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Are you dealing with an Emotionally Broken Man?

You will experience a lot of things you enjoy in your lifetime. But one of those things isn’t being with a man who is emotionally damaged. This is because loving a damaged man can be difficult, hurtful, and leave you feeling broken instead.

The terrible thing is that there are many indicators of a man who is emotionally damaged. When a broken man first enters your life, these are the first things you notice about him. The difficulty is that despite the red flags, someone will still fall in love with a man who is mentally damaged because “it is not as it seems”.

These warning signals may help you determine whether the man you are dating is emotionally damaged.

1. The emotionally broken man is caught up in the past

Even if he doesn’t want you to notice, a man who has been hurt emotionally usually has trust issues that come from his past. Even though he might put on a tough face to hide his trust issues, sometimes the pain from his past might show up in the present as well.

Some of these feelings could be anger, pain, fear of being left alone, and a tendency to strike out when he feels threatened.

2. Refuses to make investments in the current relationship

An extremely difficult time committing to current relationships is one of the most obvious indicators of a broken-hearted man. This is just a result of what he has been through in the past and his persistent feeling that whatever he has dealt with before will only again repeat over time.

The emotionally damaged man believes it is best to hold back in order to avoid going down the agony rabbit hole twice.

3. The emotionally broken man has huge or smooth mood changes

In a split second, he is in control, the life of the party, and making you laugh. Then in the next instanthe is at his lowest point, and you find it difficult to believe that this is still the same person from earlier.

Researchers have looked at the causes of mood swings and found a number of them, one of them being mental pain.

You can find out whether your partner has ever experienced any emotionally upsetting events in the past if he frequently exhibits unpredictable mood swings.

4. Thinks that showing his love for you is being “weak” or “needy.”

You and he both understand that he loves you. But let’s say he has trouble expressing his love and attraction for you but thinks (for some reason) that you should be able to see the connection between the two. You can simply be dealing with an emotionally damaged individual in such a situation.

5. Low self-esteem pervades

Even though it’s normal to feel shy sometimes, if your man often shows low self-esteem (especially when he should act and feel confident), you might want to have him checked out for emotional damage.

Men who have had an emotional breakdown may have a hard time with low self-esteem, which is often caused by things that happened in the past.

6. Unwise pursuit of success

Whoever wins the title of “team member” or “entrepreneur of the year” wants to be successful. However, a man who is emotionally damaged turns to following his work goals and crushing them because he wants the highs that come from realizing that he isn’t entirely useless.

You might want to do some investigating if your partner would rather devote his life to his career than forge a solid relationship with you.

7. The emotionally broken man commits common vices

The emotionally damaged man is prone to common male vices. He might be concealing the true difficulty he is going through if he betrays you, abuses alcohol and drugs, frequenting at night clubs, and engages in other vices that harm the relationship.

He wouldn’t be engaging in such vices because he is a nasty person, instead he might be using it as a means of letting go of the past. Call is escaping reality!

8. He is terrified of losing you but does not value your efforts

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most perilous symptoms of a man who is emotionally broken. He makes it appear as though he doesn’t notice or value your efforts in the relationship. You might assume that he doesn’t want to make things work if you didn’t know any better.

But the day you get the nerve to tell him about it, you’ll see a side of him you didn’t know he had. He will beg and plead with you not to leave if he ever gets an inkling that you are about to abandon the relationship.

There may be a number of reasons why your partner is terrified of losing you. Despite what a broken guy would like you to think, you would observe from this that the emotionally broken man knows your role in his life.

9. The emotionally broken man is always aware of his past

You can be genuinely startled by his response if you innocently inquire about his background (especially about the traumatic events he has experienced).

In the best-case scenario, the emotionally traumatized man will find a courteous (but not entirely undetectable) method to change the topic. In the worst situation, he can snap at you or lash out, making you feel as though you’re interfering.

According to research, open communication and relationship satisfaction are correlated. When your partner talks frankly and honestly to you about their prior experiences, it strengthens your bond.

These responses are simply his mind’s defense mechanism against recalling unpleasant memories from the past.

10. Refuses to accept responsibility for his errors

When he makes a mistake in the relationship and you call him out on it, he constantly tries to justify what he did. He can even try to control you, scare you, or even minimize your sentiments or emotions in an effort to avoid accepting responsibility for the mess he created.

You might want to take some time to thoroughly evaluate the relationship and its future once you have noticed him dodging accountability for his behavior for a while. Refrain from attempting to fix a man who is broken. That might hurt you more than you could have ever imagined.

11. You’ve been told by others in your life

As much as you would want to think the people in your life are unaware of the state of your relationship, that may not entirely be the case.

If you’ve ever interacted with someone close to you, such as your close friends or family (even if it was just for dinner with the siblings), you might be surprised to learn what they took away from their little time with you.

You might want to pay greater attention to the comments of anyone in your life who has ever indicated that he is an emotionally broken man if you trust their judgment or conclusions.

If you can, find out who sponsored that comment and pay attention to what they have to say. You could be pleasantly surprised.

12. He always wants sex but lacks emotional intimacy

You might want to proceed cautiously if your partner is eager to jump into bed with you and quick to jump out as soon as the deed is done.

Take a close look at the connection. Is your man only interested in having sex with you? Does he make an effort to emotionally connect with you? Do you even bring up the important issues?

Yes? Great!

No? You might be dealing with a broken man.

13. The emotionally broken man always appears to be without flaws

Here, “appear” is the important word.

If you see something strange and inquire, he’ll probably assure you that everything is fine. The emotionally damaged man makes an effort never to acknowledge his shortcomings. He might have learned not to because of this.

Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with being acquainted with an emotionally broken individual, it is quite common if you didn’t know. Every person once or the other goes through a phase of complete vulnerability and mental agony, but it is during those times that they need help. Not only from their close ones but also professionally. If you know someone according to the signs we mentioned, please do not hesitate to help him or make them seek professional help.

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