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Celebrate This Parent's Day By Being a Better Son

Parent's Day is observed as an occasion to celebrate and embrace parenthood. We all have been fortunate to get good guidance from our parents at all points in our lives.

As we head towards celebrating this great day, let us take a look at the Parent-Son relationships.

Being a son is an overwhelming experience, you get a great amount of love and affection into your account, but this experience also includes lots of responsibilities as well.

Being a son burdens you with responsibilities and overloads your shoulders with the intimidating thoughts of fulfilling those responsibilities. To achieve that goal, some forget everything they shared with their parents. While some people fail to distinguish between their business and personal lives. Research shows that over the past years, there are around 18 million homeless elderly people in India with 728 old age homes.

Both parents love and care for their child, teaching him morality, manners, and everything else it takes to be a good human being.

But what do they get in exchange? The answer will be no, or less, or some philosophical phrases like, "It's nothing but a selfless bond and expects no favours." But it's time we realised how important it is for us to behave well as sons and make sure that our parents receive a lot more from us.

How about focusing on how you can become a good son?

When people find out they are going to be parents, their lives alter tremendously. They begin to fantasise about what they can do to help their child and dedicate the rest of their lives to paving that fortunate road.

Your parents have also felt blessed to embark upon this journey of parenting, and they also have given their utmost dedication to our upbringing and well-being.

And, to show your gratitude for the affection they have shown you, do the following to make them the happiest.

Some things you can do to be a better son

  • Always respect your parents: Today's generation is indulging themselves in the objectivity of life, they are becoming more radiant and even converse in a high-pitched tone. This way many people also hurt their parents' feelings while focusing on themselves only. To be a good son, you must always respect and care for your parents.

  • Bonding experiences: One becomes busy while tolerating and completing daily tasks. And during that phase, people sometimes neglect their parents. When it comes to their son, their expectations are at an all-time high. When you have the chance, clear your schedule and spend quality time with them. Learn about their lives, get to know their characters, tell them about your day, and so on. Assure them that you want to keep the wonderful friendship.

  • Honesty and Loyalty: Be honest with your parents, and do not be afraid to share information with them if they can assist you. Being honest while being loyal might be an opportunity to show your inner self, demonstrating that you are still the humble and honest kid they reared. People desire their own space after marriage, so they either move out or force their parents to move out. Instead of adapting to this threat, give your full support to the pillars that made your childhood a reality.

  • Express Gratitude: Parents never ask for luxurious things, all they prefer from the heart is some kind gesture. It's nothing nerve-wracking to appreciate them for being a part of your life, and for playing a huge role without having any ulterior motive. You can bring their favorite food or can express how much you love them. These small gestures are enough to reveal your gratitude.

  • Make them aware of technology: In the modern era, people got introduced to advanced technologies while the elders still stick to the orthodoxy. Raise awareness about autos and household equipment that can make their jobs easier while also allowing them to rest. Teach how the world is progressing with these cutting-edge sorts of technology.

  • Listen to their viewpoints: Although you are the decision-maker of your life and surely have a commendable future planned does that include your parents? Make sure you discuss your plans and thoughts so they will not sense themselves as unwelcome in your life. They can be passionate supporters as well as incredible advisors because they carry more experience than you.

Let's dedicate this day to our Parents

Throughout your journey, you will notice two familiar faces discreetly supporting you and wishing you luck. They sacrifice their own wishes for the growth of their child's animosity and a better future.

They made your life free of problems and challenges and gave you an incredible upbringing with excellent educational facilities, the best quality and comfortable clothes, healthy food, and whatnot.

Without their devotion, care, and love you wouldn’t have been able to survive the miseries this world brings with itself. But in return, they never get acknowledged or appreciated. Arguments and hatred take over love and care resulting in longingness in relations. Though everyone carries their own concerns and perspective, try to understand their thoughts while briefing them about yours.

As a son, you should take responsibility and understand the seriousness of how important every relationship is in your life, especially your parents.

They are the owners of the morals you have instilled in yourself. And their values never comprehend life's ugliness. Instead of bothering them all day, show them that you trust them.

The most significant reason you should be a better son is that we learn at a certain age that they are humans as well, and despite being mistreated, they do not utter a word, instead appreciating and loving you.

Sons are precious assets to parents. And we as sons should responsibly make sure that we prove to become one of the biggest reasons for them to feel proud. We should make them feel comfortable and loved around us. We should bridge the unnecessary gaps between us, and keep the good vibes always around.

So we hope that this is Parent's Day, every son out here, takes up the responsibility, of becoming a better son and making the parents feel loved and blessed.

Article by: Khushi Bhardwaj

Facts checked by: Bhagwat Jha

Edited by: Puneet Kapani

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