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Best cufflinks of 2023

Cufflinks epitomize the perfect accessory to inject that extra dash of refinement into your ensemble, whether you're preparing for an upscale gala or aiming to express your unique fashion sense. We've thoughtfully compiled a guide to the finest cufflinks for every occasion, offering insights into top brands and trends to help you make an informed decision and excel in the art of cufflink adornment. Join us as we embark on a journey through the world of cufflinks, enhancing your fashion expertise.

In this article, we've selected ten pairs of cufflinks that we believe are sophisticated, versatile, and of high quality.

Montblanc Urban Spirit Cufflinks:

These cufflinks stand out as our top choice due to their simplicity and sophistication. They feature a round shape with a black resin inlay and a polished stainless steel frame. The iconic Montblanc logo is engraved on the reverse. Suitable for any occasion and attire.

Alice Made These Alvar Gold-Plated Cufflinks:

If you're looking for a gold option, these cufflinks are our favorite. They combine a sleek and minimalist square shape with a smooth gold-plated finish, along with a subtle engraved emblem on the side. The easy-to-use pellet back closure adds to their appeal, making them an excellent choice to add sophistication and warmth to your appearance.

Merit Ocean Classic Gold Cufflinks:

These cufflinks are our top recommendation for formal occasions. They boast a regal design with a round shape, a black enamel center, and a gold-tone rim. The swivel back closure ensures a secure fit, making them a great addition to your formal attire.

Paul Smith Globe Cufflinks

For those seeking something unique and delightful, these cufflinks with a spherical shape and various enamel surfaces are an excellent choice. They have a silver-tone base and a convenient Goliath back closure for easy wearing and removal, adding personality and flair to your outfit.

Brilliant Earth Homme Engravable Cufflinks:

If personalization is what you desire, these cufflinks are an elegant and customizable option. They feature an octagonal shape with a smooth silver surface that can be engraved with your initials, name, date, or message. The ball return closure allows for some movement between the links, making them a thoughtful gift or keepsake.

Hugo Boss Round Cufflinks with a Colored Enamel Core:

Vibrant and versatile, these round cufflinks with multicolored enamel centers and a silver-tone border are perfect for adding some pop and variety to your attire. Their pellet closure makes them easy to put on and take off.

Maison Margiela Gold Pearl Square Cufflinks:

A standout option for those looking for designer quality. They feature a mother-of-pearl center and a gold-tone brass frame. They are equipped with a chain-link closure connecting the two components, making them ideal for making a statement and impressing your peers.

Charles Tyrwhitt Knot Cufflinks:

Soft, comfortable, and practical, these knot-shaped fabric cufflinks in various colors and patterns offer a unique non-metal option. Their circular closure ensures easy adjustment and security, adding texture and variety to your appearance.

Gucci Interlocking G-Logo Sterling Silver Cufflinks:

These cufflinks are an ideal choice for showcasing your brand loyalty and sophistication. They feature the iconic interlocking G-logo of Gucci in sterling silver with a polished finish. The Goliath back closure makes them easy to put on and remove.

The Tie Bar Textured Sweep Silver Cufflinks:

If you're looking for budget-friendly yet stylish options, these blockish cufflinks with textured silver finishes and a subtle engraved logo on the reverse are a great choice. They come with a pellet back closure for easy handling and fastening, making them suitable for everyday wear and casual occasions.

How to Choose the Right Cufflinks

Metal: Select cufflinks that complement your attire, taking into account the occasion. Gold cufflinks are ideal when paired with a gold wristwatch. Most cufflinks are crafted from gold, silver, diamonds, or onyx, making coordination straightforward.

Occasion: Dress appropriately for the occasion. For formal events, opt for standard shades and simple designs rather than quirky choices. When wearing a French cuff shirt, remember to fold your cuffs up rather than down, allowing for the use of cufflinks. Ensure you can easily secure and remove them.

Shape: Rectangles, squares, and circles are the classic shapes for cufflinks. Thin bar designs are also popular. The choice of materials and craftsmanship gives these simple shapes their unique charm. A timeless and elegant look is best achieved through a classic cufflink style.

Tips to Better Style Cufflinks

1. Match Metal and Color: When choosing cufflinks, consider the metal and color of your watch, belt buckle, and other accessories. Matching the metal (gold, silver, or others) and color (rose gold, yellow gold, etc.) creates a harmonious and polished look.

2. Consider Shirt Fabric: The fabric of your dress shirt matters. For a more formal look, silk or cotton dress shirts with French cuffs are ideal. Cufflinks on casual, textured shirts can add a unique touch to your outfit.

3. Coordinate with Tie or Pocket Square: If you're wearing a tie or a pocket square, consider coordinating the colors or patterns of these accessories with your cufflinks. This creates a balanced and cohesive appearance.

4. Balance with Other Jewelry: If you wear other jewelry, like a ring or a bracelet, ensure they complement your cufflinks without overwhelming the overall look. Avoid wearing too many statement pieces at once.

5. Know the Event: Different events call for different cufflinks. For formal occasions, opt for classic and understated designs. Reserve novelty or colorful cufflinks for more relaxed events or when you want to showcase your personality.

6. Match Your Personal Style: Cufflinks are a way to express your personal style. Choose designs that resonate with your tastes, whether they're classic, modern, or quirky. Don't be afraid to experiment and add a touch of individuality to your look.

7. Avoid Overly Large Cufflinks: Oversized cufflinks can be distracting and overpower your outfit. Opt for sizes that fit comfortably within the cuff's space without being overly conspicuous.

8. Formal vs. Casual Styles: Keep in mind that certain cufflinks are more appropriate for formal occasions (like black-tie events), while others are better suited for casual wear. Classic designs work well for formal events, while colorful or playful cufflinks are great for casual settings.

9. French Cuff Shirt Fit: Ensure that your French cuff shirt fits well. The cuff should be snug but not tight around your wrist. An ill-fitting cuff can make cufflinks uncomfortable to wear.

10. Maintain Proper Etiquette: If you're wearing cufflinks to a formal event, make sure they align with the dress code and etiquette of the occasion. Some events may have specific requirements for cufflinks, such as matching studs or a particular style.

11. Seasonal Choices: Consider the season when selecting cufflinks. Lighter and brighter colors are often preferred in spring and summer, while darker and more subdued tones work well in autumn and winter.

12. Classic Patterns: Classic patterns like stripes, dots, and geometric shapes are versatile and can be paired with various outfits. They add a touch of elegance without being overly bold.

13. Cufflink Storage: Invest in a cufflink box or organizer to keep your collection organized and prevent damage. This ensures that your cufflinks are readily accessible when you need them.

By keeping these additional tips in mind, you can elevate your cufflink game and make a stylish statement with this classic accessory.

Written by: Sounabha Ghosh

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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