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Do winters affect a man’s sex drive?

The impact of the weather on your mood is beyond question. Many claim that the summer season, when the weather is nice and the sun shines, makes them feel more romantic. The winters might still be beneficial for your sexual life, despite that. Here are five reasons why the onset of winter season might be good for your romantic and sexual life.

In chilly conditions, testosterone increases.

Reduced testosterone levels are one potential factor in men’s poor libido. A study that appeared in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that testosterone levels rose when the temperature dropped and that the months with the highest temperatures and the longest days were those with the lowest testosterone levels. The scientists discovered that the weather had a 31 percent impact on testosterone levels.

Wintertime sexual activity is beneficial.

On the rise of oxytocin and endorphin levels in your brain, which aid in promoting emotions of well-being and connection, having an intimate relationship during the colder months can help you beat the wintertime blues. Regular sex has been shown to make the immune system stronger, which can help protect against flu and cold in the winters

The aroma of pumpkin pie is seductive in winters

Here’s yet another justification for anticipating the influx of pumpkin-flavored goods in the fall and winters. Depending on your sex, many scents can either be a turn-on or a turn-off. However, both sexes find the aromas of pumpkin pie and lavender to be sexually stimulating. The author of Scentsational Sex, Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., investigated the relationship between scents and sexual arousal and discovered that test subjects experienced a sexual response to the aromas of pumpkin pie and lavender, which increased penile blood flow in men by an average of 40% and vaginal blood flow in women by 11%.

You are more likely to watch romantic movies

A study that was published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that individuals are more likely to watch and pay for a romantic movie during the colder months. According to the researchers, experiencing physical coldness triggers a desire for psychological warmth, which can be met by watching a love story on screen. Why not curl up with a romantic movie when it’s too cold to go outside?

In winters, men find women’s bodies more alluring.

According to a 2008 study, men had a more favorable opinion of women’s bodies in cold weather than in warm weather. Men are exposed to women’s bodies daily during the hotter summer months, according to the study’s authors, whereas in winters, people are more likely to be fully clothed. In the winter, this may make the same bodies more alluring to men.

Light therapy as an alternative

The same elements that contribute to seasonal depression may also be to blame for men’s poor libido. Between November and April, men’s testosterone levels frequently fall due to the shorter winter days and less sunlight. The higher testosterone levels of the summer months, especially the long, bright days of June, when a guy has the highest chance of having children, are in stark contrast to this.

In the future, a more natural method of increasing testosterone may be made available as an alternative to medication. In the same way that light therapy helps many people cope with seasonal affective disorder, European researchers discovered that exposing males to light throughout the winter months can increase testosterone and sexual satisfaction.

Half of the male study participants sat in front of a UV-filtered light box for 30 minutes in the morning. Half of the participants received placebo light therapy. Men in the brighter light group experienced three times as much sexual satisfaction after two weeks, going from a score of 2 to a score of 6 (on a 1–10 scale). Additionally, their testosterone levels rose. In the placebo group, neither the testosterone levels nor the sexual satisfaction scores of the men changed.

Why does light therapy work so well? The solution could be biological. According to researchers, light therapy counteracts brain gland activity that lowers testosterone levels. Additionally, testosterone-stimulating hormones may be increased by light therapy.

Men shouldn’t, however, spend the entire day outside in the hot sun. After all, excessive UV exposure might be harmful. It simply means that light treatment may someday replace prescription drugs for guys who experience reduced libido. The key word here is “could,” because much more research is required to accurately determine how well light therapy for male libido works.


While you may feel numb and cold during the winters which might inhibit your ability to get turned on, it is not a lost cause for your sexuality. Staying indoors in a cosy environment or cuddling with your partner will ignite the passion and heat due to the warmth surrounding you. Such small factors lead to the increase of testosterone during the colder months but it will not work the same if you are not in a cosy environment as mentioned. Hence, take advantage of the winter time cuddles to get closer ot your partner and also aid the immunity of both.

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