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Do you really need a shaving brush to shave?

Men who shave have never had it better than they do now.

From cutting-edge razors and scientifically approved shave gels to fancy schmancy aftershaves with no hint of a kick, there are a lot of modern products that are made to make dragging a blade across your face more effective and even enjoyable than ever before.

Old tools for grooming worked, but these new ones do the job faster, better, and in a much more comfortable way. What else could you really want? But even though you should leave behind a lot of traditional grooming tools, you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss others.

One of these is the shaving brush.

Just give us a break on this one, okay? Even though these badger-haired beauties may look like an old relic from a time when men with steady hands used straight razors to cut off their beards and were proud to hold their throats at the tip of a blade, they do have a purpose other than looking cool next to your sink, and that is to make your shave as smooth as possible.

How are they going to do that?

Ridhiman Das will break it up for you to understand!

Should You Get New Versions of These Classic Grooming Product?

For every handmade beard oil and 12-blade razor, there’s a cheap grooming method that’s been around for decades and comes recommended by Grandpa. But are any of these old products still worth keeping on the shelves?

First of all, a shave brush is the best way to get the hairs on your face ready for a shave. Shaving creams and gels can’t get into the hair and soften it if the skin isn’t stimulated enough. When you dab on products by hand, however, hairs tend to stay stuck to the face, making them hard to reach.

When used right (which means scrubbing hard in a circular motion), a shave brush solves both of these problems at once. It softens hairs and lifts them away from your face so you can cut them off more easily.

The next thing to talk about is foam. For the best shave, you want the lather to be as thick as possible. This lets the razor move smoothly across the skin, reducing drag and the irritation that comes after. Most products today are made to lather on their own, but that can only do so much. A shaving brush will add more water to the foam, making the lather thicker and the shaving process easier. The last thing to talk about is exfoliation. As you might expect, brushing your face with animal hairs helps get rid of dirt, dust, and dead skin cells. This makes it less likely that you will get things like pimples and ingrown hairs in the future.

Who couldn’t use some extra help in that area?

The Verdict: Do you need it to shave?

The Shaving Brush in undeniably a shaving kit essential. It is a must investment for all men as it not only makes the shaving experience smooth but also time saving. So, the verdict is a definite yes!

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