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Every Quentin Tarantino movie ranked

Quentin Tarantino-one of the most celebrated directors who has given numerous critical and commercially acclaimed movies and his movies have received a cult following, has famously predicted that he will retire after directing 10 movies. “Most directors have horrible last movies, ending on a decent movie is rare, and that ending on a good movie is kind of phenomenal”, Tarantino had said. Tarantino’s Kill Bill was released in 2 parts but the director considers Kill Bill to be a single movie. While there are hardly any worst movies to come from Tarantino’s direction, as majority of films have received cult status , ranging from diverse genres such as pop culture, martial arts, war , crime, road action, western among others. Here are 9 movies directed by Tarantino ranked in a reverse chronological order according to audience ratings and critical acclaim .

9. Death Proof (2007) :

Death proof is inclined to be the least favourite amongst Tarantino’s fans, having a rating of 66 % on Rotten Tomatoes (review aggregation website). Starring Kurt Russell as Stuntman named Mike, who Is a body double who enjoys taking innocent ladies on dangerous drives in his spare time. Mike intentionally creates accidents, and when he does so, the victims pile up while he escapes with scarcely a scratch. He has modified his automobile for maximum impact. When he targets a tough group of female pals, including actual stuntwoman Zoe Bell (who replaced Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill”), who portrays herself, the psychotic Mike could be in over his head.

8. The Hateful Eight (2015):

Having a rating of 78 % on Rotten Tomatoes , The Hateful eight follows the story of Bounty hunter John “The Hangman” Ruth (Kurt Russell) and his runaway prisoner (Jennifer Jason Leigh) as they run towards the hamlet of Red Rock in post-Civil War Wyoming when they come across another bounty hunter (Samuel L. Jackson) and a man claiming to be a sheriff. The company heads to a stagecoach stoppage situated on a mountain pass in search of refuge from a blizzard. The eight passengers discover they might not reach their goal after all when they are met there by four strangers. The film offers over the top violence and leaves an impression of Tarantino’s signature craft.

7. Kill Bill Volume 1&2 (2003,2004):

In a homage to grindhouse cinema, including martial arts films, samurai cinema, blaxploitation and spaghetti Western, kill Bill has relieved critical and commercial acclaim on its release and a cult status. Earlier it was touted to be released in one part , but the marathon 4 hours run time convinced Tarantino to release it in 2 Parts. The story follows Uma Thurman who four years after being attempted killed on her wedding day by her jealous ex-lover Bill (David Carradine), a former assassin known only as The Bride (Uma Thurman) awakens from a coma. She makes a promise to get revenge on everyone who was responsible for the death of her unborn child, her whole wedding party, and four years of her life. The Bride embarks on her mission after creating a hit list, suffering unimaginable harm from dishonest foes.

6. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019):

Starring two of the most iconic movie stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, Once upon a Time in Hollywood fetched numerous Academy Awards nominations while winning two. The movie follows the story of the 1950s television Western actor Rick Dalton who starred in them which brought him fame and money, but he is now having difficulty locating meaningful employment in Hollywood. With his laid-back closest buddy and frequent stunt double, Cliff Booth, he spends the most of his time drinking and hanging around. Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate, a director and aspiring actress, who had their lives forever changed by the Manson Family, also happen to reside next door to Rick. Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie at 85% .

5. Jackie Brown (1997):

Jackie Brown holds a rating of 87 % on Rotten Tomatoes and is considered one of Thebes works of Quentin Tarantino. The movie offers the wit and charm of Tarantino’s direction. In order to bring down her boss, weapons dealer Ordell Robbie (Samuel L. Jackson), flight attendant Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) is caught smuggling cash. Agent Ray Nicolette (Michael Keaton) and investigator Mark Dargus (Michael Bowen) demand her assistance. Brown must choose between staying silent and risking death if she cooperates, so she chooses to deceive both sides and steal the money rather than risk either. She enlists the assistance of bondsman Max Cherry (Robert Forster), a man she is in love with.

4. Django Unchained (2012):

Django Unchained is undoubtedly a Masterpiece! Wit, humour combined with action and satirical take on Slavery, Django Unchained has a separate fan base . The movie holds a rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes which chronicles the story of Slave Django (Jamie Foxx) who joins Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), an unconventional German bounty hunter, on a quest to apprehend the savage Brittle brothers two years before the American Civil War. Following the accomplishment of their mission, Schultz releases Django, and the two of them travel in search of the most wanted criminals in the South. They eventually arrive at the notorious Calvin Candie plantation, played by the duplicitous Leonardo DiCaprio, where Django’s long-lost wife, Kerry Washington, is still a slave.

3. Inglourious Basterds (2009):

Inglourious Basterds shows the depth and what master Tarantino is at his craft. One of the best war fictionalised movies, Inglourious Basterds has received a cult status . It has an approval rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes! The plot is , this is the first year that Germany has occupied France. A group of Jewish troops was put together by Allied commander Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) to carry out brutal acts of vengeance against the Nazis, including the removal of their heads. To overthrow the Third Reich’s leaders, he and his soldiers team up with German actress and covert operative Bridget von Hammersmark. The theatre owner Shosanna Dreyfus, who wants to get revenge on the Nazis for killing her family, brings their destinies together.

2. Reservoir Dogs (1992):

Tarantino’s first movie was a quick smash hit-critically and commercially, opening Tarantino’s career in a hard hitting style. Reservoir Dogs is regarded as a Classic and cult film. It has a rating of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie follows the story of a group of thieves who assemble to attempt a Diamond heist. With an informer on their side, the situation quickly explodes. The movie features a graphic display of violence.

1. Pulp Fiction (1994):

Regarded as Tarantino’s Masterpiece, Pulp Fiction has created a whole Niche of itself, some critics calling it as a touchstone of postmodern film. Pulp Fiction was heavily praised for its screenwriting and also received an Academy award in the same category. It is also considered as a cultural watershed, influencing other films and media. It’s plot -The hitmen Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) enjoy intellectual debates. Their storyline is woven into that of their boss, gangster Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames), his actress wife Mia (Uma Thurman), struggling boxer Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis), master fixer Winston Wolfe (Harvey Keitel), and a wary pair of armed robbers known as “Pumpkin” and “Honey Bunny” (Tim Roth) in this ultra-hip, multi-strand crime film (Amanda Plummer).

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