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Debunking Myths around Men’s Sexual Health

When Salt-N-Pepa sang ‘let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me’ we all felt her. Time and time again sex and men have been seen as the two sides of the same coin. Do you know men think about sex every seven seconds? Naah! We are just kidding. But they surely think of themselves as sex experts yet still end up believing some popular myths concerning men’s sexual health.

Most guys follow the advice that they hear either from their elder brothers or from their boy’s group because of which they fall victim to countless misconceptions and numerous mistakes in regard to their sexual health.

Although Sex education became a part of the school curriculum in many developed countries decades ago, developing countries still see it as taboo.

Due to it, it is really hard to debunk many of the common myths surrounding sex and sexual health to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Many questions revolving around the myths are about how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, how to take care of the genital region, or most prominently, does the size matters? Yes, yes we have the answers!

We are busting the 10 most quotidian myths concerning men’s sexual health, once you are armed with your intel bring it into action. You’ll thank us later!

Myth: Condoms keep you clean during the act

Reality: Condoms are made up of latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene designed to prevent pregnancy in women but can surely harm your skin if you don’t clean up after all the romantic action in your bedroom!

Not only does it rashes your skin but can tighten the airways leading to decreased blood pressure.

Many men do not choose condoms according to their size. Going for the ill-fitted condom can bring your fun during sex to a climax much faster than you can realize.

Myth: Stealing your wife’s expensive intimate products is good enough for you

Reality: The more charming it sounds, the more damaging it is for your genital region. why?

The pH levels of both men’s and women’s bodies are different while the former is between 5.3-5.8, the latter accounts for 3.5-4.5, voicing the significance of the usage of different intimate products. We recommend you to go for intimate washes with balanced pH, free of chemicals like sulphate, and paraben, and cruelty-free and vegan.

Myth: The bigger, the Better!

Reality: Yes, we are definitely talking about your penis size. Like women’s vaginas are of various shapes and sizes, men’s penises are of different shapes and sizes too. Because of the myth that the size of the penis matter a lot, men feel they should have adequate size to ‘measure up’ however, size doesn’t have any link to the amount of sexual pleasure during the act.

Myth: ‘The Withdrawal Method’ prevents pregnancy and STI’s

Reality: *According to The World Health Organization (WHO), “more than 1 million STIs are acquired worldwide each day”. This method involves the pulling out of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation to prevent pregnancy.

But sometimes, the penis can pre-cum before ejaculation which can contain the sperms as well.

Using the withdrawal method, “you can still get an STI, such as HIV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhoea, or chlamydia,” explained by many urologists around the world.

Myth: Using double condoms doubles the protection

Reality: We know, it’s hilarious. It clearly does not double the chances of prevention of pregnancy but surely increases the odds of it. How?

The chances of breaking the lining of a condom are much higher if you wear “double condoms”. Due to the amount of friction the condoms are bearing during the sexual act! Yes, we all believe in a two-child policy or love that buy one get one free offer whenever we go shopping, but for using double condoms, a big No!

Myth: Men are always willing to have sex

Reality: Sometimes men also don’t want to get in the mood or feel turned on. They don’t feel sexually active due to many factors like work pressure, health issues, and many more.

This stereotyped myth puts a lot of strain on them and fabricates false expectations of their performance. Men aren’t machines for sex and can also say NO!

Myth: Only MSM(Males who do have sex with males) contract HIV

Reality: Anyone regardless of their gender, race, age, or ethnicity can contract HIV and you are likely to pass it if totally unaware of it even using protection during the act. Like the brands themselves say “condoms are not 100% safe”.

Myth: Oral sex is safe sex

Reality: We all know sex is a taboo subject and oral sex finds its existence way beyond the line but in today’s world it’s turning out to be a common sex practice. But its reputation as safe sex is a common popular myth regarding men’s sexual health.

It brings you into contact with bodily fluids which puts you at the risk of getting “STIs”.

You can be caught up in a whirl of diseases like herpes, Gonorrhoea, chlamydia, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and so many more.


Though there are hundreds of textbooks and thousands of brands leading their way into women’s sexual health, many fewer talks about men’s.

On top of that thing, we have the pervasive sex myths and yes, it can be confusing from where to begin with and where to end.

That’s why we have debunked the myths starting From penis size to the G-spot and all the way to the oral sex and got you covered. Trust us and never make those silly mistakes again!


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