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Easy Tech hacks for the Common man

We live in the age of technology and the web has swarmed with data. We are in an era where physical strength and money aren’t the precursor for power anymore. Anyhow, data and content have become the most powerful weapons for mankind. Despite the fact, a lot of us do not completely understand and make use of the resources around us. Technology is mankind’s best friend if used in the right way. Any and all tech is invented for the ease of every user. If we know how to make use of the tools of the internet, we would surely be more thankful for what we have. So here are some of my personal favorite hacks of all time that can help you be more efficient than ever.

The Google timer tech

Google is the most used and probably the best search engine in the world. But did you know? You could use google as a timer. This could be very helpful when working on a task at hand. Just simple type set timer and the time in the search box and voila. “Set timer for (x) minutes” will allow you to set the timer. This could be very helpful when in a crunch of time and have more work to do. I usually use this hack in office hours so that I do not spend all my time on one task.

A 10 minute(s) timer on Google

The fake PDF alert

Wisdom comes from experience and I experienced it first hand. When downloading a PDF, many sites use pop-ups and won’t download the right file. These pop-ups are usually viruses built to harm your PC and steal data, in short compromise your laptop or computer. While downloading anything from the web, even as simple as a pdf, make sure the site is legitimate. If the downloaded file ends with “.exe” it is most likely a virus. Don’t open it and instantly delete the file that has been stored.

A tech hack for mobile gamers

If you love to play games on your android or IOS mobile, you might also be aware about the ads that keep popping up and spoiling the mood. And it usually happens when you are at the peak of your game. Do not worry as I have the solution for you. Before I knew this I was myself frustrated with all the ads that keep popping up on offline games as well. In order to limit them, you need to disconnect yourself from the web by all means. Turn off your wifi, mobile data or you can even turn your phone to airplane mode. This will help you stay away from ads.

A tech hack for clumsy android users

We keep our phones on silent most of the time these days. Whether we are at home, office or somewhere out. It is not new to lose your phone and then being unable to find it as it is silent and won’t ring. It sure happens with me a lot and it is scary to not find your phone. What if i told you that you can simply find your phone by using any other device. Just log in to your account using a laptop or a spare phone, go to android device manager. Select the device/phone that is misplaced and click on “ring”. It will ring the phone and you can easily find it.

A tech hack to cheap airline tickets

Booking online tickets can be a pain. You have to surf through the web, visit different portals, compare prices and then finally choose. But once you start visiting a single website or portal for booking your air tickets, the prices are bound to increase and hence you end up purchasing an expensive ticket than expected. Companies keep track of clicks and know when someone is interested in purchasing the ticket, they automatically increase the price. I suggest when purchasing air tickets online, use incognito mode. Under incognito mode, your I.P address won’t remain the same every time you visit a site and it won’t be able to track your presence hence showing you the base prices of the tickets. Now you can easily book irrespective of when you are booking your ticket.

Another impressive chrome hack

Accidently shutting down a tab on chrome is nothing new. And when this happens, one has to go to the history and look for the tab and then reopen it which makes it a long story. Well, simply tapping ctrl+shift+t on your keyboard can do the trick for you. From now on, if you ever close a tab accidentally, tap the above to reopen it.

Charge your iPhone faster

Every smartphone company has been making their chargers faster with every new variant they put out in the market. It is a common practice to increase the power output, even if it’s just by a couple of amperes. Devices with higher specifications consume high power and need a powerful recharge. A perfect example would be of the iPad charger being more powerful than an iPhone charger. And definitely charges your iPhone faster. You don’t run into it everyday. Anyhow, a missing iPhone adapter might lead you to it. This isn’t recommended when fast charging isn’t required as it destroys your battery health. Use this simple hack when in a hurry to charge your phone.

Data Transfer tech made simpler with DeTune

An iPhone user who will install iTunes for the first time realizes that they are unable to play some of the formats using the application. iTunes might have issues playing formats that aren’t widely popular. Especially music tracks coming from not-so-popular sources. This is due to the fact that your computer doesn’t have the required codecs to display the contents of the file. DeTune is a software that gives you an interface similar to that of iTunes. This allows you to easily manage your files on iOS on your computer and transfer them to your PC/laptop too. You would be flabbergasted to know that DeTune would allow you to keep songs on your device that have been deleted from your iTunes. Conclusively, DeTune is an application you must install on your computer if you are an iOS user.

A tech Hack for students

School students definitely search for more and more information on google everyday for a good source. They usually end up getting false information from unreliable sources. This is due to the fact the internet is a huge space. Most websites do not hold complete information dn many are a hoax of modern digital marketing schemes. The websites that do hold relevant information are less likely to be found and hence it becomes difficult to understand who to trust. It is all the more arduous when working on an important research project for college. A research project most likely starts with literature and that requires deep knowledge and research of the subject matter.

When such a task is at hand, a more simpler way out is by using google scholars. This is an archive of published papers and projects by students and professors around the world. Google dedicates this archive solely for the above mentioned purposes. You can find a ton of relevant information on topics and relevant citations. This makes for relevant sources of information and easy access to that information for free.


As explained earlier, the world is not more than a technological park anymore and it is crucial to understand the workings of modern technology. The world as we see it is changing every now and then. It is important to try new techniques to make technology more accessible to every human being. The digital divide is shortening due to the fact that the aware are taking a step forward to educate the unaware. The huge divide between these groups of people exists due to a large number of factore. These factors are namely age, geographical boundaries, lack of resources and much more. Anyhow, with the help of growing technology this can be shortened out. The backbone of technology isn’t shorthanded anymore. In this era, world leaders are the innovative techies sitting on the top hierarchies of their organisations.

The above mentioned hacks are some of the most common ones we came across in recent times. These tricks are invaluable knowledge and provide a major advantage over everyday tasks on your computer or the internet as a whole. These are noteworthy as they were experienced in real time and moreover will assist you in your digital upbringing. We are certainly aware that men are either all into technology or not for it at all. There is no middle ground. Anyhow we aim at achieving the goal where every man is sufficiently informed about the workings of everyday technology that surrounds him at every turn. The above mentioned hacks certainly make you more aware about the current space of tech. These hacks would give you a better understanding of modern softwares that is a major part of the technical environment around us.

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