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Best Meditation Music Genres for Men

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Meditation is considered dull due to which people often feel demotivated to practice meditation, especially in the mornings. Meditation is generally advised to practice alone due to personalised motivation, unique methods adopted by everyone and the requirement of a peaceful environment. Therefore, people generally prefer practising meditation alone which can lead to lesser motivation. However, there is something that can be the best companion to practice meditation i.e. Music.

A gentle music piece can change the meditation session 360 degrees by adding harmony, melody and happiness to the session. The beautiful music sound accompanied by a soothing environment helps the practitioner in combating depression or demotivation. A melodious soundtrack can make the practitioner calmer and converts the meditation into an effective one by making the surroundings more peaceful and ecstatic. Music can also lift your mood, slow your breathing, and create other stress-reducing changes. A preferred music genre or soul soothing can calm the physiology without making a conscious effort and alleviate stress from the mind.

Males often have multiple thoughts racing in their minds. Making schedules for the day, tension to beat the traffic and reach at work on time and give the best performance by balancing between work and home. Therefore, music can help them in keeping themselves motivated, enthusiastic and peaceful to conduct a fruitful meditation session. Also if you are not aware about the basics of meditation, you can read about it here.

There are a bunch of music pieces that can be true companions and help males in having a deeper and relaxed meditation session-

Indian Classical Music

indian classical music 
man playing sitar
rajasthan india
best music genres for meditation

Produced in the diverse culture and musically rich country of India, classical music has a divine touch that allows practitioners to dive deeper into the meditation session beating the outside and inside noises. The rich culture of India has a variety of music genres that are unique and entail qualities of their own. Indian classical music helps males in being disciplined and improving their presence of mind. Indian classical music works as a great antidepressant by reducing the stress levels of male practitioners.

Gregorian Chanting And Primordial Sounds

chant om chanting video long tatto om meditation best meditation genres for men gregorian music promordial sounds

Gregorian Chanting is a kind of baritone singing that has been available for centuries and continues to grow in terms of popularity. Even Primordial sound is a similar nature of music, similar to chanting. The highly famous primordial music is OM that is practised worldwide. This helps people in achieving deep concentration in their meditation sessions by giving them the power to keep their minds and thoughts in focus and stop wandering around. These two sets of music pieces are great forms to achieve concentrated mindsets.

Instrumental Music

best meditation music genres for different types of meditations 
benefits of meditation instrumental music

Instrumental music is another great set of music genres known for its richer vibes and deeper tunes. Instrumental music can belong to any instrument such as guitars, violins, tabla, flutes, etc. Each instrument has its own melody that can help people in achieving great nirvana with its notes. People who often get carried away with lyrics and are unable to concentrate; the instrumental music that has different notes of only instruments tones of different levels, help people in getting their attention and power at one place. Initially, males who are new to the meditation practice, may experience a full range of emotions but people get scared of the same rather than enjoy the journey of being aware of the loads of emotions that they don’t experience or hide in day to day lives.

Sounds of Nature

best meditation music genres for guided meditation
sounds of nature full video 
types of meditation

Nature has a bouquet of benefits. The nature that helps people feel calmer with its one glimpse, can also do wonders in the form of sound. The sound of sea waves, wind, birds, etc can really soothe minds and hearts by bringing the practitioners closer to nature. People living in metropolitan cities and leading hectic lives don’t get the chance to meet the true nature regularly and can really connect with nature during their course of a meditation session. Sounds of nature can help people in disconnecting with disturbing sounds of TV, honking, ringing, etc that are harmful to humans and give them a peaceful and quiet experience by leading to an effective meditation session.

Christian Music

best meditation music genres
christian music christmas carols

Somebody following Christianity rigorously, can use Christian music in their meditation practice. And those who are not followers of Christianity can also leverage this gentle genre of music. Interestingly, Christian music consists of traditional and modern touch that makes it widely popular amongst the old and young generations, both. Christian meditation music is focused on intense thoughts such as the Bible scriptures and reflecting on their meaning in the context of the love of God with soothing sounds behind it. Christian music offsets distress that allows people to go into a deeper state of meditation.

Make your favourite genre of music your best meditation companion to have an effective and fun meditation session every time you do it.

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