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Effective ways to end a relationship

The idea of relationships is to have a partner with whom we can share a comfortable space. A security to share our secrets, a shoulder to keep our heads, when it feels too heavy to carry on, or a sense of that warm home feeling, that is what we expect out of the relationships we form with a partner; peace at the end of the day.

Although, there are times when relationships can and will run the course of it. It is the time we make sure that we do not hurt the person we have known but still are able to move on and find the next phase of our lives.

This could put us in some tough positions and men tend to avoid confrontations and try to take easy paths when it comes to breaking up. If you are looking to be gentle to the partner who has been your person for long but are bewildered about how, we have the exact tips for you, take a look:


There is nothing more excruciating than being ditched by the person that you’ve spent a significant amount of time with. Give them the respect that they deserve by meeting them in-person, and telling them face-to-face about how you have been feeling and the decision that you have come down to. Be it good, bad or the ugly, still it is the least that they can expect out of you, and you need to do this the right way. 

Keep your emotions in control:

There might be a good chance that the end of a relationship might come as a shock to your partner. They might lash out at you and might even say something hurtful, but you being the gentleman that you are should avoid any display of anger and keep a check on your emotions. You should be very calm and composed throughout this talk, more so because it is a decision taken by you.

No blame game:

The chapter of your relationship is finally closing. It doesn’t have to be ugly. Give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Don’t go on blaming the other person for this whole facade. If you do so, especially when they were not expecting this shortcoming can trigger a fight which you don’t want. Be gentle throughout the conversation and the bigger person. Take the responsibility and make sure that they have all that they might need while going through the tough time.


Understand that the outcome might be the same but the damage taken by both is not proportionate. Just because it’s you, who’s ending it, the other person might begin to doubt themselves. So, be super-sensitive and just think what it’ll be like to be in their shoes. Roger Ebert says, “I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization.” So, if you consider yourself civil then you know what to do.  

Be honest but gentle:

It’s high time that you stop ignoring the red flags and tell them what went wrong. They need to know as to what made you take such a big step. It will not be an easy conversation but for sure it’s a vital one. Be honest but don’t go overboard. Remember, even if they did you wrong, they still have a conscience. Don’t let that conscience haunt them. 

A healthy relationship can take you a long way, and can keep your mood elevated throughout the day. When talking about an unhealthy or a toxic relationship, they can put both your physical and mental health at risk. The choice is yours. That’s all from our side. We hope that you loved this article and it’ll prove helpful to you and if it did then, do share it with your friends.

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