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Design by Nature: Unveiling the Artistic Journey of Blacklines Decor

In a world where creativity meets functionality, there exists a realm of artistic expression that celebrates the beauty of the natural world. Enter the extraordinary journey of a multidisciplinary artist and designer who has dedicated their life to the pursuit of visual communication and art. From conceptual furniture to awe-inspiring installations, their work captures the essence of nature, infusing tranquility into living spaces and promoting sustainability in design. Join us as we delve into the captivating story behind Blacklines Decor and its visionary founder Mahesh Sharm, exploring the inspirations, challenges, and aspirations that have shaped their artistic odyssey.

Meet Mahesh Sharma: Celebrating Nature's Beauty Through Design

Mahesh Sharma, a versatile artist, and designer, embarked on his creative odyssey in 2001 when he pursued a course on Visual Communication at NIFT New Delhi. Over the past two decades, he has forged remarkable collaborations with renowned fashion houses and organizations, crafting awe-inspiring installations and sets that have left a lasting impression across the globe. Mahesh's profound expertise in design and art, coupled with his keen eye for nature's beauty, has fueled his passion to conquer new challenges, including the creation of an innovative new collection that promises to leave spectators in awe.

The pinnacle of Mahesh's artistic prowess and attention to detail finds expression in his latest project, the Backline Collection "Design by Nature." This exceptional collection of conceptual furniture and art is a seamless fusion of design, art, and the natural world. Each meticulously crafted piece is born from solid organic wood sourced from various parts of the country, resulting in a truly unique and elusive collection.

Behind every piece in the Backline Collection lies the skillful craftsmanship of dedicated artisans, who pour their hearts into ensuring an impeccable finish. The collection's essence lies in offering an unforgettable experience where art and design intertwine harmoniously, showcasing the enchanting beauty of nature.

With this new venture, Mahesh Sharma aspires to ignite a deeper appreciation for the wonders of nature while promoting sustainability and responsible material-sourcing practices. The Backline Collection stands as a testament to Mahesh's extraordinary artistic vision and unwavering dedication to capturing nature's essence, leaving a trail of inspiration and admiration in its wake.

Step into the insights of a visionary mind as we delve into the captivating journey and groundbreaking ideas of Mahesh Sharma, a versatile artist, and designer, shaping the future through creativity.

Can you tell us about your journey as a multidisciplinary artist and designer? How did you develop a passion for visual communication and art?

My journey as a multidisciplinary artist and designer has been a lifelong exploration of various art forms and design disciplines. From a young age, I was drawn to visual communication and art, which eventually led me to pursue formal education and training in design. As I delved deeper into different mediums, my passion for visual communication and the ability to evoke emotions through art grew stronger, shaping my path as a multidisciplinary artist and designer.

What motivated you to establish Blacklines Decor, and what is the mission or vision behind the company?

The motivation behind establishing Blacklines Decor was the desire to create a platform that celebrates the beauty of the natural world through art and design. Our mission is to infuse the essence of nature into every creation, whether it's furniture, paintings, sculptures, or accessories. We envision a world where people connect with nature through our artistic pieces, promoting sustainability and a sense of tranquility in living spaces.

How do you approach the process of creating conceptual furniture and art in the "Design by Nature" collection? What inspired you to focus on the natural world in your designs?

The process of creating conceptual furniture and art in the "Design by Nature" collection starts with immersing myself in nature and observing its intricate details, textures, and forms. Nature serves as the ultimate inspiration, and my designs aim to capture the essence of its beauty. By incorporating elements such as organic shapes and textures found in wood, I seek to blend functionality with artistic expression.

Could you share some insights into the craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into creating each piece in the collection?

Each piece in the "Design by Nature" collection undergoes a meticulous craftsmanship process. We pay utmost attention to every detail, ensuring that each curve and finish is executed flawlessly. Skilled artisans bring life to these designs using traditional techniques combined with modern innovation, resulting in one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

What challenges have you faced in collaborating with fashion houses and organizations to create installations and sets? How did you overcome these challenges?

Collaborating with fashion houses and organizations for installations and sets has brought unique challenges such as aligning creative visions, timelines, and logistics. Effective communication and fostering a collaborative spirit have been crucial in overcoming these challenges, resulting in successful and visually stunning installations.

In the "Design by Nature" collection, you mention the use of solid organic wood from various parts of the country. How do you ensure sustainability in your material sourcing practices?

Sustainability is a core value in our material sourcing practices. When using solid organic wood from various parts of the country, we ensure that the wood is responsibly sourced from certified suppliers. We prioritize ethical practices and work towards minimizing our environmental impact throughout the production process.

Could you walk us through the thought process behind each collection within "Design by Nature"? For example, how did you capture the essence of Modern Wabi Sabi or Natural Form in your designs?

Each collection within "Design by Nature" is born from a thoughtful thought process, drawing inspiration from specific aspects of nature. For example, the Modern Wabi Sabi collection embraces imperfections, finding beauty in the rawness of materials, while the Natural Form collection focuses on organic shapes and textures found in the natural world, blending functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

What impact do you hope to achieve with your artwork and furniture pieces in people's living spaces or offices?

Through our artwork and furniture pieces, we aim to create a sense of serenity and connection with nature in people's living spaces or offices. By bringing the beauty of the natural world into their environments, we hope to evoke positive emotions and inspire a deeper appreciation for nature's wonders.

The concept of "Modern Wabi Sabi" embraces imperfections and finds beauty in raw materials. How do you strike a balance between nature's imperfections and creating functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces?

Striking a balance between nature's imperfections and creating functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces requires a keen eye for design. We embrace the uniqueness of natural materials and allow them to guide our creative process while ensuring that the final pieces meet high standards of functionality and aesthetics.

With the growing focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, how do you ensure that your furniture and art remain environmentally friendly?

Sustainability is a crucial aspect of our furniture and art production. We ensure that our designs use eco-friendly and recyclable materials whenever possible, and we explore innovative techniques to minimize waste and environmental impact.

What are some of the challenges and rewards of handcrafting exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces for your collection?

Handcrafting exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces is both challenging and rewarding. The challenges lie in the intricate craftsmanship and the time-intensive process, but the rewards come in the form of unique and captivating creations that become cherished art pieces.

How do you keep yourself inspired and motivated as an artist and designer? What do you do to continuously push the boundaries of your creativity?

To stay inspired and motivated, I constantly seek new experiences, engage in cross-disciplinary exploration, and draw inspiration from nature and various art forms. Pushing the boundaries of creativity involves experimentation and continuous learning to evolve as an artist and designer.

Can you share your future plans for Blacklines Decor and any upcoming projects or collaborations you are excited about?

The future plans for Blacklines Decor involve expanding our reach and collaborations. We are excited about upcoming projects that explore sustainability and incorporate Indian handicrafts into contemporary designs, celebrating our heritage while appealing to a global audience.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring artists and designers who want to make their mark in the creative industry?

To aspiring artists and designers, I would advise staying true to your creative vision and embracing the power of inspiration from various sources. Continuously learn and challenge yourself, and remember that authenticity and passion are the keys to making your mark in the creative industry.


The journey of this remarkable multidisciplinary artist and designer has been one of artistry and purpose, with a deep-rooted passion for visual communication and a vision to celebrate the beauty of nature through design. Blacklines Decor stands as a testament to their dedication to infusing tranquility into living spaces while championing sustainability in the creative world. Through each exquisite piece, they connect people with the essence of the natural world, inspiring awe and appreciation for the wonders that surround us. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and collaboration, the future holds promising horizons as they continue to create art that bridges the gap between creativity and functionality. Aspiring artists and designers can find valuable wisdom in their journey.

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