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7 most inspirational Male movie characters of all time

There are many movies made throughout the world in different genres, some entertain and some really inspire! A great story is the bedrock of any successful movie, so are the characters, which leaves a great impression on the audience’s mind and people come in ‘awe’ of the character. Movies have a tendency to bring a metamorphosis in people’s lives, with its storyline and inspiring characters. Cinema has matured so has the audience, reckoning movies with caution. From our childhood to adulthood, we have come across many cinematic characters who have been part of our subconscious and have inspired us in good ways. Here are seven inspirational movie characters who have inspired us which every man should look up to. 

  1. Rocky Balboa (Rocky series): One of the most iconic movie characters of all time, Rocky Balboa implies grit and endurance. Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa moved an entire generation of people into tears with its awe inspiring character display in Rocky series. Rocky, considered as one of the best sports movies ever made, is a story of rags to riches where a boxer from humble Italian origin beats the world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. What can a man learn from Rocky Balboa? The answer is, the utter determination of not giving up no matter how challenging the situation may be. Also, responsibility of providing for his family and staying humble in poverty and affluence. Following your instincts and working hard on your passion are two more qualities which every man should learn from Rocky Balboa.

  1. Chris Gardner (The Pursuit Of Happiness): Will Smith portrayal of Chris Gardner in a biopic based  on businessman and motivational speaker Chris Gardner is a priceless character trait which every man should engrave in his personality. The Pursuit of Happiness is a perfect reciprocation of the proverb, “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” What could be worse for a man than being homeless with his toddler son and sleeping in public toilets ? Well, this is actually what happened to Chris Gardner before he made it big. The story and character played by Will Smith emotively moves the audience. Lessons learnt- Never Give up; Be focussed and pursue your goals diligently; Your character speaks a volume. All these traits which Chris Gardner personifies in the movie, can inspire men to overcome situations which are rigid and unprecedented. 

  1. Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump): What can be more inspiring, then a challenged person breaking all the stereotypical notions and excelling in any opportunity which he lays his hands into. Forrest Gump’s character, brilliantly portrayed by Tom Hanks, can put life into any human being. The character shows true grit and resilience. Procrastination and lethargy are some attitudinal characteristics which men often counter. Forrest Gump’s character inspired millions across the globe, and the film has seen many official adaptations, latest being Laal Singh Chadha, an official Indian adaptation. 

  1. Oskar Schindler (The Schindler’s List): Liam Neeson’s iconic portrayal of Oskar Schindler is one of the best roles which we will ever watch. The Schindlers List features, true story of how Oskar Schindler, a German businessman saved thousands of polish-jewish people, during the holocaust by employing them in their factories. The character shows humanitarian values in a world full of bigotry in an ideal and awe inspiring spirit. Man can learn compassion and a strong sense of giving back to society from Oskar Schindler. 

  1. General Maximus (The Gladiator): Gladiator showcases the story of a Roman General and his pursuits when Commodus, a rebel son who murders his father and sits on the Roman throne. Russel Crowe plays the role of General Maximus in this period drama, inspiring a whole generation of people. Academy award winner character, General’s Maximus character showcases what fear and honour mean. Maximus’ sacrifice and idealism mixed with bravery will leave any man inspired. Man can learn wisdom and leadership from Maximus’ character.

  1. Don Haskins (Glory Road): Glory Road is a true inspiring sports drama film featuring real apartheid ridden discrimination in 1960’s in NCAA University Divisional Basketball Championship. Don Hasking champions the role of basketball coach who against all odds fights discrimination and backs African athletes- identifying their true potential. Played by Josh Lukas, Don haskin’s is a fitting take on racial agony and such issues. Men can learn leadership and anti-discrimination humanitarian values from Don Haskins character.

  1. Ranchoddas Chanchad (3 Idiots): In this iconic role, Ranchoddas Chanchad or Rancho played by Amir khan in 3 Idiots is one of the most inspirational characters which men will come across. Taking a satirical innuendo on our education system, and giving precedence to passion over societal forced ambitions, Rancho’s character hits the bullseye. Celebrating friendship and doing what you love, are some of the takeaways from Rancho’s character worthy enough to inspire any men.

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