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60 Smart Gifts for Men this Holiday Season

The bells are tolling and the holidays are here. Although, not many of you would have thought of gifting something to the men’s in your lives. And now you are. Well you have reached the right spot. We at Best For Him are always ready with gift ideas not only for men to give but also to get.

Well, here goes nothing, here are some last minute, but smart ideas to gift your men:

Mestermor Subscription box:

A perfect solution to buying those last minute gifts. One gift for all the needs. Mestermor offers subscription boxes for men. The boxes can include cosy socks, sweets, grooming products to ethnic wear and even workspace gifts. What’s more, each box will contain an element of surprise, while you can also customize your box.

Where to get:

Benetton Timewear

Something thoughtful and something that the men in your life will always cherish. Gift them the perfect timewear from Benetton. The brand offers a diverse range with contemporary designs and sustainable options.

Crockery from Nestasia

Yes, we know that your next question will be crockery for men? Well, let’s not dwell on these stereotypes and just look at this crockery! Also, it almost 2022, can we now please move on from gender stereotypes. The products are quirky, smart and stylish with colours that can draw any human around them like honeybees. What are you waiting for then?

Where to get:

Cool Dude customised Caricature

A personalized caricature with wooden stand can definitely look cool for your dude, while also claiming his desk. This will add a funky touch to his boring workplace, while he enjoys the work and himself. The caricature can be personalized with their face and personal feature.

Multicoloured Enameled Handcrafted Silver Cufflinks

Vibrant, multicoloured, authentic, chic and handmade cufflinks for the men who value fashion and style. This cufflink will add the glam in your holiday fashion this season. Being handmade, it adds to its authencity. Three different options are available to choose from. So, why wait?

Personalised shot glasses

Customised shot glasses for men, truly a delightful gift to make them happy. The customization can include their own images, texts, logos and any personalied thing that can make the glass look, unique and cool. Believe us, your man will flaunt this during every house party or gathering.

Where to get:

Cleansing Trio from The Man Company

Men generally are not that thoughtful when it comes to cleansing and keeping themselves groomed. The cleansing trio from ‘The Man Company’ can be the perfect gift for your man, who at times steals your shampoo and face scrub, just because they smell nice. Men’s skin needs different treatment and a charcoal body was, shampoo and face scrub can definitely make them glowing.

Personalised Travel Mug

A personalized travel mug for the wandering souls. We all love traveling mugs that can keep our morning coffee hot enough to give us that energy boost for the day. While traveling it is hard to find a place that can provide you with your morning dose of energy, during this time, its always preferred that one can keep a travelling mug with them. This shall become a great partner for your man, even during those hiking trips with his mates.

Lego Products

Might sound childish but they are in trend. Lego are not just building toys for children anymore. One can let their emotion go beyond any boundaries with them and build up a world of their own. Although, fair warning this will take up a lot of time of your men and you might even find them obsessive about the toys. Men are in general attracted towards creating and with Legos offering a wide variety, this one will impress your man.

Beard Grooming Kit from Bombay Shaving Company

Even though the no shave November is far behind, a beard grooming kit is adorned by all men, until and unless they prefer to be clean shaven. A great gift for any occasion, this kit consists of face and beard wash, beard softener, a comb and Cedarwood beard oil.

Where to get:

Office Bag for Men

Bags for men are now available in different designs with different purpose to fill in. Although, we generaly find that men prefer keeping one office bag that take care of all their essentials including laptop and other items, rather than small sling bags which can serve only the purpose of storing small items. Here is our classic and cool work bag recommendation from HiDesigns.

UV Sterliser and wireless charger from Daily Objects

Sterilisers have become an important part of our lives now. With COVID still in our lives, everyone has become cautious about germs and viruses in our environment. With phones being another important part of our lives, people have now figure out ways to even sterilise their phones. Take this as an opportunity to gift your man a smartphone steriliser which also includes a wireless charger.

Customised Comic Books

No, we are not joking at all. Comic books can be customized now. Definitely a highly cool gift for the men whole love their comics. Working on the principle of ‘comic books tell a better story’, ‘Your Comic Story’ offers personalized story books, where they offer their customers the unique feature to be featured in their own comic book. A great birthday gift for men.

Electronic massage tool

A gift required by everyone of us leading a sedentary lifestyle. While sitting 9-5 hours in front of the laptop comes, pains and aches of necks and back. A great tool to release the pressure is by electronic massager offered by Decathlon. Men tend to spend a lot of their time sitting, and this massager can be their go to tool to release the pressure.

BLU Computer Glasses

Are dry eyes, headaches and insomnia bothering the man in your life? Well, the solution is simple, BLU Computer Glasses. Exposure to blue light which is generally emitted through our laptops and smartphones, can cause many problems who have to be in front of the screen for a longer period of time. A great gift for the professional men, spending a lot of time in front of different screens.

Where to get:

Airpods case

Another customized product that has now become a must have. Airpods have now become a necessary accessory in our life, and those who believe in getting nothing but the best, a customized airpods case will be the right and perfect gift. Why wait then!

  1. Passport cover

And as soon as the COVID threat dies completely, one major thing that almost every one of us going to do is satisfy our thirst to travel. A passport cover for the same will be a great accessory to your man, while you both are enjoying some beauties abroad.

Temperature control smart mug

A mug that allows you to set an exact temperature for your coffee or tea and give you the benefit of never tasting a too hot or too cold coffee. We know you are already eyeing it rather than gifting it to the men in your life. Well, that’s your choice, but we are sure that the men will love it too.

Where to get:

Nintendo Switch

A gaming system that allows them to play either at home or while on the go. Definitely a perfect gift for the Nintendo lovers and the gamers, who may be cannot bring their big systems while travelling.

Where to get:

Socks and Underwear subscription

A gift that would not only cheer him up but is a necessity. Hygiene and men can sometimes be on two different sides of the pole, why not bring them together. The Subscription box will give them the products every month and the men will never have to think of what to do if their undergarments are in the laundry.

Where to buy:

Personalised Embroidered Robe

This is a kimono style fleece robe with a couple of front pockets and oversize cuffs for comfort. This robe is so soft that it would melt you guy. It is customisable as it can be embroidered with his name or the initials of the name in simple or block letters. Not only is this robe soft but gives a luxurious feel, which makes it a perfect loungewear for men. On top of everything you don’t have to worry about the size, asone size fits all. Rest and relaxation starts with him stepping into this robe.

Frames audio sunglasses – Bose frames

Bose has rolled out their own smart glasses and they are the next best thing on the internet right now. These sunglasses feature Bose speakers while protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The glasses produce rich and an immersive sound and come integrated with microphones for listening to music, taking clear calls and accessing your virtual assistant like SIri on IOS. The glasses feature bluetooth connectivity and much more can be accessed through the bose connect app.

Iron man LED lamp

This is a super cool LED silhouette lamp and the perfect gift for your superhero. This wireless LED lamp gives the room a warm tint while also making it undeniably cool. The lamp is painted with the vibrant colours of the io=rom man suit for the delight of any marvel fan. It is the perfect way to say “I love you 3000” to your avenger. Hang it on the wall, put it on the desk, it would spread its charm everywhere.

Batman Rug

Batman’s more than a normal human with expensive toys, he’s our favourite DC superhero. We can’t help but make fun of this awesome character.While at it, get your feet cosy on this exceptional batman rug. This unique mat will give you comfort whenever you land your feet on it. Essentially, it is sure to revamp your room and will send anybody who enters the room in a state of awe. It is the perfect gift for someone obsessed with the dark knight.

Harry potter wizard chess set

A good chess move can save the day, as discovered by Ron in the first part of the Harry Potter series. This is an official harry potter merchandise and will send every potterhead flying into nostalgia. The set comes with 32 chess pieces and one playing board.The carved pieces measure 2-4.5 inches and are made of plastic PVC and ABS. The pieces come in different pouches with 16 each. The playing board is cardboard made. However, the pieces won’t whisper strategies. You are the master of your own game.

Beard catcher

Most men trim their well groomed beards and the aftermath is not a pleasant one. The cleanup routine is what every man is fed up with. Getting an earful for not getting the hair out of the sink is a pain. Beard catcher is here to your rescue. THis is a nylon cloth with suction cups at the end. Tie the cloth around your neck and attach the suction cups to the mirror while trimming for a hassle free experience. Trust me, every man needs this today.

Dumbbell water bottle

The best gift for the busy man, the dumb bell water bottle would quench your thirst and give you a mild workout, while at office or at home. You need to add this creative product to your list of gifts this new year. The bottle stores upto 550 ml of water and is available in RGB colours. Grab your favourite colour now.

Astronaut phone stand

This is a supercool tabletop figurine with the astronaut communicating with the aliens on other planets. The creative gift is made of polyresin and comes with shock resistant and a non-slip base. YOu can use this stand to place your phone or tablet in a horizontal or vertical way. It is very useful while charging or while bingeing a show on netflix. Let the phone rest on the back of the astronaut and act as it’s oxygen cylinder.

Vintage travel journal

For the explorer in you. Go to the depths of the ocean or to the limits of the sky, record everything in your personal travel journal. The notebook is stylish looking with an anchor and a helm for bookmarks and a compass engraved at the front of the notebook. The journal is crafted of soft leather and comes in 7 colours which include coffee brown, navy blue, grey, green , brown, maroon, and dark chocolate brown.

Royal Flush pocket watch

A poker fan is sure to appreciate this vintage pocket watch with engraved royal flush on the exterior. This is a metallic collectors item and comes with a click open mechanism. The sailor with a gambling habit is the righteous owner of this beautiful item. Impress a poker lover with this classy gift. Also this is an item that might be appreciated by anyone who likes to tell the time in a vintage manner.

Magnetic heng balance lamp

This is no ordinary lamp to begin with. This lamp resembles the shape of a traditional lamp with an unconventional twist. The two wooden balls in the midleserve as switches to the lamp. As you pull the lower ball, the upper ball becomes manetially attracted, achieving a static equilibrium and lighting up the ball. The rounded design of the lamp gives it an ecstatic look and the lamp embedded in the frame lights up the surrounding sufficiently. This is an ideal and elegant gift for your near and dear ones.

Personalised keychain

There is no better way to express your love for your dear ones. Get your personalised keychain from a variety of customisations to choose from. You can get a name carved keychain or a photo frame on a keychain, in both metallic, wooden and leather qualities. This comes in various colours, so choose wisely.

Black and gold playing cards

If he is a poker fan, or a fan of playing any card game, then this is just the gift you are looking for. Get these super elegant cards. They are shiny ,water and dust-proof and will make any poker party unforgettable. Also, no worries about spilling your liquor, just a single wipe would get them all nice and shiny again.

Custom bobble head

This gift is like a fantasy come true. A personalised bobble head with any face you choose. You can decide the pose and the clothes of the character you wat t get mae. Each custom figure is made of eco-friendly polymer clay to cause less harm on disposal. Also the seller guarantees a similarity rate over 90%. Isn’t this the funniest gift of all?

Cool quoted t-shirts

T-shirts are a man’s first choice, whether they be loungewear or partywear, men are most comfortable in t-shirts and a cool quote t-shirt would make a good gift for your man. Find a variety of t-shirts with various designs and quotes inscribed on them. Also, many t-shirts come with famous quotes from fictional characters. Those can be a good choice too.

Leather belt and wallet combo

The most gentlemanly gift you can give to a man. A leather belt and wallet set. This is the most traditional gift of all time and is the perfect one too due to it’s usability. The good quality leather and the awesome brown, tan and black colours of the combo give it a classy look. Accompanied by a strong perfume, this just makes your man in a suit complete.


As we said earlier the leather wallet and belt combo will go perfect with this gift to make it a gift hamper. A Good looking man is well overpowered by a good smelling man and that is a fact. Whether in the office or at a party, it is necessary to smell good at all times. Your scent tells more about you than your clothes so keep smelling good.

Bamboo plant for desk

Bamboo plants have been considered lucky in almost every culture in the world and th\at is why they’re here on this list. The bamboo plant signifies good luck and plants do give out oxygen during the day, so having them on your work desk might not be a bad option.

Portable usb fan

The smartdevil portable USB fan is a high quality product for any and all men who work on a desk. It is easily portable, comes with highly compatible usb and is relatively quiter than a regular table fan. The exquisite design and superior quality make it a product of need. Get yours now.

MK470 Slim wireless keyboard and mouse set

This is a gift for the man of passion. The beautiful combo of a minimalist designed wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard gives him all the more motivation to keep going. This is a super slim and silent pair of electronics that would just make his day.

Saregama carvaan and carvaan mini

The saregama carvaan, carvaan mini and go variants are available in the market and are the soulful gift for the pure soul. They come with over 5000 preloaded vintage songs, bluetooth , FM radio and aux connectivity for the music lover. The price range varies for the variants, choose according to your budget.

Echo dot with alexa

There are a bunch of variants for the echo dot with the Alexa available in the market so choose wisely. This is a bluetooth speaker and a smart home remote that allows you control ob=ver multiple smart appliances like lights, Air conditioners , refrigerators etc with the just voice control. Get one now and make your life simpler and smarter.

A rucksack

The perfect gift for the globetrotter friend. Get a good quality rucksack and let yourself experience the liveliness of the journey without having to drag the whole mess of 3 different bags.

Portable bar set

It’s a drinker’s paradise with this awesome portable bar set. This comes in a leather briefcase and a variety of premium items that include 1 hip flask, 1 pair of tongs, 3 glasses, and 1 peg measure. The briefcase is the perfect item for picnics, parties, trips and much more.

Electric foot spa massager

Your hard working husband, father, brother and pretty much every friend would commend you for this gift. An electric foot spa massager that comes with 8 rollers, that promote blood circulation in the feet and relieve the tension and pain. The machine comes with bubble jet technology and infrared therapy that kills germs for a better experience.

Personalised chocolate message box

The personalised chocolate message box sure sounds mouth watering. A little spoiler it is. The love of chocolate combined with a message from their dear one, is sure to make anyone’s day. These boxes come in custom sizes and a variety of chocolates.

Nike Sneakers

Men don’t own as many shoes as women do but yes we do understand the need of the perfect shoe for the perfect occasion. And don’t despise me for speaking for men around the world, but sneakers are the best everyday in-and-out shoe ever made. You can wear them day in and day out and they go with almost everything. They are likely the most comfortable kind of shoes.

Custom sweatshirts

Customised sweatshirts are always in. Get any design published and choose from a variety of sizes and colours. Shipping and delivery is available worldwide so you don’t need to worry about that. Couple sweatshirts are the most popular among them all.

Smart light bulbs

Smart lights for the smart guy Honestly, these are the first steps to a perfect smart home. These are multi-coloured light bulbs that can easily be controlled by your phone and voice using the google assistant or alexa. This can easily be paired up with the echo dot to make a perfect gift.

VIctrola nostalgic aviator wood 8 in 1 bluetooth turntable entertainment centre

Although this record player looks vintage, it comes with all modern techniques. You could play records, CDs, cassettes and bluetooth connectivity with a good sound quality. You can pair it up and be the perfect party host.

Amazon prime membership

This is the most hyped membership today. The amazon prime membership comes with it’s benefits. You could easily deliver anything from amazon with same day delivery, watch unlimited tv shows, movies and listen and download music on as many devices as you want. Get the membership for him and enjoy an evening filled with movies and magic.

Netflix subscription

A netflix subscription is like a hidden gem. You can get a netflix subscription for him so that he never has to think twice before watching a movie. You all can always sit together and watch good movies and shows and grow stronger while discussing them.

A powerbank

We are always in a hurry and always on our phones and the batteries on our phones are not everlasting. They tend to die before we know it. So a powerbank is the perfect gift for him. He would need it when at work or travelling and would be sure to thank you everytime he has to use the power bank.

Bluetooth beanie

This is a warm and comfortable to wear beanie with a pair built-in speakers and bluetooth connectivity. The beanie is completely washable and keeps you warm during cold times. It comes with easy connectivity options right on the front of the cap.

Apple airtags

Lose your knack for losing things. Men are frequently losing their keys and wallet here and there. Get him a couple of airtags and keep it attached to all his stuff so that he never loses a thing.

Cleaning robot

He is always tired of cleaning the house and so he rarely does and going back to a dirty home just isn’t right. As the popular saying goes, “ a dog even cleans his place before laying there” and we are humans who are completely sensible and reasonable with our choices. So this cleaning robot can be of big help to all men. Get a cleaning robot today and never worry about vacuuming your home.


The perfect gift for the beer lover. It is the party season all around the world and Ukeg can’t be in more demand. Get your group of friends one of these and never run out of beer cans at a party.

Fitness tracker

This is the best gift for someone who you want to tell to lose weight. Not being able to say it out loud, you will be able to say it with this gift and will be able to help them in a way. The fitness tracker keeps track of hours of workout, steps taken, calories burned and calorie intake too.

Beard comb and brush set

This is a must have for the modern man who loves keeping a beard. It will help him eep his beard in check at all times, whether in the office or at any get together. Get this beard comb and brush set and never make him worry about a messy beard on an important occasion.

Stars above us

If you don’t already know about this you are surely missing out on a valuable gift for couples. This is the sky map frame of the day you guys met and there couldn’t be a better gift to make him feel special this festive season. Get one customised to your date.

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