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Dessert first on your plate

The world today is very ambitious. Everyone wants to reach the moon. You can ! But its all about time management

We all have 24 hours and how we fill them up is what makes the difference.

6-7 hours sleep and a couple of hours for getting up, taking self care and getting ready is needed by everyone. That leaves most with about 14 hours to fix everything in.

For some there are some many duties and obligations that they don’t know whats controlling them. Maybe the daily rut of things has paralysed their existence. The clock for them maybe is running too fast. Every time they get a chance to take a glance on it, hours have passed.

Most of us are being run by someone else. Life is out of control but the gear is still with us. Its all about choices and our “Noability” (the ability to refuse tasks or put them later in the preference.

The first step to be happy and in control is know how much to bite. If you are biting more than what you can chew the problem is certainly at your end.

Organization of time is a very interesting task, what is difficult is then sticking to what you planned. Notifications, calls and the monkey like mind that refuses to focus can make the blueprints fade.

Taking control

Here are some tips you can add to your daily worklist.

  1. Make a small list of what you want to do. A physical list is a great way to remain off screen

  2. Invest in a kitchen timer or egg timer. Let is remind you that you have to be focussed on your job

  3. Keep the phone on silent or even better switch it off. Spend some time in creating a custom work mode so that only limited people can disturb you

  4. Understand the zone concept. A zone is a phase in your life where you are completely focussed on what you do

  5. Keep noting random ideas somewhere to work on them later

Life is short and needs to be kept simple. Discipline can help. Without a sprinkle of self control you will loose your life to circumstances and others.

If you want to be healthy and happy, don’t put desserts first on your plate. Finish the main course and then enjoy those delicacies.

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