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Easy Father’s Day Gifts 2022

Whether you are a 30 something adult or a 15 year old teenager, you might always feel the need to celebrate the love for your father on father’s day. You might tell him that you love him, bring him breakfast in bed and do a lot more than he expects, however, when it comes to gifting him something nice to your father, you might keep second guessing yourself. Should you gift him a watch? Should you give him a new phone? You might never know.

The truth is that while fathers make sure that all our needs are met, they hardly ask for something in return. They barely go out shopping for new clothes or for self care like a Thai massage or a pedicure. They do not ask for much in return other than food on the table. However, when international father’s day is around the corner, it is high time that you showcase your love for your father by gifting him something special.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed out a few easy father’s day gifts for 2022 that you can present to your dad on father’s day. Let us have a look below:

Personalised Beer Glass

If your father is a fan of beer (alcoholic or non alcoholic), it is high time that you gift him a personalised beer glass. These beer glasses can be available online as well as at certain stores, where you can make them write quirky quotes or phrases for your father to make him look cool. And then later your father will be boasting about how you gifted him that personalised beer glass for father’s day to his friends. It is that easy!


Is your dad into academics? Or is he an avid reader, gulping down books one by one as the days pass. Well, if the answer is yes, then the best option for you is to get him a book (or possibly a set of books). Not only will he be delighted to receive a book from you, it will also be a very thoughtful present from you to him. Whether he is into science fiction or fantasy, make sure that you gift him the right kind of book that he would love to read, which will make him happy on international father’s day.

Coffee Sampler

Many men are huge coffee addicts and need their first cup of black coffee as soon as they are out of the bed in the morning. If your father is one of them too, a kit of coffee sampler would be the perfect gift for them to make sure that their morning cup of coffee is waiting for them as soon as they have woken up. These coffee samplers are available offline as well as at the stores and come with different flavours as well. Your gift of coffee samplers might just make their morning coffee more than a wake up call for your father.

Waffle Maker

It is true! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And while your dad is busy checking work emails and work texts, he certainly cannot ignore breakfast, especially when it includes waffles. Gifting your father a waffle maker on father’s day will certainly make him feel like a masterchef (only when it comes to breakfast) as he is busy making waffles for everyone. Along with that, he will be boasting about how he makes the best waffles in the whole town!

Skincare Kit for Men

While men usually stay strong when it comes to their professional commitments and make sure that their work is always their priority, they hardly participate in self care, apart from taking a shower and brushing their teeth. However, skincare is as important for men as it is for women because men too can get dark spots and wrinkles, just like women, if they do not take care of their skin. Here is where you come into the picture. Grab the best skincare kit available for your father, whether online or in the stores and gift it to him to make him understand that he needs to take care of his skin as well.


Whether you are a daughter or a son, everyone needs a father, no matter what. It does not matter if you have been a privileged person or not, your love for your father will remain the same in both the cases. A father is someone who is not only protective of his child but also makes sure that his child does not commit the same mistakes that he did. He tries to make his child’s life as easy as possible, walking on broken glass only to ensure that his child is able to walk on roses.

While every day is father’s day, international father’s day should certainly be cherished and celebrated by every child by letting his father know that he is loved by them as well as by his whole family. After all, a father works hard to make sure that his family is able to live in a safe and cosy environment.

If you have not bought a father’s day gift for your beloved dad yet, the above given gifts are some good options to choose from. Whether you go for a book, a coffee sampler or a personalised beer glass, it will all be worth it as it will bring a smile on your loving father’s face. That is something which you have always wanted and have been looking for, isn’t it? These gifts are easily available online or you can purchase them at the nearest store at an affordable price.

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