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Best OTT shows For Men to Binge Watch!

With a surge in demands for TV shows, OTT Platforms are releasing new shows everyday. The world has moved to a smaller screen, all thanks to Pandemic! Men in particular are in a Dilemma as to which show to watch and are often caught up searching for suggestions to watch shows online. To make it easier for all the Men out there, looking for suggestions, here is a list of best OTT Shows for men which we would recommend you to watch as to have a perfect Binge watching experience.

  1. The Sopranos (1999-2007): Rated as one of the best crime TV series ever made, The Sopranos is a must watch for all the Men. It is a mob crime thriller cum Family drama depicting people from Italian origin in the United States. This series has won many Emmy awards. Its lead character Anthony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini is considered to be one of the best TV characters of all time.The Sopranos explores the iniquitous shades of personalities of a crime syndicate often depicting mental delusions. This best OTT show for men may well be a perfect Cathartic experience. Where to Watch : Disney Hotstar Number of Seasons: 6

  1. Peaky Blinders (2013-2022): A Period Fiction Crime drama set up in England which follows the exploits of Peaky Blinders crime gang in the direct aftermath of the First world war. Somewhat inspired by a real youth urban gang during that time, Peaky Blinders is a stylish and suave offering. Its lead character Thomas Shelby played by Cillian Murphy can be rightly attributed as one of the most intense portrayals of Men! Matched with perfect good looks and ambitions, Thomas Shelby’s character is one surely not to miss out on . Excellent supporting cast, infatuating love angles, Historical fictionalized anecdotes, Gang rivalries, Peaky Blinders has it all and the potential to give you Goosebumps! Where to Watch: Netflix Number of Seasons: 6

  1. Breaking Bad (2008-2013): Can you ever imagine a Chemistry teacher turning into a Drug dealer ? Well, Yes! Breaking Bad offers the craziest Binge Watching experience. Rated as one of the best Crime Television shows of all time by critics and audience alike, Breaking Bad is one intense Badass series. Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston is diagnosed with cancer and to secure financial security for his family turns to producing and distributing Drugs. As the story moves, Walter white is often caught in many undesirable situations and it gets crazier and crazier. For Men, it is a perfect badass series to watch . Where to Watch: Netflix Number of Seasons : 5

  1. The Last Dance (2020): The Last Dance is a Mini series falling into the category of Docu-Reality. Well, this Mini Reality series has the potential to bring a sudden change in any Men’s life. It is an Emmy award winning series which focuses on arguably one of the greatest sporting legends Michael Jordan(MJ) and Chicago Bulls dominance in the NBA. Chicago Bulls became World Champion 6 times and are regarded as the most Competitive team ever to have graced a basketball court. Captivating and alluring in its story, The Last Dance hooks the viewer from the very start. It celebrates the heroic larger than life persona of MJ and his teammates. It also gives us a glimpse of American society in the last decade of the twentieth century. Chicago Bulls and its veracious Glory are depicted in a very enticing manner. Where to watch : Netflix Number of Seasons: 1 (10 episodes)

  1. Succession (2018 – present): Succession is a Black comedy family drama about Business tycoon and Patriarch of Waystar Royco(a media conglomerate), Logan Roy(played by Brian Cox) and his family . Uncertainties over Logans Health’s, sparks a Business takeover bid by his three children. Succession has won numerous awards and was hailed by critics for its storyline and character display. Riddled with suspense over Succession and subtle innuendos, Succession is especially not to miss, especially for Men! The season is scheduled to release its fourth season in spring of 2023. Where to watch: Disney Hotstar Number of seasons : 3

  1. The SPY( 2019): The Spy is an espionage Drama thriller Mini-series showcasing the life and pursuits of real time Israel’s Mossad Spy Eli Chohen. Men who are fans of Spy thrillers, surely shouldn’t miss out on this one. Sacha Baron Cohen portrays the role of Eli Cohen with perfection. The series revolves around years leading up to a six day war between Israel and Syria. A lot of suspense and high on adrenaline rush, the spy is a perfect spy classic to watch. Where to watch: Netflix Number of seasons: 1 (6 episodes)

  1. Suits (2011-2019): A legal Drama set in New York about a law firm who hires a young college dropout Mike Ross for his sharp memory. But, there’s a problem , Ross doesn’t have a law degree ! Men with stylish suits, great lifestyle, suave cars are portrayed in the series which can make any man envy! Mike Ross and his boss portrayed by Gabriel Michet have a unique chemistry throughout the series. This international successful series also has Meghan Markle portraying the role of a paralegal and Mike Ross love interest which shot her to fame initially. Suits has a great supporting cast and rides on the shoulders of top notch performances which are hard to miss. Where to watch: Netflix Number of Seasons: 9!

  1. Band of Brothers (2001): Band of Brother is a 2001 American War Drama Miniseries based on the Nonfiction book of the same name. Set during the second world war, Band of Brothers offers a visceral, intense look at the horrors of war and the sacrifices which ordinary soldiers make. The series received Universal accolades from the critics and audience alike. Men interested in period drama or war stories are surely going to be intrigued by the storyline of the series. This series received numerous accolades and nominations. Surely, It is one of the best War time series to watch. Where to Watch: Disney Hotstar Number Of Seasons: 1(10 episodes)

  1. Mad Men (2007-2015): Mad Men is a multi award winning fictionalized period drama which showcases the United States culture and advertising industry of 1960 and 1970’s. The show revolves around the genius but mysterious Don Draper played by Jon Hamm and his advertising pursuits. Don’s personality is somewhat what a normal man aspires for. Mad Men is considered as one of the greatest shows of all time and received accolades for its unique storyline and direction. Showcasing the american society of 1960’s, Mad Men focusses on various issues such as drinking, feminism, sexism, adultery, homophobia, antisemitism and racism. Men can have a great time Binge watching this series and relate to many of the things of the past to present. Where to watch : Lionsgate Play Number os Seasons: 7

  1. 10. Narcos(2015-2017): Who would have not known the exploits and havoc wrecked by Pablo escobar? Narcos is a Biographical account of one of the deadliest drug lords of History Pablo Escobar. Narcos showcases how Escobar built an empire while manufacturing and distributing Cocaine and the relentless pursuit of catching Him by the United States Drug enforcement Agency (DEA). This series is not for the soft hearted as it depicts gruesome violence. Where to watch : Netflix Number of Seasons: 3

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