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Beyond Dinner and a Movie: Innovative Date Ideas for Every Couple

All you need to do to arrange a good date is to be proactive in organizing anything enjoyable and stimulating that encourages better conversation, a couple of giggles, and more interaction with your partner. The objective is to engage in an enjoyable activity that will allow you to spend some valuable "couple time" together. As a highly valuable man, one of your duties is to organize and schedule amazing dates. However, coming up with the ideal date concept may be difficult, particularly if you've been dating for some time and feel like you've "done it all."

Fun Date Ideas

  1. Enjoy a Fancy Dinner - This one’s a classic. It’s you, her, and a classic fancy dinner date. Honestly, it’s hard to mess this one up.

  2. Go Out to a Movie - Everyone enjoys a good movie. And enjoying a movie together at the cinema makes for an awesome and entertaining date idea—regardless of how long you’ve been seeing each other.

  3. Catch a Live Show - Whether it’s a Broadway show, the theater, a play, or even a live improv show—there’s just something about live entertainment that really adds some extra energy to the date.

  4. Attend a Sports Event - Not everyone is into sports. But if you and/or your lady enjoy a good football, basketball, or baseball game, then this may be the perfect way to spend some high-quality time together.

  5. Try a New Restaurant - Trying out new restaurants is not only a great way to spend some time together but also a great way to add a bit of adventure and exploration to your date night.

  6. Go Bowling - There’s nothing quite as fun as watching your cute girlfriend throw a bowling ball down the alley.

  7. Attend a Live Comedy Show - Laughing is actually a potent aphrodisiac. And there’s nothing like a live comedy show to really get that exciting, magical date energy flowing.

  8. Ride Go Carts - Zoom around a track. Laugh together. Mess your hair up. It’s a great time.

  9. Go to a Magic Show - Obviously, magic isn’t real. But I love the ‘mystery’ and excitement that illusions and magic tricks bring to a date night.

  10. Go Metal Detector Hunting - Buy or rent a couple of metal detectors, head to the beach (or to any area that tends to see a lot of recreational activity), and see what you can find.

At-Home Date Ideas

  1. Cook a Meal Together - Cooking a meal together incorporates a bit of cooperation and self-discovery.

  2. Start a Show - Pick one out, settle in with some popcorn, and begin your own at-home TV show streaming adventure.

  3. Host Your Own Private Wine Tasting - Consider picking up a couple of bottles, settling in at home with a romantic R&B playlist playing in the background, and hosting your own intimate wine tasting.

  4. Paint or Draw Together - Spending some time creating artwork together could be an invigorating opportunity to explore together and build a bit more connection into the relationship.

  5. Watch Controversial/Viral YouTube Videos Together - Settle in together, watch some of the newest, trendiest, most viral videos making the rounds—and laugh at them or discuss them together.

  6. Plan a Picnic in the Backyard - All it takes is a nice blanket, a well-prepared basket of food, something refreshing to drink, and some great company (i.e. your significant other) to make this simple and easy date idea a reality.

  7. Play Board Games - Cozy up together at home in front of the fireplace with a glass of scotch and your favorite board game.

Couples Date Ideas

  1. Try Out a Local Brewery - Going out with another couple can be an awesome way to have some fun together while also building friendships with other people.

  2. Attend a Local Trivia Night - Don’t get it twisted—trivia isn’t just for nerds. Visit a Food Truck Park - A fun way to experience different types of cuisine in a casual, low-stress environment.

  3. Go Ax Throwing - They’re a heck of a lot of fun.

  4. Go to a Pool Hall - Playing pool on a date is a super underrated activity.

Date Ideas For Married Couple

  1. Write Down Your Couple Goals Together - Every married couple should write down some shared goals.

  2. Get a Room Together - Sometimes, all it takes is a night away from home to rekindle the fires of passion.

  3. Go Dancing - At first, it’s a little bit intimidating. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll likely love it.

  4. Explore a New Part of the City - Engaging in some exploration and discovery together can really serve to reignite the fires of connection and passion.

  5. Bake a Decadent Dessert Together - And once it’s done, you can take turns giving each other bites.

  6. Sign Up for a Hot Air Balloon Ride - This date idea is sure to get those ‘adventure’ feelings flowing again.

  7. Play Truth or Dare Together - Light the candles and give it a try.

  8. Sign Up for a Combat Sport - Get in shape, get tougher, and grow closer together.

  9. Go to a Meetup Together - It’s still important to get out and make new friends.


It’s important that we take responsibility for keeping our dates fresh, exciting, and fun. If your lives don’t tend to be very busy, schedule at least two or more date nights per week—whether it's 'night out' or 'at-home' date nights. Maintaining a thriving, exciting dating life is crucial for a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Always keep working on yourself, and keep your dates creative and interesting.

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