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Beware Men: Simple Ways To Practise Safe Sex

One of the most enjoyable, stimulating, and unforgettable human experiences is sexual intercourse. If the proper precautions are not taken, it can also be tense and even traumatic. This article offers some straightforward tips for using safe sex techniques that can make the evening with your significant other one to cherish.

The 10 Simple and Effective Ways

To make sex safer, a number of tactics can be used. While no plan can guarantee success, eating healthily on a regular basis can significantly reduce the likelihood of getting sick.

Use a condom

The simplest and most effective technique to engage in safe sex is probably with condoms. A barrier known as a condom is placed on the male penis to stop semen from travelling. This significantly lowers the risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Since condoms come in a variety of sizes, the vast majority of people can easily access them. Condoms are quite portable and are simple to carry in a wallet or pouch. Condoms with flavours are available for couples that have oral sex. For the vast majority of Indians, condoms are also quite affordable, and free condom shops are now available.

STD Testing

It is beneficial to have routine STD testing whether or not protection has been utilised. The majority of STDs, including genital herpes, syphilis, and the human papillomavirus (HPV), are spread through genital skin-to-skin contact. Encourage your companion to get checked; this is very crucial.

Mix it up

Not all sexual behaviour requires physical contact. Sexual activity that does not involve sexual penetration is known as outercourse. Frottage, shared masturbation, kissing, and snuggling are all excellent sexual activities that can be enjoyable and arousing. Due to the fact that it inhibits the interchange of fluids, outercourse instantly lowers the likelihood of STI transmission. It can also be a fun and novel method to accompany penetrating sex or intercourse.

Stay sex-hygienic

Maintaining proper sexual hygiene is an easy method to ensure safer sex. To stop the spread of many infections, washing one’s hands before and after sex is a good idea. The solution is as easy as washing your hands with some soap. One illness that can spread quickly from dirty hands to genitals is coli. You can avoid the hospital by taking a few minutes, using some water, and a little soap.

Sober sex is safer

It’s vital to limit your alcohol consumption before having sex. This is especially valid when you are conversing with a stranger. When inebriated, it is easy to lose control and disregard the need for safety measures. Sober sex not only provides for safer sex but also makes the night more memorable and clearer. If you decide to drink or use other drugs before having sex, exercise moderation.


This is arguably the most drastic strategy one may employ to prevent STIs from infecting them. Because abstinence implies having no sex at all, it is sex that is safer in many respects. To ensure that no infections are transmitted, it is absolutely necessary to temporarily abstain from sexual activity.

Choose your companion wisely

Sex is a very private activity. It necessitates a profound level of understanding between the two partners, which frequently only comes with time. As a result, it’s critical that you feel entirely confident in your decision.

Although there may be exceptions, refraining from having sex after the first date may be a wise rule to follow. However, it’s uncommon for a first date to bring up someone’s safe sex standards. It is essential to be sincere and patient right away because doing so can help lay the groundwork for a stable sexual connection.

Observing your own and your partner’s bodies

The majority of sexually transmitted infections have visible physical symptoms. Even if one uses safer sexual practises, it is still vital to be alert for these symptoms. It can be beneficial to regularly check for sores, blisters, or rashes, especially in the area around one’s genitalia. One must also be on the lookout for any unusual discharges. Setting aside some time each week to conduct a “self-check-up” is a quick and easy approach to achieving this.


If STI testing is positive, it’s critical to remain calm. The majority of sexually transmitted infections are curable with medicine, particularly if caught in the early stages. It’s crucial to carefully follow your doctor’s advice and stay in contact with them. Additionally, if the STI that was contracted may be treated in the near future, it is better to refrain from sexual activity. Prior to starting any sexual activity again, it is wise to get medical counselling if the infection is chronic, such as HIV.


Due to the fact that it frequently incorporates appropriate precautions and techniques, consenting sexual activity lowers the prevalence of unsafe sexual practices. Asking your partner’s consent prior to acting is one of the finest and simplest strategies to ensure consent. While this is typically true for first-date couples, depending on the circumstance and activity, it can also apply to more established couples.


Over the past few decades, safer sexual techniques have advanced significantly. While safer sexual practises were once viewed as taboo, they are now accessible to almost everyone. This does not, however, imply that no attempts should be made. The value of safer sex can be effectively spread by the straightforward act of having a conversation with your partner and/or your friends. It is possible to make having sex a highly enjoyable and stress-free activity by taking responsibility for our sexual safety. Hopefully, a safe sex guide like this one can assist you in making the right decisions and having a healthy sex life.

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