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Are the new Google Pixel 6 phones the ‘next best thing’?

Google is going all out with the new google pixel 6 phones and it is the next best thing for android lovers. This hall of fame smartphone has been in the game for 5 long years. And the latest reboot is what we are most excited about.

How things started for the Google Pixel Series

This flagship started out with the reputation as “Google’s iPhone” and tried to do a lot to live upto it. In the past couple of years, the smartphone spent it’s time hiding in the shadows. But the 2021 variant takes a step back to it’s original billing: The best of google in a phone. This means exclusive homemade pre-installs, a complete sci-fi redesign and a high-end camera setup. Having said that, let’s see how going back to basics has made it’s big impact.

Back to basics with Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

It is important to give google the credit it deserves for doing things it has not done in a while. The most recent google pixel smartphone, the Pixel 5 was undoubtedly a budget friendly variant but was far from battling giants like Apple and Samsung. But the story is twisted this time. From the initial point of contact the phones feel polished, weighty and ambitious. The giant camera strip on the back of the handset doesn’t feel less than holding a starship in your palms. Both variants come with a super fast 120 Hz scrolling capacity. Google offers you an ample 6.4-inch and 6.7-inch touchscreen on the pixel 6 and 6 pro respectively. With the large and fast display, scroll seamlessly all-night through your socials.

Just like apple creates it’s own system on chip for iPhone, Google has taken leverage to bring about it’s own smart-chip. Although it may not sound like such a big deal, the Google made Tensor chip delivers an all around better performance and improved battery life.

The Ultimate Android Experience

The new Pixel 6 Smartphones are a showcase to google’s hardware design. However, this bold hardware is home to the new Android 12- the latest version of Google’s smartphone operating systems. The new android proves to be invaluable with the complete set of round buttons and wider colour palette and smoother animations. The new OS gives a fulfilling experience and has made the device more approachable, like no other android device. Also, the software holds a few neat tricks the help improve photos on your device. Firstly, the magic eraser can vanish photobombers in the blink of an eye. Secondly the motion mode adds depth to the background giving you dynamic photos.

The pixel 6 is an spitting image of google’s security systems. If your life runs on your phone, we are sure you are cautious about your private data. The new security update on the Pixel 6 offers you five years of free security updates. Also, the software gives you complete control over hardware . You can switch off the camera and microphone and fully control apps which can access both of them.

Value addition

Anyhow, we haven’t spent a long time with the Pixel 6 and the pro, but in our eye they hold invaluable significance. We are excited to to see how you review the “next best thing” in smartphones. The Pixel smartphones make a commemorating first impression and come in good value as well. The Pixel 6 is expected to start at Rs.44,990 while the Pixel 6 Pro is most likely to be available at Rs.67,490. These are highly competitive prices with the current market dominated by iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra. Both the new smartphones are expected to release by December 30, 2021 with benchmark colours.

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