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Best Christmas themed movies of all time for Men

Well, it’s Christmas and usually people celebrate with their loved ones at home or going to some places. There are certain movies which are themed around Christmas and may bring jolliness to your face around such a festive time. Here’s a list of movies which we recommend are a must watch:

  1. Its A Wonderful Life (1946): Loosely based on Chaeles Dicken Novel- A Christmas Carol, Its a Wonderful Life is regarded as one of the best Christmas movies. A suicidal Man is intervened by an Angel who helps him by taking out of a dilemma and throwing some light.

  1. Home Alone (1990): It’s one of those memories of our childhood where we laughed our heart out while watching Home Alone. Themed around Christmas, a child is forgotten home by his family and he encounters dimwit thieves where the child outsmarts them . Its a perfect situational comedy for a perfect Christmas experience.

  1. Miracle on 34th Street (1947): Winning 3 Academy Awards, Miracle on 34th Street is an absolute Christmas classic. On Thanksgiving a man is hired as Santa in place of a drunkard who doesn’t show up. The replaced man then tries to make people believe that he is the real Santa, leading the matter eventually to court.

  1. Die Hard (1988): Some would be wondering what a hardcore action flick doing in a list like this. Well, action begins when a New York Policeman is visiting his estranged wife on Christmas eve. Festivities soon turns into ghast situation when a group of terrorists take over the building. Die hard being one of the classiest and best action movies of all time, is a good Christmas watch too.

  1. Carol (2015): A forbidden romance between two women, one who is a photographer and the other who is going through a difficult divorce. Both the women develop a strong bond that has complicated consequences. Rated for brilliant acting by both the actors, Carol is a treat to watch.

  1. Bad Santa (2003): Bad Santa falls into the Dark Comedy Drama genre. A conman and his helper rob departmental stores on Christmas eve. The situation becomes bizarre and makes the conman in despair when he befriends a troubled kid.

  1. Scrooged (1988): A regular Christmas television classic, Scrooged is rated as one of the best Christmas movies. Falling in the fantasy comedy drama genre, again based on the Novel- A Christmas Carol. A selfish Television executive is haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas eve.

  1. A Christmas Story (1983): Based on the amusing writings of Jean Shepherd, A Christmas story narrates a story about a 9 year old boy who spends most of his time thinking of an “ air rifle” as a Christmas gift. The film follows up with amusing incidents related to the air rifle!

  1. Little women (2019): Little women is an coming of age period drama movie based on Louisa May Alcott novel by the same name. This multi-starrer movie features popular actresses Meryl Streep, Emma Wtson among others. The few chronicles the story of 5 sisters and their outspoken mother while the father is out fighting a civil war.

  1. ELF (2003): Being rated as one of the best Christmas films, ELF is a Christmas comedy film. An oversized ELF(a supernatural creature of folk tales) who travels from the North Pole to NewYork city to meet his biological father who is complete unconscious ofhus existence.

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