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Aftershave: The ideal way to use

Shaving has become a very regular part of the lives of most men, be it grooming your beards or enjoying a clean shave. Regardless of preferences, the use of trimmers and razors has become a very normal scenario for men and the act of using them for grooming, shaving and trimming may often involve a few more grooming products as well, like shaving cream or foam, razors, trimmers, and aftershave.

Of the above, the most uncommonly used and probably one of the most vital products is the aftershave. It is a product applied to the skin after shaving. Traditionally it is an alcohol-based liquid (splash), but it can be a lotion, gel, or even a paste. It often contains an antiseptic agent such as denatured alcohol, stearate citrate or witch hazel to prevent infection of cuts, as well as to act as an astringent to reduce skin irritation. Menthol is used in some varieties as well to numb irritated skin.

Why should we use aftershave?

An aftershave has many primary and secondary uses that proves to be quite advantageous to men.

Reduces irritation

The primary use is to reduce the irritation felt after a shave. The skin right after a razor is used on it is very sensitive and hence irritable. The aftershave reduces irritation, razor bumps and razor burns by clearing the pores of any bacteria present in the skin.


The product can help hydrate the skin after a shave. Aftershave is found in many scenes and fragrances now and when applied, it gives you a cooling sensation and a wonderful smell for the next couple of hours.

Helps avoid infection

Men who’ve used it post a shaving session are far less likely to contract an infection due to any cuts or grazes caused by the shaver or razor blade. This is because of the antiseptic properties that are now a part of a majority of aftershaves which helps the wound heal and lowers the risk of infection.


A lot of grooming products for men are quite expensive, but aftershave is available at an affordable price from many brands. This with its cleaning and healing properties makes it an absolute steal when it comes to men’s health products.

Are there any disadvantages to using aftershaves?

The most major and obvious disadvantage of aftershaves is that post-shaving the skin is sensitive, so when it is applied, the user might feel a burning sensation depending on the shave and the skin sensitivity of the person. If while shaving one has multiple cuts and bumps, the aftershave will clean the wounds, but also send a burning sensation to the wearer. Similarly, even if there are no cuts, but someone has very sensitive skin and issues like eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, then regular aftershaves may leave a higher burning feeling for a longer time as well. For such conditions, there are aftershaves available that are more suited towards sensitive skin, so that would prove to be a smarter choice for those people. When in confusion it is best to visit a dermatologist for a consultation and an opinion.

The ideal way to use it

There is a proper way and technique to use aftershaves, and if not used appropriately, then this could lead to some discomfort and pain.

1. Finish your shave like you regularly do, and then wash the shaved area thoroughly to ensure all the shaving clean lotion or gel is off.

2. Pat the area dry with a clean and soft towel or cloth. Rubbing hard may ignite any minor cuts and cause further irritation.

3. Put a small amount of aftershave in the palm of your hand (a drop about the size of a regular coin)

4. Rub your palms together to ensure that the aftershave is spread evenly across your hands.

5. Rub it onto your face and the shaved area slowly.

Since aftershaves are alcohol-based, they evaporate and don’t need to be washed or rinsed off.


The aftershave is an affordable and effective grooming product for men. It isn’t necessary to be used after a shave but is certainly helpful when used. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can find one that suits your specific skin. Its antiseptic properties coupled with yeh fact that it is available in many nice scents make it a very attractive product for men.

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