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Active Pregnancy: Bonding Through Fitness for Couples

When a couple receives the exciting news that they're going to have a baby, they often say, "We are pregnant. This is a unique way to share their happiness and the responsibility of welcoming a new life. The anticipation of the baby's arrival can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming. The nine-month journey is a special time for the couple. During this time, it's essential for the husband to provide emotional support to the pregnant wife. But it's also important to know that a husband and soon-to-be dad can help his wife physically.

It's a good idea for pregnant women to do gentle and easy exercises to stay healthy and active, which can also make childbirth easier. However, some stretches and exercises can be challenging for pregnant women to do on their own because of the extra weight they're carrying and their reduced flexibility. This is where husbands can step in and be a great source of support for their wives during their workouts.

Husbands can encourage their wives to stick to their exercise routines, keep an eye on them to prevent overexertion and offer assistance when needed. This not only helps the physical well-being of the pregnant wife but also strengthens the bond between the couple as they go through this journey together.

Here's a list of exercises that husbands can do with their expecting wives to support their fitness and well-being:


Walking is a great way for pregnant women to stay active, especially when they take leisurely walks in a garden. But walking alone can sometimes be dull. That's why husbands can join their wives to keep them company in the fresh air, make the walk more enjoyable, and keep them lively. Plus, since walking can tire pregnant women after a while, husbands can be there to offer a comfy seat and some water when needed.

As a bonus, walking with your partner allows you both to meet your daily step goals together.


Prenatal yoga is known to be very helpful for pregnant mothers because it helps them cope with the changes happening in their bodies. However, doing certain stretches and reaching far can be a bit tricky. So, husbands can assist their partners by holding their backs and providing support to help them stretch as far as they comfortably can.


Swimming is a fantastic exercise, and it's equally beneficial for pregnant women. This is especially true for those who become pregnant during hot summers and experience hot flashes. Swimming helps cool down their bodies by regulating their temperature. Going to the pool with your partner can be an enjoyable and relaxing way for pregnant women to stay active. Husbands can not only provide support but also make swimming sessions fun and memorable by keeping their wives company.

Stationary Bikes

Riding a regular bike on the roads can be risky during pregnancy, but using stationary bikes is a safe and active alternative. These stationary bikes can be found in gyms or even brought home. Husbands can join their wives for cycling sessions, allowing them to stay active without feeling too tired after a busy day or missing any important appointments. Expecting couples can easily spend 10–15 minutes a day on stationary bikes to stay healthy.

Wall Push-Ups

Pregnant women can do some muscle-building exercises, and husbands can join in too. While pregnant women can stick to wall push-ups to work on their arm muscles, their husbands can do different variations of push-ups alongside them to provide support and ensure they maintain the proper push-up position safely.


Squats are a very helpful exercise for pregnant women, especially during childbirth. Pregnant women are encouraged to do regular squats (up to a comfortable level), fitness ball wall squats, and sumo squats to strengthen their lower body for the demands of labor. Husbands can also be involved by partnering with their pregnant wives and assisting them as they lower themselves down, providing support by holding their hands to relieve pressure on their backs and legs.


Pregnancy is a significant and life-changing experience for both husband and wife, as they share many moments together during this time. Husbands naturally want to be supportive partners on this joyous journey, and their presence also helps ensure their wife's safety, preventing any accidents or injuries.

Written by: Bhawana Anand

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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