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8 Signs to tell if your Girlfriend is Cheating?

Man checking signs of his girlfriend

A relationship works when both parties mutually devote themselves to and love each other. The efforts of both matter as it shows the belongingness one carries for the other. The root of the relationship breaks if one of them gives up.

You must have noticed some changes in the behavior of your partner that led to the arousal of infinite queries in your mind. You often feel alone, even if you are on a date. You must have felt that you were putting in more effort while the other party stopped caring. These thoughts must have crossed your mind, right?

A feeling of betrayal also occurs among those several assumptions that shatter your beliefs and trust, and most importantly, the purest feeling one carries is love. It breaks your heart when you get the feeling that your partner is cheating on you. But how do you know if they are doing so?

This article will notice the betrayal in relationships and bring up 8 signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Understanding why Relationships get Hampered

There are a number of issues that can hinder the harmony and longevity of male and female romantic relationships.

Communication problems are frequently the cause of misunderstandings. Conflicts and dissatisfaction can result from different communication styles and an inability to articulate needs and sentiments.

A healthy relationship is built on trust. Betrayals, traumatic experiences, or insecurities can hinder emotional closeness and trust. It is crucial that the values, objectives, and lifestyles align. Core beliefs, life goals, or interest divergences may cause relationship stress.

External temptations, social pressures, and family obligations may all interfere. It can be difficult to sustain a strong relationship while balancing these factors.

If unresolved, baggage from earlier relationships or childhood traumas might influence current ones.

Signs to notice if your Partner is Cheating

  • Change of Subjects

Does your partner change the topic whenever you mention someone specific? Well, it can be a reason to worry. Getting anxious when you mention any particular name and their sudden urge to divert the topic is suspicious. You should have an open conversation with them about that person to find out the reason for their avoidance.

  • There are Fewer Plans to Meet up

Whenever you plan a date with them, your offer gets declined with an excuse. And this happens most of the time? It might hurt to get rejected more often, but it also sparks the loose ends of suspicion. Thoughts like, What are they busy with? Is there something wrong? Are they alright? Are they hiding something? You should counter them with all your queries to clear your side.

  • Wants more Personal time

Your partner asks for some personal space. Giving some privacy is quite common, as everyone hides some private stuff they wish to deal with all alone. But they are asking for it more often than they usually do. Asking for personal space is not a good sign; either they are not feeling good or they are distancing themselves from you.

  • Hides her Phone

They keep texting somebody, even if they are with you, and hide it when you take a small peek at their screen. Or do you find a screen lock when they never had one? This is one of the most important things you should note. They will get annoyed when you ask about the person they were texting. Instead, they will question the trust you have in them.

  • Avoids Intimacy

Our partner doesn’t let you touch them and makes some excuse to avoid any form of intimacy. They might be detaching themselves from you both physically and emotionally. This is their way of getting out of the relationship, step by step. And it might shake you inside out.

  • Going out with friends you haven't met

She often goes out with her friends and cancels your plans. And the fact that you are not aware of or have never met these friends of hers Whenever you suggest meeting them, she declines your offer, saying, "You can meet them anytime, but today we have already made some plans. I’m sorry". Well, this act is an act of avoidance. She might be going somewhere alone.

  • Change of appearance

Your partner started wearing more revealing clothes and is changing her dress style suddenly. This can either be because she is trying to adapt to new things or because she is not getting the type of attention she wanted from you and is looking for it elsewhere.

  • Conflicts in Your Relationship

Getting into an argument over small things is part of the relationship. You solve them later on to avoid any type of misunderstanding. But if they are getting more agitated and are not interested in solving an issue, then it’s probably because they have started not to care about it anymore.

All of this is based on your gut instinct, body language, and soul space.


Rather than jumping to conclusions, it's best to communicate with them. Communication is the best way to solve any issue. Set a time and plan what you are going to ask, and find out if they are guilty of cheating on you or if they are accepting the truth. It's better to talk clearly rather than find out about the betrayal from a third person.

It will break your heart no matter what, but it will leave a feeling of reassurance for your inner self that you gave your best to the relationship and that you are not the one responsible for the breakup.

Written by - Khushi Bhardwaj

Edited by - Bhagwat Jha

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