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Celebrating International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is a day that is celebrated in more than 80 nations worldwide on November 19 each year.

Similar to International Women’s Day, IMD celebrates the accomplishments of men in society by recognising their zeal, toil, and dedication to their families, communities, and economies. Additionally, it aims to improve gender relations and highlight male role models from a variety of backgrounds. Sheldon Pereira took it upon himself and after some in depth research, compiled a list of ten celebration ideas for International Men’s Day in honour of husbands, partners, cousins, brothers, and all men worldwide. Some of these ideas may encourage you to host your own event.

1. Make donations to men’s health organizations

Despite the gloom, a small donation here and there to a deserving men’s organisation is a fantastic way to honour International Men’s Day. Male ailments like stomach cancer, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer are among the unfortunate ones that exist. Due to the fact that men’s suicide rates are disproportionately greater than those of women, donations to these deserving organisations can support studies into the mental and physical health of men. Here are a few diseases that only affect men and to which you can donate.

Male suicides

Testicular cancer

Stomach cancer

• Prostate cancer

2. Host a gathering in the workplace

Throwing a celebration in honour of this day is a terrific way to spread awareness, whether at work or at home. There are many different event choices, from inviting friends and co-workers to representing your business at an official IMD conference. If you’re planning an event in the office, consider posting infographics on social media, adding screensavers to everyone’s desktops, hanging posters all over the place, or holding a special breakfast seminar.

3. Recognize the contributions made by men to society and the family

There are numerous men who make contributions to their community, nation, and family, from male influencers and leaders to activists, performers, fathers, brothers, and friends. Recognize this by raising awareness through social media posts and other activities and by inspiring others to follow suit.

4. Register for a social gathering

One way to celebrate International Men’s Day is by taking part in a social activity that challenges harmful stereotypes. This could be a march, walk, marathon, conference, or fundraiser. The day can be more than just a celebration with so many possibilities to choose from.

5. Accept your emotions

Men sometimes find it challenging to embrace their sentiments and emotions in the society we live in. Men are expected to always act manly, yet they are capable of crying—and they should be allowed to. There are many avenues now for men to express their emotions, and they shouldn’t feel ashamed to do so. Some of these include sharing empathy, going on a men’s health or yoga retreat, reading literature, and exercising your emotions in your mind, body, and spirit. In reality, it ought to be strongly urged!

6. Plan a get-together

Why not spend a portion of the day with friends and talk about the good old days? It might be a BBQ (if the weather is nice), a small gathering, or even a trip to the pub. Look to urge everyone to spend a few hours out of their day to catch up on everything that is happening despite their busy social and professional schedules.

7. Visit your family

Spending as much time as the woman of the house does with family and friends is crucial for the man of the house. It’s important to show those around us how much they mean to us, as well as to instil in the younger generation life skills and the value of respect for others. This can be done in a variety of ways, from making sure you get home in time to bathe the kids and read them a bedtime story to visiting distant relatives frequently.

8. Upgrade yourself

IMD is a great justification for changing up your physical or emotional well-being. Making time for yourself involves embracing the things that make you happy, from changing your appearance to taking some much-needed time off to reevaluate your professional choices. Use the day to reflect on what makes you happy, whether it’s trying something new or picking up a passion you haven’t had time for in a while.

9. Support Movember

Participating in Movember is a well-liked method of commemorating International Men’s Day. For the whole month of November, you must grow a moustache to raise money for charity. This campaign, which is related to International Men’s Day, helps bring attention to the many issues that men face in society.

10. Spend time for yourself

Because of all the difficulties in life, taking care of our own health and welfare isn’t always a top priority. But taking the time to care for ourselves may significantly improve our emotional and physical health, and what better day to start than this year’s International Men’s Day.


Men, make sure you take some time out for yourself from your daily monotonous life and spend time doing something you love today. You deserve to have your litter box pampered, and today sounds like the best day to start. Make sure to donate and celebrate Movember if you want to help other men as well. Only a man truly understands other men’s ailments. That being said, Happy International Men’s Day!

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