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Akshay Oberoi: The Star in the Making

Updated: Mar 4

Akshay Oberoi: The Star in Making

A star in the colourful tapestry of Bollywood, Akshay Oberoi personifies the perfect blend of ability, charisma, and commitment. Because Oberoi comes from a family rich in the arts, his career in entertainment seemed guaranteed, but his rise to fame is a credit to his own hard work and determination. He was born in Morristown, New Jersey, on January 1, 1985, and subsequently relocated to India in order to pursue an acting career.

With the release of "Isi Life Mein" in 2010, Oberoi made his Bollywood debut. He then went on to have successful roles in films such as "Laal Rang" (2016), "Gurgaon" (2017), and "Kaalakaandi" (2018).

Oberoi has portrayed a wide range of characters in films, all of which have been deftly and deeply constructed. He has captured audiences' attention with his variety and genuineness, whether he is playing nuanced roles in thought-provoking dramas or evoking laughs with his flawless comedic timing.

Oberoi, who is renowned for his adaptability and capacity to play a variety of roles, has won accolades for his work in both mainstream and independent films. Along with his successful online series, he has left his imprint in the digital sphere with "Inside Edge" and "Selection Day."

In the annals of his illustrious career, Oberoi's latest cinematic endeavour, "Fighter," stands as a beacon of his artistic prowess. The film displays Oberoi's unmatched talent as he immerses himself in the role of an experienced fighter, navigating the turbulent terrain of ambition, courage, and redemption against the backdrop of heart-pounding drama and adrenaline-fueled action.


In this questionnaire between Best for Him and Akshay Oberoi, we will try to gather in-depth information about his

What inspired me to be an actor?

When I was a kid, my dad used to show me a lot of films, particularly Hindi films. I grew up in New Jersey, but I never watched any English films as a kid. All films were those that my father showed me as a child. We always discussed the actors and the films they were acting in.

Suppose I picked up any film. After it got over, my father used to ask me, “How did you find Guru Dutt ji’s acting?”, “Why do you like Shammi Kapoor's acting?” You know, they were all great actors, and that was the initial inspiration to be like them someday. And then I got addicted.

I started acting at a very young age. I loved being with other people. I loved being in somebody else's head. You know, I loved playing in others shoes; hence, I didn't want to be in my own head. I wanted to be somebody else.

Until date, I think that's the reason I still love the profession so much. Because I get tired of being myself, it no longer excites me. I love being somebody else, and I love discovering somebody else. It's a very weird thing, but that's the answer to this question.


Do you think it's easier for men to take care of themselves in this industry?

Yes, and no. I think because people like you have been asking these questions over the last several years, there's been a major shift. So yes, definitely earlier it was very difficult, but lately, thanks to the media and thanks to women with powerful and strong voices and opinions who are raising this topic, it's becoming easier with the changing times.

So if we compare to what it was, things are changing and they should change because we are the same species, and there is absolutely no difference; rather, there should be no difference in this lens and perspective of seeing them, and of course, in terms of getting acting games and becoming successful, every human being should have an equal opportunity to achieve what they want to. So yeah, my answer ends here.


What did I like about your role and character in The Fighter?

I legitimately liked every bit of it. It is very rare that people have opted to cast me for my personality. You know, in my acting career, I've always played darker and meaner roles; rather, I will correct, I've played everything from a soft chocolatey boy to a drug-addicted guy who creates his own drug and high. I've also played a flashlight owner and flash. I mean, I've done a bunch of these gigs. But I think more or less people have come to me to cast me as a very grey, dark, and negative-skinned sort of character.

This time, it is a rare example of somebody giving me a character who's very close to me. I am as patriotic as Bash's. I am as innocent, naive, and loving as Bash's. It was really fun to do something that I understood so well because it was a representation of myself. It was sort of me in that character's body.

Sorry for stretching the answer, but it's a very important character in my career; hence, I have a lot to say about it.


What are your future projects?

A bunch of stuff would be coming out soon, featuring and starring me.

So there's Illegal season three, which is a show I do for Voot about lawyers. It stars me, Neha Sharma, and Piyush Mishra.

Broken News season two, which is for Zee, I was not in the first season. I joined the cast in the second season, which has Shreya Pilgaonkar, Jaidip Ahlawat, and Sonali Vendray.

There's a film called "Varchasv,” which means absolute power, with me and Ravi Kishm. It's about the coal mines in Bihar.

There's a film called “Dil hai Gray”, which is with Vinid Singh and Uruvashi Rautela. Actually, that is a South Indian remake of Hindi. The original Tamil film was called Tiruchupayale, Part 2. The same director has directed the Hindi version.

There's a film called “Tu-chahiye”, which is directed by Rappanasana, who made Shadi Mei Zuru Rana with Rajkumar Rao.

Then there is a film called 2014, which is about Mr. Jackie, the OG Shroff. One of my favourite co-stars till date. I think that's all for now.


What is your daily fitness routine?

I like to work out four to five times a week with a combination of some cardio. I do a lot of callisthenics as well.

Pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, weights, weight training—I was a martial artist at some point in my life. I maintain it with just a kick every day. I kick the kicking bag every day. In fact, after this, I'm heading straight to the gym. Stay fit, stay healthy!


How do you maintain a work-life balance?

Oh, I'm a very good work-life balancer. I maintain it because when I'm working, I'm fully working and fully present at work. When I'm at home, I'm fully present with my wife, kids, and friends.

I think the best way to maintain a work-life balance is to be mindful, to be present, and to be aware of every single day.


How does life change when you become a celebrity?

Oh, man, It's a very difficult question. Life changes quite a bit once you encounter stardom. It's a double-edged word, I would add, as you need it to keep doing what you love to do, which is acting for me, but then you lose some privacy. People are aware of who you are, so it is a give-and-take situation; you get some, you lose some.

So with this celebrity buzz, when you're in public, you have to be more aware and concerned about what you're saying, the way you behave, and how you're sitting. I think it looks great from the outside, but from within, very few people manage it with grace. It's a very difficult one to navigate.

Talking about stardom, once you have it, you want more of it, like some kind of addiction, because you know it leads you to better films and better acting jobs. But the more you get used to it, the more your privacy fades away, and you can't live as normally as you used to live earlier. So a celebrity's life is double-edged, and the best way to enjoy it is by creating a balanced life.


What are some invaluable lessons that you would like to share with fellow men?

Though I don't love giving lessons and advice to people because everyone's life is different, I may not be able to give fruitful advice as I am not aware of individuals circumstances and situations.

Everyone's journey, the circumstances, and what they've been through are always very different. The only advice I could think of is: Let's try to be less. You know, I don't know if the right word is manly, but it's okay to not be manly at all times. It's okay to feel vulnerable; it's okay to be insecure; and it's okay to share that with people. That doesn't make you any less of a man, is what I mean to say. That's all I'm going to say because I don't really have those new lessons I'm going to share with people.


What are my top 10 things I can't live without?

Above any sort of numbering, my list tops with my family, my wife, and my kiddo.

I'm a very minimalistic kind of person. I don't have a lot of things I can't live without. But some things can be, you know, good food, good friends, and that's about it. Honestly speaking, if I have good friends, if I have my family, and if I have good food and a nice place to stay, that's all I really need. I don't have 10 things I can't live without.


What's in my gym bag?

So I don’t carry much weight in my gym bag. I keep it nice and organised. I don't wear shoes to the gym, although I carry shoes in my bag in case I require them. But I really like to lift and run barefoot. I feel like it's better on my back.

So my gym bag has a water bottle, a pair of shoes in case I need them, and rings. Rings that I can hang from and use to exercise from, that’s all.


What's your sleep routine and morning routine?

I mostly like to sleep 8 hours if my schedule allows, which I do most days. Sometimes there are exceptions when you're shooting and have a busy day, although I get to bed early when I'm shooting, but sometimes you can't because the schedule is so hectic.

But yeah, I sleep 8 hours and generally sleep around 12 and wake up by 8 in the morning, plus or minus an hour a day.

Morning routines are quite simple and family-oriented. If I'm not working, I like to ease into the day. You know, read some books or papers in the morning, then sort out my phone as late as possible and get to all the messages that are to be reverted upon, like I'm answering your questions right now. And then watch a film or a show.

Maybe then Avyaan comes home from school. I play with him and try to spend quality time like a responsible father. Then I take him to whatever classes he has, like football, piano, etc. And in the evening, I like to spend time with my wife when she's done with work. So that's an off day, unless there's a meeting and script narration is to be done.


Rapid Fire Round with Akshay Oberoi

1. What's my favourite exercise?



2. What am I most insecure about?

That the acting jobs stop coming.


3. What is your highest point?

The release of “Fighter”


4. What is your lowest point?

The release of my first film, “Isi Life Mei”


5. What is my favourite dish?



6. My favourite destination?

New York City.


7. My favourite tech gadget.

Probably my iPhone.


8. What are you looking forward to buying next?

Nothing in particular as of now, but I'm looking forward to buying a car. I do have my car, but I'm still thinking of getting a new one to give it a pop in my garage, but not quite yet.


9. Books or e-readers?

definitely books—hard copy books. I tried many e-readers and personally didn’t like them much.


10. Tablet or laptop?

Any day Tablet


11. TV or projector?

I would love a projector, but it's not great for every day, so let's say TV.


12. Sweet as spicy?

No spicy, always sweet.


Final Words

During this fruitful conversation with Akshay Oberoi and Best for Him, we got insights on his upbringing, how he got into acting at a very young age, the struggles, star limelight, his personal life, lifestyle, daily routine, fitness, and much more.

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