging case gives you enough power to recharge the Airpods at least 4 times per charge, giving a total battery life of approximately 25 hours.

The Airpods support Spatial Audio just like in the Apple TV and Apple music along with head tracking for supported services. Airpods 3rd gen also support Siri, Apple’s voice assistant with the option to awaken it hands-free “Hey Siri”. It works the same as it would on the iPhone. For this to work, the Airpods must be paired with an iPhone, iPad or Mac to be connected to the internet.

Are the Airpods 3rd gen the right choice for you?

The Airpods 3rd gen are an expensive piece of technology priced at Rs.18,500 with no active noise cancellation. In other ways, the Airpods are a good option and work well with Apple’s ecosystem. They work well with Apple devices and the offer an all-around experience with IOS, Siri and Apple music. Airpods 3rd gen might be the next best option after the Airpods pro if your budget is under 20,000.

Several competitor options might be available that will offer active noise cancellation but the Airpods work well with Apple’s ecosystem. If you are using an iPhone, iPad or Mac you might want to consider the Airpods 3rrd gen just because how well they work together.

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