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Balancing the Imbalance

Men have done so many things, be it for the good or bad of humanity. That doesn’t mean they are a complete being. We are a work-in-progress. We have many setbacks. Some of them are major ones. Don’t you think you need to work on it? And we are here for the exact same reason. We’ll help you to balance out what’s been left unbalanced for so long.

Toxic relationship:

When we talk about bad habits. Smoking, and drinking always come to mind but I think there is more than that that needs to be talked about.If you’re in a relationship where both of you are after each other’s throat every second. A mild reconsideration might save you from paying a heavy toll. Dr. Kristen Fuller, who specializes in mental health, said that, “toxic relationships are mentally, emotionally, and possibly even physically damaging for one or both the participants. Moreover, if not looked after, a toxic relationship can soon turn into an abusive one.


I think it’s better to have a number of people in your group than a bunch of simpletons. Dan Steven Pena Senior, who’s a Mexican American billionaire, clearly said, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”  I think he’s pretty damn right. Being with a group that pushes you to move forward is way better than the one that pulls you back into the loser pit. 


Working 24/7 can develop hypertension along with many other health issues caused by high stress. So, take some time-out for yourself. Do something that you love. There can be countless things. You can also pick a thing that you used to love a few years back. To name a few: write something that you’ll remember, enjoy the sunset, meditate, and just relish the solace. 

Various studies have proven that spending time alone can heighten your emotional intelligence. So, if you are looking to upgrade yourself, just switch off for a while.


Are you someone who’s too critical about everything? So much so that, you miss out on new opportunities, if yes, then you need a major change in attitude. A stagnant attitude can kill your growth, and can even cause irreversible damage. So, develop a positive attitude, and see the magic unravel. 

You all must have heard the saying, “Learn to say no.” Well, we say why not say, “Yes, at times.” Change when it comes to development of one’s self are needed and required to go on with this adventure, called ‘life’.

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