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Answering the age old question: What Women REALLY want?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Does the age old question of ‘What women want’ still haunts you? Read more for a peaceful sleep.

In a recent social media trend, girls are seen lip-syncing and acting to a song that replies to the question, ‘What girls want’. The only sentence that I can agree upon in the song is ‘girls are simple’. And I think that is exactly the key that holds the answer to the age old question of ‘What women want’.

To go on further one needs to first understand the basic difference between a girl and a woman. Let us compare it to the words, ‘boys and men’, and I think we can all have a clearer picture about the maturity level here.

When defined, the word ‘girl’ entails a younger woman, who is still assessing the world, gaining knowledge of her wants and needs and trying to come up with solutions to her own mind boggling questions about identity. On the other hand, a woman has had her experiences with this world, she might still be learning but she definitely knows what she wants.

And the answer here is simple: nothing. Yes, you read it correctly. The modern woman is independent, can handle things from running the household to running her own organization. She has her own ideas, opinions, voice and the power to make things happen.

So, why such an independent woman who can run this world would want anything from her counterpart. The confusion arises when the word ‘expectation’ is swapped with ‘want’.

Men are the other half of this world, and they are expected to not only treat a woman with respect but as their equal. For example, the household chores are for both, it’s not a woman’s responsibility to tell you to complete your part of the chores. It is expected that you will complete them.

But when that expectation is not met, then that’s what a woman wants. You do your part.

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