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6 Documentaries To Watch If You Feel You Are An Unorganized Man

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If you're a man who wants to become more organized, you might be seeking some guidance and motivation from professionals. You may wonder how some people manage their time, tasks, and resources well and reach their objectives and aspirations with discipline and order. You might also be intrigued by their techniques and strategies to achieve success and brilliance.

Like everyone else, men can also face moments of disarray in their lives. However, this should not be viewed as a failure but rather as a chance for development and change. We can become overwhelmed by the intricacies, obligations, and objectives of life, which results in chaos. Take advantage of these opportunities to grow personally by accepting them.

Remember that clarity frequently arises from turmoil. These difficulties may inspire a drive for skill development, time management, and self-improvement. You can use disarray's teachings to grow stronger by acknowledging it as a stage in your life's development.

We bring a list of documentaries for unorganized men to have a detailed and inspiring vision of life and maybe have a happier phase ahead.

These documentaries can offer valuable insights and tips on organizing your thoughts, actions, and environment and overcoming the challenges and obstacles you face in your personal and professional endeavors.

This article suggests documentaries you can watch if you feel unorganized and help you to become a more organized and better version of yourself.


freakonomics documentary
Source: IMDb

This documentary investigates the unspoken aspects of human behavior and decision-making and is based on the best-selling book by economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner. You'll discover how incentives, societal expectations, and psychological biases influence your decisions and actions and how you may use this information to increase your output and efficiency. Additionally, you'll encounter some unexpected and paradoxical discoveries that will make you reevaluate your assumptions and how you view the world.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

steve jobs one last thing documentary
Source: IMDb

This documentary tells the story of Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple, who revolutionized several industries with his innovative products and marketing strategies.

You will see how Jobs was obsessed with details, design, and quality and managed his teams and projects with a relentless drive and passion. You will also learn how Jobs overcame challenges and failures in his career and inspired millions of people with his vision and creativity.


iris documentary
Source: IMDb

Iris Apfel, a 95-year-old fashion legend with an unusual and unconventional style, is the subject of this documentary. You'll see how Apfel defied expectations to build her empire and used clothing and accessories to convey her personality and sense of self.

You will also observe how Apfel cherishes a good work ethic, curiosity, and experimentation and maintains her youthfulness by continuously learning new things.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

jiro dreams of sushi documentary
Source: IMDb

Jiro Ono, a sushi maestro in Tokyo who is 85 years old, is the subject of the book Jiro Dreams of Sushi. "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" is an excellent example of the commitment, focus, and accuracy needed to be an expert in one's field. While not immediately related to the organization, it serves as a potent reminder of the value of dedication and care in attaining your objectives.

The Founder

The founder documentary
Source: IMDb

The documentary chronicles the tale of Ray Kroc, who transformed a little hamburger business into the McDonald's global fast-food empire. You'll witness how Kroc revolutionized the restaurant business and built a name that is now known all over the world. He did this with vision, tenacity, and ruthlessness.

You will also observe how Kroc handled the difficulties and disputes that resulted from his desire and growth.

The Social Dilemma

Social dilemma documentary
Source: IMDb

In "The Social Dilemma," the effects of social media on our daily lives, particularly our attention span and behavior, are thoroughly examined.

You may improve your online habits and regain control of your digital life by comprehending these platforms' design principles and algorithmic workings. This is a crucial component of contemporary organization.


These documentaries offer valuable lessons on organization, motivation, and achieving success in various fields. By watching them, you can gain insights into the mindset and strategies of accomplished individuals and apply these principles to your own life. So grab some popcorn and start your journey toward becoming a more organized and successful man.

Written By - Khushi Bhatia

Edited By - Chirajita Gupta

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