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Can you judge a man by his feet?

From personality to predicting the future, sole reading is your best bet. Granted, feet aren’t the most attractive of things or a topic to converse about, but it turns out they’re actually pretty revealing of certain things.

From your foot shape and smell to your toe length and size, foot reading can uncover everything from personality traits, intelligence levels, and at times, even serious health issues. In this article we will cover what different types of foot shapes can tell about a man and whether they should be considered as an indicator to judge him by.

What does your foot shape say about your personality?

When it comes to classifying feet, there are four basic foot shapes that we all tend to fall into: the Roman Foot (1), the Square Foot (2), the Greek Foot (3) and the Egyptian Foot (4).

1. Egyptian Foot Shape Personality

If your big toe is the biggest and the following four toes descend in a slant at a 45 degree angle, then you have an Egyptian foot shape.

Egyptian Foot Shape Personality: These types of people love being treated like royalty. You like to be taken care of and pampered. You are highly guarded and most certainly dislike the idea of your privacy being invaded. You are usually pretty friendly but quite secretive too. Many aspects of your life are completely hidden from the outer world. You tend to keep their thoughts to themselves and a few people get to know what’s truly on their mind.

People with Egyptian foot shape are usually lost in their own dream world. They enjoy their own company and ‘me’ time. You also tend to find an escape from reality. You have the personality of a dreamer which gives you a tendency to be impulsive and rebellious. This makes you moody and have sudden outbursts of energy.

2. Roman Foot Shape Personality

If your first three toes (including the big toe) are of the same height followed by the fourth and fifth toes descending in height, then you have a Roman foot which is also known as the Common foot.

Roman Foot shape Personality: You are charismatic, courageous, and outgoing. This gives you the quality of being open to various new experiences. You enjoy social settings where you get to meet new people, and discover new cultures. You also make loyal partners who love spending time with their loved ones. You would go the extra mile for their happiness.

People with Roman foot shape lead a well-balanced life and usually maintain a proportionate body shape. Making them quite health conscious but not over the top. Most travelers are found to have the roman foot shape. However, they can also be arrogant or stubborn.

3. Greek Foot Shape Personality

If your second toe is bigger than the rest of your toes, then you have a Greek foot shape or also known as the Flame foot shape or Fire foot shape.

Greek Foot Shape Personality: You are a creative individual who loves bringing new ideas. You are highly enthusiastic and motivational, and you love encouraging people to achieve their dreams too. You are also quite impulsive and always high on energy. You are sporty and active. There is seldom a dull moment with you. Your spontaneity always keeps things interesting. You always have some fun plans or activities to indulge in and people are drawn to your high-spirited vibe like a moth to the flame.

However, people with Greek foot shape are prone to taking stress. They also struggle with decision-making. Their high energy levels also lead to exhaustion or burnout at times. People with Greek foot shape are also known to stick to their opinions and exhibit ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.

4. Square Foot Shape Personality

If the height of all your toes including the big toe is almost the same, then you have a Square foot shape or also known as the Peasant foot shape.

Square Foot Shape Personality: You are practical, reliable, honest, and balanced. You lead a very balanced life. You will carefully examine all details, and go through all the pros & cons of a matter before taking any decision. Your decisions are influenced by very solid principles. Though You can take a bit longer to ponder upon something but once you make a decision, you will follow through it whole-heartedly.

People with square foot shape are always weighing the positives and negatives. They have excellent conflict resolution quality. They are also quite analytical. They are also very secure in themselves. They are reliable and do not get easily influenced by outer circumstances or momentary impulses.

Further, in foot shape personality, research also tells that:

People with high arched feet are found to be independent, intellectual, dreamers, and self-sufficient people.

People with low arched feet are realists, extroverted, outgoing, and social butterflies.

People with flat feet are usually realists and they enjoy support & comfort in the company of other people.

People who can move their last little toe are adventurous, always up for an experience, exploring new things, and independent.

People with big gaps between all toes have a passion for traveling. They are happy-go-lucky individuals who love exploring new places.

People with wide feet are usually quite active and on the go. They cannot sit in one place for a longer period of time. They love to walk around or take a stroll. They are also known to be great public speakers or quite fluent in speaking their minds.

People with narrow feet prefer to sit relaxed. They are also good at delegating jobs. They are found to be living life to the fullest.

People with the second toe leaning towards the big toe and gaps between their second and third toes are found to be quiet ones who prefer to keep peace in most situations and cause mayhem. Psychologists also indicate that individuals with such types of feet usually get involved in co-dependent relationships.

Do you know an interesting fact about human feet? Your left and right foot are not identical. The length of your toes, the arch height of your both feet, big toe shape, etc are all different.

Conclusion – Should you judge from his feet?

Even though these researches and methods do hold some truth about a man’s personality, they cannot be deemed as the only way to know a man. They are more tools to judge one aspect of his personality. Like we all know that everyone has their flaws, the same way these methods and criterias are not the only way to completely judge what that man might be. He might turn out to be the love of your life but it might not happen if you put your judgements based on only his feet!

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