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8 Best Ways To Make Women Want You

It can happen sometimes that you find your perfect woman and put all your efforts into bonding with her. However, the result turns out to be quite the opposite. It can be a natural lack of connection, or maybe your efforts have driven her away. That sounds like a puzzle, right?

Don't worry, though! It is because we have crafted eight key principles for you to attract women. So, read on to know the right ways to put your effort into making girls chase you.

8 Best Ways To Make Women Want You

For men, to form a bond with their potential partner, it may seem like they need to chase her. However, the opposite may be a more effective way to approach her. So, here are 8 tips for men to make the girls chase you.

First Impressions Matter

When it comes to relationships, the first meeting can indeed be a deciding factor. If you miss out on this, it's highly unlikely you will have an easy path afterward. Try to make an impression so that the girl remains curious about you. Don't overdo it or be completely disconnected. Besides, try something different. For instance, flirting is a common way a man tries to grab a woman's attention, and she may already be tired of it. So, you can try to be a little witty and keep the mysterious part within you for the girl to explore.

Confidence is the Key

Create a confident outlook for yourself and let the confidence ooze out of your surroundings.

You don't need to put on an act; rather, be comfortable with yourself. Also, being too focused on yourself can give you a selfish appearance. So strike a balance to manage your humble side while being confident.

Be Conversational

Indeed, communication is the golden key to a relationship. You need to have some topics up your sleeves. Besides, the more you talk to someone, the better you know them, and vice versa.

In addition, be relaxed and allow the conversation to pave its way. Don't try to force it.

Avoid Being Clingy

This is the major factor one needs to keep in mind. It is highly possible that the more you try to gain a woman's attention, the less she will be interested. Now, it doesn't mean you have to avoid her to gain her attention. Rather, it's all about knowing where to draw the line.

Take the initiative and start a conversation, or invite her to a gathering. That's all, which seems fine, but allow her to have her freedom. Don't take up all her space. Besides, try to keep up her curiosity about you. Eventually, the loose ends will allow you to spend more time together and simultaneously keep her interested.

Genuine Bonding

No bond will last when it's built on mere outer attractions. If you are interested in a girl, you need to form a deep and genuine bond.

Engage yourself in conversations that allow both of you to put your genuine thoughts out. Build on talks to learn about her genuine interests. Simultaneously unwrap your layers to let her know about your true intentions.

Work on Yourself

Prioritize your goals and strive for them. Passionate men attract women. Besides, passion showcases your inner sense of commitment to her.

Since your striving for the things you love is quite visible through your work, it will also act as an assurance for her future with you. Hence, she will be more interested in investing her time and feelings in you.

Put on Your Best Attire

Putting on your best attire doesn't necessarily mean you need to follow the ongoing trends. It should have a more natural look and seem like a norm of yours. Being well-groomed and dressed up will also boost your confidence when you are around women. Also, whether or not good clothing impacts her isn't a surety; however, your bad sense of hygiene and style can surely deter her.

Hang out with Friends

Although a one-on-one conversation may be more intimate, it will be quite obvious. So, you can opt for a group setting. Mingle with your friends and hers. Invite them, hang out with them, and win them over. Besides, women find men with friends more approachable than the alone ones. So, you can take advantage of both of these situations to attract her while not being too open about it.


The days are far behind when a man takes up all the efforts to build a relationship bridge. And women are quite comfortable expressing their desires and professing their love for men. So, the age of chasing women is taking a turn in the dating world.

As a man, you can be the initiator when you are interested in a woman. However, you can try these eight best ways to make women want you. You can start with being confident and building emotionally deep bonds, then progress to meeting her friends or family. With each step, you will certainly draw her toward you.

Written by: Sameena

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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