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10 Biggest Turnoffs for Men While Making Love

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Making love is a crucial part of a relationship. Besides, it also boosts a healthy life.

Although making love is pleasurable, there are certain things that greatly turn off the mood in bed for men. Additionally, it impacts other aspects of a relationship.

The act of making love is an essential component of human relationships, and both men and women have a natural and healthy interest in it. This desire is fueled by the oxytocin and endorphins that are released during physical and emotional contact, which promote bonding and well-being.

Even if there are still persistent perceptions about men being obsessed with sex, it's important to understand that both sexes desire intimacy and that permission and communication are crucial. Healthy lovemaking strengthens relationships and fosters emotional connection, but it should always be based on mutual respect and permission and emphasize the emotional importance of the relationship above obsession.

In this article, we bring you 10 such things that count as a turnoff for men while making love and they tend to lose their interest.

1. The Ex-lover's talk

No man would love to hear about their partner's ex-love stories in bed. Making love is an intimate moment. And any deviant topic could put off the mood. Surely, past lovers stand first on the list of conversations you should never have in bed.

2. All the work by him

It is usual for some women to just lie down while the man does the whole job. And if the whole act of love stands out as the work of man, it may be draining for him. A little effort from the partner can surely strengthen the game.

Also, a lack of effort can give a signal of being uninterested, which can turn off the man. Besides, a man's desires are left unsatisfied if a woman is participating only for her pleasure.

3. Faking it

When it comes to looking for long-term relationships, this move may be a terrible mistake. When a woman completely fakes an orgasm, it may make a man feel inefficient.

If one is in it for the long run, it is always a better option to be truthful about what one likes and dislikes. And it cannot be fulfilled by lying about genuine feelings.

4. Lacking confidence

Confidence can light up at any moment. In contrast, its lacuna takes away the warmth of the relationship.

When a woman is not comfortable in her own skin, her insecurities restrict her from any exploration. Thereby, any beautiful moment can take a steep fall if not approached with confidence. Besides, hesitantly reaching out can put off men.

5. Fragile to handle

If you are going to treat a man's penis with a fragile-to-handle tag, it's going to put him off. A better approach would be to act with boldness. Also, this will make him feel desired and put him in a good mood.

6. Attention to genitals alone

A lot of women focus solely on the penis. A man, just like a woman, has a range of erogenous parts. So, if one restricts themselves to the classic way of sex, they are missing out. Instead, opt for ways to make the man enjoy the moment.

7. Too distracted

If a call or a text ringtone is distracting you from the sensual moment, then it needs to be out of the bedroom.

Men won't like it if you keep looking at your phone for every ringtone. It may seem like you want to get over it as soon as possible. And it's merely a formality to spend time with him. Such seemingly silly things can really upset men and make them part ways from the bed.

8. Everything under control

While trying to put everything under control, the carefree feeling slips away. Being too bossy in bed may build the wrong attitude towards a man.

Instead of searching for ways to turn things your way, just let it be. Go with the flow that comes with every moment.

9. Being clueless

It's the woman's turn to please the man, and if she puts on a blank face, it interrupts the mood.

If one is going to bombard the moment with lots of questions, it surely shifts the room's temperature.

10. Hygiene

In general, bad hygiene is something that can distance you from a person, not just in bed. But when in bed, it only makes things worse.

You may have a long day; however, that's not a reason to be unhygienic. Put in a little extra effort to be clean so that the partners can enjoy the process.


Indeed, time spent with the partner in bed greatly impacts the overall relationship. Certain turn-offs can even distance the partners from each other.

It's not all about behavior like being bossy or being all clueless. One must be cautious about the stories you pick up in bed. Besides, certain activities like baby talk, which may be pleasing in general, may not be right for time in bed.

So bear these thoughts with you and have a great time.

Written By - Sameena

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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