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Actors Who are Proud Single Fathers

A father always tries to hold the hand of his kids, whether they are in trouble or not, to make sure they are being protected from the problems of the world. Even if his child is a full grown adult, he will try to make sure that his kid is safe and sound as well as living in a cosy environment. While normal fathers who have normal jobs are continuing to do so, even famous fathers who are actors believe in doing so.

They may not have a normal job, such as a desk job and might be taking selfies with every other fan of theirs, but in the end, they too are normal people when it comes to being a father, especially as a single father. The actors who are single fathers might be shooting a superhero movie during the day, but are super dad when they spend quality time with their children and make sure that they do everything that they can for them.

Keeping this in mind, we have a list of some of the most famous actors who are proud single fathers and have nailed it when it comes to fatherhood. Have a look below:

Tom Cruise

Much before tying the knot with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman. The two had been trying to conceive, however, were unable to succeed. This is when they decided to adopt and adopted two children, Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise, who was born in 1992, and Connor Antony Cruise who was born in 1995. However, Kidman openly admitted that she never had a strong relationship with the two children. In fact, they did not even call her mom. When Cruise filed for divorce in February 2001, it was only appropriate that he got full custody of the two children. When he married Holmes in 2006, she was already pregnant and gave birth to their daughter Suri. When she filed for divorce in 2012, he retained custody of their young daughter. However, he has been a dedicated father to all of his children.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is known for his roles of a badass father on screen, however, he is quite caring towards his two sons. Neeson met his wife Natasha Richardson while performing in a play on Broadway in 1993. The couple later married on July 3, 1994. They had two sons, Micheal Richard Antonio, born June 22, 1995, and Daniel Jack, born August 27, 1996. Unfortunately, his wife died tragically due to a skiing accident which made him a single father of his two sons. Since then, not only Neeson has been a terrific father but has also been very protective of his two sons.

Johnny Depp

Not many people know the fact that actor Johnny Depp is a single father to his two children, Lily-Rose and Jack. He began dating French actor Vanessa Paradis when they met while he was in France filming The Ninth Gate in 1998. They had two children, Lily-Rose Melody, who was born in 1999, and John Jack Christoper Depp III, who was born in 2002. Depp has stated many times that his children gave him a real foundation and that fatherhood was destiny. However, his daughter had to be hospitalised due to temporary kidney failure, which was a result of a serious E. coli infection. In order to show his gratitude to the hospital, when she recovered in 2007, he dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and read to the children there for four hours. Apart from that, in the following year he donated a million dollars to the hospital. However, when the couple declared their separation in June 2012, he took up the role of a single dad in stride.

Al Pacino

Although actor Al Pacino was never married, he has three kids from his relationships. His oldest daughter, who was born in 1989, is his daughter from a relationship with acting coach Jan Tarrant. He also has twins, Olivia Rose and Anton James, who were born January 25, 2001 with actress Beverly D’Angelo. Pacino and the twins’ mother had a relationship from 1996 until they split in 2003. The two share the equal custody of the twins, however, so that each of them gets a fair amount of time and responsibility with them. Pacino didn’t have a relationship with his dad so he wanted to make sure his own children didn’t succumb to the same fate.

Colin Farrell

Irish actor Colin Farrell is a single father to two sons. His oldest son with Kim Bordenave was born in 2003 with a rare neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome, which is characterised by intellectual and developmental delays, lack of proper speech and ability to communicate, sleep disturbance, and an excitable, albeit happy demeanour. Farrell has openly supported his son and has spoken for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. His second son Henry, who was born in October 2009 with Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus, although their relationship ended in mid-2010, leaving Farrell to be a single father once again.

James Marsden

The X-Men actor James Marsden got a divorce in 2011 from wife Lisa Linde and became a single dad of his son Jack, born on February 1, 2001, and daughter Mary, born on August 10, 2005. The two share parenting duties to spend as much time with their kids as possible. Apart from that, he is a father to another son, William, born on December 14, 2012 with then girlfriend Rose Costa. Marsden teaches his kids to stay true to themselves and to always have respect for others.

Ryan Phillipe

Actor Ryan Phillipe became a single dad to Ava, who was born in 1999 and Deacon, who was born in 2003, when he split from Reese Witherspoon after seven years of marriage. The two got joint custody of their two children although Witherspoon had been asking for sole physical custody of both the kids.

Dean Cain

While Dean Cain has played the role of the television Superman, he has been the super dad as well. He and his former girlfriend Samantha Torres gave birth to son Christoper Dean on June 11, 2000. After going through a bitter custody battle, he has been flying solo in the parenting department.

Hrithik Roshan

Heartthrob Hrithik Roshan split with his wife Suzanne Khan after 13 years of marriage, becoming a single dad of his two sons Hredaan and Hrehaan. Although he is quite occupied professionally, he takes care of them, takes them for vacations and keeps them happy. He is a very hands-on parent and teaches his kids to be responsible, confident and keeps them grounded which ensures that they don’t take things for granted.

Tusshar Kapoor

Actor Tusshar Kapoor became a single father through IVF and surrogacy and is a doting father to his son Laksshya. Tusshar has been busy attending parenting duties and his son is usually the centre of attention in the Kapoor household.

Rahul Bose

Actor Rahul Bose is known for his charity work and has adopted six kids from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 2007. He is known to be a dedicated father to these children.

Rahul Dev

Actor Rahul was married to Rina Dev, however, she expired in 2009 due to cancer, making him a single father to their son Siddharth. The single dad makes sure to be with his son whenever it is possible and has a lot of courage as well as patience.

Kamal Hassan

The popular South Indian actor Kamal Hassan was in a live-in relationship with Sarika in the 1980s. They had two daughters, Shruti and Akshara, before they finally decided to get married. However, they decided to call it quits, making him a proud single father.


Single or not, fathers certainly play an important role in our lives and make us feel that we have a support system, no matter what. The above given single dads are certainly giving us parenting goals. Don’t you think so?

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