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Beard ideas for bald men

Every man has to face the possibility of becoming bald at some time in his life. Even if you invest in the greatest shampoos and try various hair loss treatments, someday it’s likely to happen to you. A prime example is the fact that several of Hollywood’s prominent men are bald or thinning. Stars resemble humans in many ways.

How you style your facial hair is much more crucial for those who decide to go completely bald. Growing a beard and other facial hair styles can affect the way you look, even whether you’re entirely bald or have recently shaved it off prophylactically. They can also draw attention away from your lack of hair on top. Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for, there are countless possibilities for facial hair, from moustaches and goatees to full beards and perma-stubble, all of which can either soften or emphasise the appearance of a fully bald head. These are some of our favourite bald celebs sporting the best beard styles for bald males.

Almost Shaggy

This is arguably the simplest full beard there is. You must let the hair to grow continuously. and continue to expand. For this, you need a lot of length, but once you have it, maintenance is easy. This beard isn’t manicured, but it does have a distinct shape (longer on the shin, shorter on the sides). Once a week or so, shape it with a trimmer, and in the meantime, let it grow naturally. It works great with a completely bald head but looks best with a very short buzz on top.

Day Stubble

For as long as we can remember, Statham has been rocking the two-day stubble look, one of many prominent bald men’s characteristic styles. It’s not broken, so why fix it? Simply lay down the razor for a few days to achieve this appearance, then use a beard trimmer frequently to keep your beard at the desired length to retain it. However, the best part about this is how well it matches the sideburns on his head, giving the whole thing a very cool and deliberate appearance.

Goatee Stubble

Is he intentionally going bald in this style, or has he just stopped shaving recently? The argument is that it is impossible to determine. The stubble softens the appearance and contrasts with the shining scalp. Tucci may have intentionally left a day or two of growth in the goatee area given the minor form there, but it blends in nicely for a laid-back appearance.

Authentic Goatee

A conventional goatee is about as traditional as it gets, but that’s part of its appeal. It’s the blue jeans of facial hair—simple, recognisable, and flattering on just about everyone. Keep hair off the face and moustache, linking them with thin-to-thin lines to achieve this style. Generally speaking, keep the length short and reasonable.

Round and complete

You could believe that growing a super-angular beard is the greatest approach to soften the appearance of a wholly bald head. Contrarily, as demonstrated here on Common, it’s possible. A full beard cut in an oval can help to lengthen your face and make it appear taller and slimmer when there isn’t hair on top to enhance height. It works best on thick beards, which can really highlight the shape; nonetheless, regular trimming is necessary.

Chin Cover in Full

The chin, moustache, and lines that link them are all present in this style, but they are much larger. On the shin, it covers a larger surface area, and the lines next to the mouth are slightly thicker. Additionally, it covers more ground because it is a little longer. It appears significantly less formed than the classic due to the wider shape and the greater length, but still requires the same general maintenance.

Almost Pointed

The contour of this design is beautiful because, despite being clearly planned, it appears organic. This beard achieves the sort of hybrid appearance that cool guys like Elba prefer. He employed a trimmer to maintain it shorter on the sides and longer on his chin because there is noticeable length, which takes time to grow out. On the cheeks and neck, however, the lines are softer rather than sharper to give the impression that this is simply how the beard develops.

A swashbuckler

Does this look suit everyone? Absolutely not. It is confrontational in a retro and unexpected sense, but it is also one of its charms. This kind of style shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although it will undoubtedly draw attention to you (which is a bonus for the appropriate guy), it also requires some work. Just to keep the handlebar moustache in place, it requires a lot of product, trimming, and shaping. That is even worse by the pointy goatee. Go big or go home, though, if you’re going to experiment with facial hair.

trimmed stubble

A completely hairless head can be a little startling for freshly bald men like Travolta. You can soften the look and make it look more rough by letting your stubble grow. Additionally, it lessens the Mr. Clean impression and makes it appear more stylish (even though it isn’t). Every few days, use a trimmer to eliminate the excess stubble while also maintaining the distinct cheek and neck lines.

Good Lined

Keep it short yet long enough to maintain the thickness to keep a longer beard looking fresh. The neck and cheek lines should then receive extra attention. Shave them often to keep them looking good. The razor-sharp lines make it pop and frame the lower portion of the face in the most attractive way, giving this style its power despite its evident maintenance requirements.


So, even if you might not have been given the nicest head of hair, own it and go bald, or at least grow out the bottom half with a good beard. Depending on how thick, patchy, or effort you want to put into growing out your beard, there are a variety of alternatives available. Whatever you decide, be sure to have the best trimmers and tools to get the most out of them.

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