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Did you wish Santa a Merry Christmas?

The vibes around Christmas are not only happening but hopeful too. As it is around new year’s eve, it feels as if we are leaving whatever happened this year back and going to start fresh. As a kid, I remember being so excited about Christmas as I used to put my wish in a sock like any other kid and it would be replaced in the morning with an actual gift saying “Santa Claus” came and put it there.

Of Course, when you grow up you get to know that your parents or guardian was that Santa who used to replace your sock with a gift. In my case, it was always my dad.

I started to ponder about the fact that even when you go out and see people in Santa’s costume, making people around them happy and with a cheerful smile saying “Merry Christmas”, they are often men and I often wonder what these men are going through in their outer lives.

Santa is always seen carrying gifts in a sleigh for everybody and doesn’t expect anything in return. And by such default, men are expected to carry all the responsibilities and offer their loved ones whatever they need without asking anything in return. Men in our life are no less than Santa Claus. You won’t even realize how much value they add to your day just by being a part of it without expecting much in return.

I feel it’s high time we start wishing our real life Santa a Merry Christmas.

Appreciate them.

Often men won’t ask for it, even they won’t bother if you appreciate them or not because all the good they do is termed as their responsibility and they are not in the habit of being praised enough. Appreciating your father, husband, boyfriend, best friend with a text or a social media mention can actually put a smile on their face. This Christmas, the best present you can give them is acknowledgement of their efforts and letting them know that they are your Santa Claus and how you feel having them in your life.

Surprise them !

I mean who doesn’t like surprises? The men in our lives deserve surprises as much as we expect them to give us. This Christmas, do the unexpected and surprise them instead of waiting for them to surprise you. You can book tickets to their favorite movie or order their favorite food. A cute little piece of clothing like a muffler or scarf will work too. Just make them feel loved.

Get some “we” time.

When it comes to your romantic relationship, you can just sneak some quality time. It’s acceptable to put on your pajamas and watch Netflix while unwinding occasionally. Since, why not? Locking yourself up doesn’t indicate antisocial behavior; rather, it only signifies that you and your partner need some alone time to refuel and temporarily ignore the troubles of the outside world. Prioritize spending time with him alone, even if it’s just for ten minutes. It’s crucial to spend some alone time with him to convey your appreciation for him. Also if it’s about your father or any close friend, you can also spend some time with them to make them feel important .

You can do something that they like to do. A hobby together is always a good way of bonding and making them feel valued.

Take some of their “work” off their heads

When it comes to responsibilities, men are always expected to juggle multiple things at the same time. Especially when he is a Father. Help them with easing their workload. Doing some of his work will not only help them in relaxing but will woo them . Try to help them with their regular tasks and ease out their burden. Santa also needs his rest from time to time you know!

Be their biggest cheerleaders.

Behind all that “I don’t seek validation” attitude, there is an emotion and wish of being supported and cheered that every man carries but never says. The men in your life hustle as much as you do. Just treat them the way you desire to be treated on your bad days. Pamper them when they are sad. Help them in confusion. Listen to what they say. Understand where they are coming from. Make a beautiful warm environment first, before asking them to be open to you.

The name “Santa” is always most prominent when it comes to Christmas. We know Santa as somebody who brings us joy and presents without asking for anything in return. Often we forget the men in our lives who are no less than Santa for us. But do we praise them enough? If you are not satisfied with the answer you get after asking yourself this question then maybe it’s time to make Christmas merrier for the Santa Claus in our lives.

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