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Demystifying Dark Circles: Causes, Treatments, and Under-Eye Cream Solutions

Is tired look your concern? And are the dark circles to be blamed for this?

In the present world, most men lead a nocturnal life. But is lack of sleep all to blame for the dark circles? Not quite true!

Well, although it is commonly associated with being linked to fatigue, dark circles can be a result of various factors. And a reliable approach to treatment begins by recognizing the root cause of dark circles.

This article outlines everything to discover concerning dark circles. So, without a wait, embark on the reading journey.

Why do dark circles occur?

Genetics and Ageing

Sometimes it's not external factors that are to blame for dark circles. Rather, it's our inborn genes. Several studies state a positive family history for patients with dark circles.

Although genes predestine dark circles, they occur at later stages of life. Thus, it implies that aging is another factor responsible for dark circles.

Sleep Cycle

Oftentimes, we tend to ignore sleep in our hustling culture. And this faulty habit impacts various aspects of life. Lack of sleep can strain the eye muscles. Thereby, it manifests as dark circles. Especially when you are sleep deprived regularly.

Sun Exposure

The sun's rays benefit us by meeting our vitamin D needs. However, its overexposure to the skin is damaging. To shield us from the damage of the sun's UV, the pigment of the body, aka melanin, helps. Melanin, being a pigment factor, can be deposited in the skin. In turn, it results in its darkening.


Another factor in dark circles may be anemia. Anemic people tend to have lower hemoglobin. Hence, it hampers the oxygen supply to the periorbital (the eye's surrounding) tissues. And results in dark circles. Studies also indicate that a correction in the anemia has rectified dark circles. Besides, it can also be a result of indirect situations. For instance, anemia can cause pale skin. Thus, it can elevate the periorbital space to make it appear darker. A continuation of these studies also suggests a deficiency of the B12 vitamin as a potential factor. Since 12% of patients were found to have lowered B12 levels, but only two of them had anemia. Smoking

Similarly, smoking can also hamper oxygen flow to the blood vessels. And can result in dark circles around the eyes.


Contact with allergens can contribute to dark circles. Since people with allergies are prone to itching or rubbing the skin area. This habit can result in inflammatory reactions that cause dark circles. In certain cases, the presence of allergens in eye cosmetics also leads to dark circles.

Other causes

Other factors, such as dehydration and alcohol consumption, impact dark circles.

How do I Clear Dark Circles?

Whether the dark circles can be removed permanently or not depends on the underlying causes. And the perfect diagnosis can be made by medical professionals. However, certain home practices may begin to lessen the dark circles.

At-Home Practices to heal dark circles

Cucumber mask Cucumbers have a cooling and soothing effect. And it eases the eyes' puffiness. Also, its antioxidant nature benefits in the case of dark circles.

You can peel off the cucumbers and cut them into round slices about half an inch thick. Now, find yourself an undisturbed spot and enjoy the eye-soothing session of the cucumbers. Tea Bags Owing to the presence of caffeine, tea bags can help fight dark circles. It can accelerate blood flow under the eyes and rejuvenate the skin. Besides, caffeine is a great antioxidant and provides added defense against UV damage. To use tea bags, steep a pair of them. Then refrigerate it for 10–20 minutes for the cooling effect. Now, rest them on your eyes for 15–30 minutes. Lifestyle Changes Sleep is an essential factor not only for dark circles but also for overall health.

A sleep schedule of at least 7 hours is recommended for adults. So, try to match your alarm to this. Besides, try to stay away from smoking and alcohol. Since they may be linked to aggravating dark circles. Also, make it a habit to use sun protection glasses or sunscreen to prevent damage from UV rays.

Medical Care Choices

Topical agents

Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent. And it works by inhibiting melanin formation in the skin epidermis. Thus, it can lighten the dark circles. In general, its effect is seen between 5-7 months after usage. Kojic acid is a fungal-derived product. And it is useful in dealing with pigmentation. Vitamin C's antioxidant properties also conceal dark circles. Besides, it promotes collagen synthesis. Broad-spectrum Sunscreens can be of great benefit in reducing hyperpigmentation. But one must take care while applying sunscreen to sensitive undereye skin areas. Chemical peeling Glycolic acid is of vital importance in chemical peeling. In addition to chemical peeling, prior treatment with topical agents such as hydroquinone is beneficial. Laser treatment Lasers are gaining importance in the world of dermatology. They are quite fruitful against pigmentation. A study coupled topical agents with laser treatment and found them to be quite efficacious. Carboxytherapy Therapy involving a weekly dosage of carbon dioxide was effective in treating dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid fillers This treatment finds use in overcoming dark circles that need reshaping because of thin lower eyelids. Under-eye cream solutions to fight Dark Circles Beardo Undereye Gel This under-eye solution is an antioxidant booster. It contains beneficial caffeine, Aloe vera, chamomile, and Vitamin E. And it soothes the under-eye region and reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Beardo Under Eye Gel For Men – Beardo India Re'equil Under Eye Cream It contains vitamins C and E that work great for undereye pigmentation and puffiness.

Also, this cream has the natural seed extracts of Chenopodium quinoa. And it is a reliable hydrating agent for the skin. In addition, sodium hyaluronate boosts collagen in the skin and rejuvenates it.

Dépiwhite eye contour gel It has extracts from the plants of Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi. The active component, arbutin, helps against darkened skin.

Besides, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents such as hesperidin and methyl chalcone aid skin repair.

Mamaearth Eye Cream It has a combination of peptides that stimulate collagen. Also, extracts of cucumber and hawkweed help keep the skin hydrated and mask dark circles.

Plum Bright Years under-eye recovery gel This vegan under-eye gel contains olive oil and argan oil. When these oils combine with hyaluronic acid, it heals dark circles and hydrates the skin.

Take Away

Dark circles can have varied underlying causes. It can range from genetics and sun exposure to eye strain based on lifestyle. To treat dark circles, start by learning about their underlying causes. Based on a dermatologist's recommendation, one can carry forward medical treatments. Some of the options offered are topical creams, fillers, and lasers. Besides, you can take certain measures at home. It includes wearing sun protection glasses, avoiding smoking, and getting the right sleep. Also, remedies such as cucumber masks and tea bags can be helpful for dark circles.

Article by: Sameena

Edited by: Puneet Kapani

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