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Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment for Rashes on Penis or Pimple on Uncut Dinkle

Rashes on your penis can be alarming especially if you are uncut (not circumcised). A typical and common rash that can beat the hell out of you can be plasma cell balanitis. It is also popularly known as Zoon’s Balanitis.

It presents initially as small red spots on your glans. These then coalesce and form red areas that can even bleed and scare you to death. The constant embarrassment of the hands going down there to itch can make your office life a topic of discussion. Let’s learn more about it and what you can do to get this sorted.

Why does this happen?

Plasma cell balanitis is an allergic response to trapped urine and dead skin cells. These often remain between the foreskin and the glans. Sometimes trapped cosmetics and soap particles can also cause this allergy. Like any other allergic reaction, this flares up and causes red spots and itching. There is a constant burning sensation that accompanies it.

According to leading andrologist Dr. Raman Tanwar, MCh Urology practicing at Urocentre, Gurugram “Plasma Cell balanitis is one of the leading causes of rashes in uncircumcised men and can be easily confused with Sexually transmitted diseases”.

The most common cause of alarm in these patients is not the rash or the discomfort but the fear of STDs and the anxiety that they can pass it to their partner.

What can you do?

The skin of the glans penis needs to be washed regularly, after fully retracting the foreskin. Instead of using soap, washing with a soap substitute such as a bland moisturizing cream can be helpful. It may help to retract your foreskin whenever possible, to allow any moisture to dry out naturally. This is particularly the case before and after urinating. Regularly applying a bland ointment (e.g. plain Vaseline) to the glans penis and foreskin may help to provide a protective barrier.

All these tips can help prevent Zoon’s Balanitis.

We hope this article could help ease your anxiety around penile rashes and that you will follow the tips mentioned to get over this embarrassing situation.

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