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Choose Your Underwear Wisely: Types of Underwear for Men

One size does not fit all when it comes to underwear. While some men love wearing boxers and briefs every day, others prefer wearing nothing at all. What can we say? Wearing uncomfortable underwear is way worse than going commando.

But, what if we told you that there is a third choice? You should think about your body type before purchasing undergarments. For different body shapes, comfort means different things and is a subjective concept. Sheldon Pereira has done his homework and is confident that this information will be helpful if you haven’t yet discovered the ideal pair of underwear.

Selecting the Best Underwear for You

Although there are many options available, it’s still worthwhile to select the best underwear for your physique and way of life. Your everyday life will change if you do this. You’ll be able to work harder at the office, at the gym, and everywhere else. Need to accentuate a tush that would otherwise be flat or reduce a beer belly?

Nowadays, it’s easy to appear as though you’re rocking a flatter tummy in the front and steel-ribbed buns in the back thanks to technological developments and unexpected innovations. Even if it sounds promising, it might be difficult to become familiar with all the many advancements and varieties of underwear that are currently on the market. To help you choose wisely the next time you buy underwear, this guide will lay everything out for you.

Various Types of Men’s Underwear

1. Trunks

Both a brief and a boxer brief look like trunks. However, it features a square-cut silhouette, longer sleeves, and shorter legs. The pouch’s construction will keep your package out of reach of your body. The form-fitting design provides comfort, support, and total covering.

This is a fantastic choice if you want to have a relaxing weekend. This comfortable underwear design is very adaptable. It functions as both underwear and a swimsuit. In this number, you are welcome to go to the beach or go for a morning jog. The contouring trunks are a comfortable way to maintain your figure. Trunks are your next best choice if you enjoy wearing briefs but are feeling daring and want to try something else.

Best to wear with: beach outings, pool parties, and water sports

2. Briefs

Men frequently wear the underwear style known as “briefs.” The brief’s traditional, and conventional design is built for comfort and support. It is made to completely enclose your pelvic area. The front exposes the upper thigh and side of the leg, while the back completely covers you.

You may keep your package intact by using a contoured pouch. Additionally, the high cut will keep it airy, keeping you dry and comfortable. Because of this, briefs are a sensible choice for guys who put in long hours at the office and need airflow in their crotches. Many guys love how a high cut and a snug fit allow for easy leg movement. The design of briefs has been modified by modern technologies to make them more effective at keeping your package contained and away from your body.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about your crown jewels rubbing against one another, which lowers the risk of chafing and other related issues. Under almost anything, this basic set of daily underwear feels cosy.

The type of underwear that is ideal for men who desire support and a little lift is called a brief. You aren’t restricted to using standard briefs. They are available in a variety of styles, including micro, mini, and midi briefs. Additionally, they come in a range of peaks, such as low, mid, and high. Whatever style you select, you can be confident that the brief will be cosy and provide enough support. Additionally, you can pair it with just about anything in your closet. This underwear’s adaptability makes it suitable for a range of situations, events, and seasons. Both daily wear and athletic events are great for this underwear.

Best to wear with: jeans, formal attire, dress pants, and outdoor equipment

3. Boxers

Why are boxers so popular? This underwear is the ultimate in comfort thanks to its fly opening, roomy fit, and generous air ventilation.

Boxers feel so good on the body that they can be worn as lounge or nightwear. This comfortable underwear goes well with shorts, bottoms that fit more closely, and tailored dress pants.

Best to wear with: regular wear, loose pants, pyjamas, shorts, casual sports, beaches

4. Boxer briefs

Boxer briefs were created to combine the greatest aspects of boxers and briefs. It combines the boxer-style extended length with the form-fitting style of a brief.

This underwear covers a portion of the thighs without bunching or riding up. It’s made to provide total coverage and support while resting on your waist.

This skivvy design is adaptable. In nearly all circumstances, a wide variety of clothing can be worn underneath it. They may be worn all day without discomfort, just like briefs.

Best to wear with: jeans, sportswear, casual attire, exercise, sports, and beach activities


Use the above guide to make a decision as to what underwear suits your needs best; you can always keep different types for different occasions. Boxers to sleep in, trunks for the beach, etc. Make sure you also keep in mind what is comfortable for you because, in the end, you have to spend the day in it. Stay healthy and comfortable down there

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