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Boost your I phone by Changing your location.

Seeing your iphones performance go down after every update is painful and eventually switching your phone is the only option left. Well, apple inc. has been fined in many countries for purposely slowing down performances. Recent reports show that you can speed up the performance of your old iPhone. Change your iPhone’s location to France.

Testing reveals that iPhones do run fast in France. This is because WhatsApp was fined by authorities in France for slowing the chipset’s frequency. Due to the $113 million dollar fine, apple can no longer limit performance in the country. 

Apple inc. justifies this limitation in older iPhones to conserve battery, especially if used for longer durations. This considerable reduction in performance of old phones made the customers furious and led to apple receiving a lot of criticism from governments, especially in France and states around the United States. Benchmarking apps like anTuTu and Geekbench revealed that older iPhones running in France were better running. Also, iPads showed sparring results by changing the location.

It is important to note that this strategy is great and shows verified results with high benchmarks scores, but it is only valid for older iPhones. Switching to France in iPhone 12 didn’t show specific considerable results and the benchmark scores remained considerably the same.

You can change the region of your iPhone by heading to the settings of your apple account where you will find the “media and purchase” section. Click “view account” and tap change country/ location and select France. Once France is selected it is understood that you won’t be able to receive the latest updates meant for your country.

Let us know how this works for you.

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