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Books on Sexual Health to Raise your Game

When it comes to talking about things, Men are the last creatures on this earth to indulge especially when it’s pertaining to their sexual health. To ease their burden, here are some books on sexual health that can help a man understand and become better.

Is reading books only acclaimed for the enhancement of your brainpower, critical thinking skills, and edging up your focus and worldview? No, it furnishes more than that! Scanning through the books on sexual health can really fill up your treasure of knowledge about your “down there”.

When you come from work to your home, knackered and worn-out, flipping through the pages of some exciting novels can be a sight for your sore eyes. And if you are looking to raise your game, books can come in handy.

Reading can minimize your stress level. Especially when the content is pertaining to your sexual health, we bet your stress will go down. It can also make you more empathetic and aligned with your mental and sexual health with ease.

So, lie on your sofa in your funky night joggers and do the deed, no we don’t mean what you are thinking, we are still talking about reading while sipping on your favorite Starbucks.

Here are some books on sexual health that can engross you all night and make you the smarty pants in your crew or let’s say in your bedroom too. Ditch NetFlix and go with these!

How’s It Hanging?: Expert Answers to the Questions Men Don’t Always Ask

Who better tells you about your health than a doctor? And when it comes to two doctors, voila! This humorous and illustrious novel full of analogies was written by both Dr. Neil Baum and Dr. Scott Miller revolving around the anxiety men feel discoursing their sexual health issues.

Everything from the penis, testicles, and the prostate to the encounters like bleeding, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, infertility, and testosterone deficiency along with their treatment have been tackled here.

This book on sexual health schools as well as humor you. It tells you to seek help from your friends, family, and doctors with ease, instead of suffering in silence.

The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health

We never judge you! Like us, this book is an all-in-one package, completely judgment-free, practical, and safe dispelling the old common myths about males by breaking the barriers of silence and embarrassment of centuries.

Urologist Dr. Dudley Seth Danoff meticulously scrutinises male anatomy and sexual arousal guiding for enhancing sexual potency and pleasure.

This imparts confidence to men to enjoy sex with partners of either gender without stress in any situation.

It depicts the sexual health issues that will help men of all ages achieve a more durable and virile life

Male Sexual Awareness: Increasing Sexual Satisfaction

One minute of heat-up can turn your bedroom into a war zone! The McCarthys both Barry and Emily, are just like the power couple therapists for you who have explored all the conflicts that arise from your sexual relationship and how to resolve them.

This guide has quashed the archaic male roles and negative, unrealistic sexual performance demands from men.

It educates you on a pleasure-oriented policy to have a fun, wholesome sexual existence.

It will help in rocketing emotional intimacy and cooperation between the partners throughout their lifetime.

The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know

As a little kid, were you ever obsessed with kung-fu? If yes, then this can be the book for you!

Master of Taoist sexuality, Mantak Chia, and Writer Douglas Abrams Arava have exemplified Sexual kung-fu or what is popularly known as ‘Healing Love’. A centuries-old Chinese tradition for men to realize their true sexual potential.

You don’t need gadgets or other kinky stuff, only some specific physical and psychological techniques such as “The Finger Lock,” “The Big Draw,” and the “Century Count,” to experience multiple longer whole-body orgasms.

Want to know about these techniques? Purchase the book right now!

These ninja techniques will not only deeply satisfy your partner but end premature ejaculation, overcome impotence, raises your sperm count, increase your sexual strength even in middle age and so much!

The New Male Sexuality

Clear, comprehensive, and wittingly refreshing. Bernie Zilbergeld’s classic of the 90’s era and beyond centers around his own, as a psychologist specializing in human sexuality and clients’, experiences over the twenty years.

This self-help book answers the most urgent questions regarding the sexual health of today’s men and of the women who adore them.

Questions like how to build up intimate communication with your partner? How to last longer in bed? How one can have sexual life without erections? And so many more.

This is a sensible guide that works like a magic antidote to the dysfunctional sex or the cultural fantasised model of sex.

This focuses on the solution to the dictates that pressurize the men into performing vigor sex without realizing their own needs first.

Overcoming Impotence: A Leading Urologist Tells You Everything You Need to Know

A urologist can be your best buddy! And what do you do with him? you listen to him! Dr. J Stephen Jones is him! In his book, he speaks about overcoming impotence opposite to conventional myth, which can be emotionally supportive. He has discussed normal sexual patterns along with the diagnosis and reviews. What happens at the urologist’s office so you won’t feel shy at the time you go there.

The latest information regarding the pros and cons of viagra, penile injection therapy, vascular surgery, penile prosthetics, and psychotherapy has been discussed here attentively.


As part of self-care, we encourage you to grab some books on sexual health and start delving into them especially when the genre can be so enthralling and spellbinding.

Reading them will take you on a journey to explore your true sexual potential and yourselves. These self-help guides will not only help you to make correct choices about your intimate health but will be much more meaningful than you can imagine.

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