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Cultivating A Deeper Friendship With Your Spouse

So, you've taken that important step and proposed to your partner, receiving a heartfelt "yes" in return. Now, as a married couple, you're ready to celebrate your union with a grand gala. While the journey to marriage is undoubtedly thrilling, it's equally vital to nurture a strong friendship with your spouse. Cultivating a deep friendship with your partner not only fortifies your marriage but also deepens your connection with them. Let's explore how you can develop the best-friend dynamic in your relationship.

Getting married is an extraordinary experience. You meticulously plan your wedding, and once you exchange vows, you gain a lifelong companion. This person becomes your steadfast ally, standing by your side through thick and thin, offering unwavering support and encouragement. During moments of despair, they become the beacon of hope that guides you toward the silver lining.

Nevertheless, not every individual can seamlessly transition into the role of their partner's best friend. Even if you have a multitude of friends, establishing that special bond with your spouse is paramount. Why, you ask? The simple fact that you'll spend the rest of your days with your partner should be reason enough to seek your closest confidant in them. While friends may come and go, a life partner remains a constant presence.

Your partner will serve as your ultimate life guide, propelling you forward in every circumstance. With this in mind, we've put together some insights on how to foster the best friendship with your partner. Take a look below.

Express Genuine Interest in Them

Whether your partner has just returned from a volleyball game or a day at the office, make an authentic effort to inquire about their day. Ask questions and display a genuine interest, even if the subject matter is foreign to you. This simple gesture can significantly strengthen your bond and deepen your friendship. It's crucial to note that sharing the exact same interests isn't a prerequisite. You might have a penchant for football, while they enjoy playing baseball. However, when you express interest in their activities, attend their matches, and enthusiastically cheer them on, you're embodying the essence of a "best friend." You become their personal cheerleader for life, providing unwavering support and encouragement.

Share Experiences

While it's not necessary for you and your partner to do everything together, it's undeniably valuable to share certain experiences. Embarking on adventures like treks, weekend getaways, or road trips can create beautiful memories that bring you closer and solidify your friendship. These shared experiences have the power to forge a deep bond, making the two of you the best of friends.

Share Your Feelings

Maybe you've had a tough day at work, and all you want is to unwind with a bottle of beer in hand while watching Netflix. However, isolating yourself from your spouse isn't the solution. Instead, open up and share the details of your day at work, along with your emotions, with your partner. They will undoubtedly empathize with your feelings and offer support to help improve your mood.

Have Fun

Enjoying each other's company is a cornerstone of any successful marriage. While occasional disagreements are inevitable, it's crucial to set aside time to be playful, share laughter, watch movies, and simply relax with your partner. After all, isn't this what friendship is all about?

Appreciate Them

When your partner prepares a delicious pasta dish and you find yourself savoring every bite, don't take it for granted, assuming they should do so just because you're together. Instead, offer them your sincerest compliment by expressing how incredible the meal was and how you wish you could have had more. These heartfelt compliments will not only keep the spark alive in your marriage but also strengthen your friendship, lasting until your very last breath.

Take Responsibility

There may be times when you can't make it to a date with your spouse due to work commitments, or perhaps you feel you haven't been able to invest as much effort into the marriage as needed. Instead of placing blame on external circumstances or your partner, it's important to take responsibility for your actions. Admit your mistakes and make a sincere effort to improve in the future. This approach will not only benefit you in the long run but also strengthen your relationship.


A successful marriage requires significant effort and effective communication from both partners. If only one person is willing to invest in the relationship, it can become challenging. However, when both of you actively contribute to the marriage, you'll witness the magic in your relationship. By following the tips mentioned above, you can certainly nurture a strong friendship with your partner and enjoy a fulfilling and enduring connection.

Written by: Deepti Dogra

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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