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Cotton: Why I went completely fleece for the summers

With the summer season slowly being taken over by the colder months, we bid adieu to one of our most used fabrics in summer- cotton. Let us understand why cotton is one of the most favoured fabrics worldwide and how it has an edge over other fabrics.

Cotton is one of the oldest fabrics that has been a part of human civilisation since the ancient times of Egypt. Over my years of shopping for clothes, my preference, especially during summers, has inclined more and more towards cotton. At the present time, my wardrobe has seen a complete makeover, and for the most part. Continue reading the article to find out why I thought cotton was best for me over any other fabric to wear!


Whether it’s summer or winter, cotton is always the clothing that comes into contact with your skin first. It is breathable and feels comfortable on your skin compared to other fabrics. It prevents rashes or itches on your skin and is also great for absorbing sweat.

Other fabrics, say wool or polyester, pale in comparison to cotton in terms of absorbing sweat. Polyester feels comfortable until you start sweating. In some cases, polyester becomes clingy and uncomfortable to wear when you’re sweating. In some cases, it also causes itching when combined with your sweat. Wool is something we don’t need to talk about as we all know it is great to protect you from the cold, but the complete opposite when it comes to the heat.

Hence, cotton fabric is your go-to when it comes to comfortable wear.

Durability is greater

Cotton proves time and again why it’s the most durable material of all others. It is not susceptible to breaking and falling apart like other fabrics, which makes it last for many years. Due to its tough quality, it is used as a cleaning cloth around the house. They are also used as strips sometimes used for wrap around bandages in case of injuries that have increased blood-loss.

Cotton is incredibly Sustainable and eco-friendly

The use of cotton has been present in our civilisation since its dawn. Making it one of the oldest fibres. They do not get damaged easily, which prevents fast fashion. Fast fashion has seen an increase the last few years and is one of the foremost causes of environmental damage.

Cotton clothes do not get dirty easily due to the material, making them easy to wear more than twice. This ends up saving water and electricity, which will be used while washing it. Cotton is also an easily biodegradable fabric that is also approved scientifically.

Cotton helps you sleep better

Because of the ease with which it feels on your skin, cotton is an uber-friendly material to wear when you have to sleep comfortably. Compared to other materials which cause discomfort such as polyester and rashes such as wool or cashmere.’ Since a tender age the clothes i use to sleep with have been cotton, even the bedsheets, making it super comfy.

No Cling, no pill

Your clothes will not cling or be loose because they are made of 100% natural cotton. It also does not cause piling, making your clothes look brand new after one wash. Poor quality or unnatural ones might not have the same result, so I’d recommend you check the label on your clothing to confirm.

Cotton is incredibly versatile

Cotton has proved to be one of the most versatile of all fabrics. It can also be woven and knitted into different materials as well, such as corduroy, lace, velour, and more. I have been using it for any occasion or activity, be it an evening party or playing an intense sport, cotton has it all covered, from absorbing my sweat and making me feel comfortable throughout. it is also used around the house for cleaning purposes and also used in the medical field such as the puff balls and ear buds. they are also used in the making of sanitary napkins and diapers. Most of the good quality cloth based carry bags that you use are products of cotton.


Cotton is one of the most favoured fabrics and for the right reasons. This goes to prove my point as to why I have replaced most of my clothes with this fabric. It has made my daily and party wear much more comfortable, versatile and sustainable. With these points in mind, maybe you would like to reconsider your decisions when you go shopping next time. As you never know, you might end up changing your whole wardrobe too!

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