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Best YouTube Channel for Men to Follow

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YouTube is a popular platform for watching videos on various topics, such as entertainment, education, lifestyle, etc. But with so many channels, how do you find the best ones for men to follow?

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best YouTube channels for men that offer valuable content, tips, and advice on various aspects of life, such as fitness, fashion, grooming, health, finance, and more. Whether you want to improve your physical appearance, learn new skills, or get inspired by successful stories, these channels will help you achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself. Here are some of the best YouTube channels for men to follow in 2023.

For Style

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Alpha M

One of the most watched men's style YouTube channels is Alpha M. Aaron Marino, a former fitness model and personal stylist with over 20 years of business expertise who runs the channel. He discusses a variety of subjects, including how to accessorize, develop a wardrobe, groom oneself, and how to dress for various events.

He also offers frank and unbiased reviews of goods and services he uses and endorses, including apparel lines, skincare items, hair products, and more. He has a great sense of humor and is quite personable while delivering his material.

Real Men Real Style

Real Men Real Style is a YouTube channel and a website that helps men improve their style, grooming, lifestyle, and career. The medium and the website are run by Antonio Centeno, a former US Marine officer, and a custom clothier. He teaches men how to dress well, groom themselves, communicate effectively, and achieve their goals.

He uses the science of style and the art of storytelling to deliver his content in an engaging and informative way. He also offers free ebooks, courses, quizzes, and products to help men enhance their image and confidence.

For Grooming

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Robin James

The YouTube channel Robin James offers advice on everything from skincare to fragrance to hair care for men. The track is run by Robin James, a digital content creator located in the UK with experience in both marketing and journalism.

He offers his suggestions on getting the most remarkable results from your grooming regimen, including choosing the best products for your hair type, styling your hair in various ways, shaving properly, moisturizing your skin, applying cologne correctly, and more. Additionally, he examines and evaluates products and services himself before writing evaluations, providing you with frank and thorough feedback.

Luca Santangelo

Although Luca's channel is smaller than most on this list, he still offers some of the best hair care tips. For the past year, his YouTube channel has been a digital autobiography of his journey to longer his hair. He leads us through each step of the process and declares that "2020 is the year to grow out your hair." This channel has all the information you need about hair growth.

For Fitness

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This channel provides various workouts for various objectives and interests, including muscle growth, flexibility, endurance, and weight loss. Fitness professionals and experienced trainers like Jillian Michaels and Denise Austin host the videos. On their website, you can also get songs and fitness calendars.

Jump Rope Dudes

Jump Rope Dudes is a YouTube channel and a website that helps you learn how to jump rope for fitness, weight loss, and fun. The track and the website are run by Dan Witmer and Brandon Epstein, two former college athletes who discovered the benefits of jumping rope and decided to share their passion with the world. They offer free and paid jump rope workouts, challenges, programs, and tutorials for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

For Social Skills

Charisma on Command

Charisma on Command is a YouTube channel and a website that helps you learn how to be more confident, charismatic, and influential in your personal and professional life. Charlie Houpert, a former engineer who developed a fascination with the science and art of charm, is the channel's host.

He offers helpful advice and methods for enhancing your body language, social awareness, emotional intelligence, and communication abilities. In addition, he examines the charisma of well-known figures, including actors, politicians, and businesspeople, and demonstrates how to adopt their most admirable qualities.

Based Zeus

Based Zeus is a YouTuber who creates videos about relationships and dating. He calls himself a private dating advisor and a life maximalist. He shows men how to improve their style, confidence, and ability to attract women. Additionally, he creates amusing and engaging videos that mimic pop culture icons, motion pictures, and TV shows.

Written By - Khushi Bhatia

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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