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5 must-have engagement dresses for men

engagement dresses for men

An engagement is a big deal in a person's life; therefore, looking the part is important to leave a good impression. The bride's attire is sometimes the center of attention, but men should also take great care in selecting the ideal engagement dress. The top five engagement dresses for men are examined in this article, which combines elegance, refinement, and a dash of uniqueness to make sure you look stunning on your big day.


Classic Suit: True Elegance

engagement dresses for men

Tailoring matters: The foundation of every man's wardrobe is a well-tailored suit, which is why tailoring matters. For a classic and elegant style, go with a color like deep burgundy, charcoal, or navy.

Fabric and texture: For an opulent look, choose high-quality textiles like wool or a wool blend. Try using other delicate materials, like tweed or herringbone, to give your outfit more dimension.

Accessorize Wisely: The ensemble is completed with polished leather shoes, a silk tie, and a pristine white shirt. For a unique touch, think about including a fashionable lapel pin or pocket square.


The classical Sherwani charm

engagement dresses for men

Luxurious Fabrics and Elaborations: Adorn yourself in the majestic allure of a sherwani, a customary Indian attire. To add a hint of grandeur, opt for opulent fabrics like silk or brocade that are embellished with elaborate stitching or decorations.

Color Palette: Experiment with a variety of hues, ranging from subdued golds and creams to royal blues and deep reds. Choose a color that goes well with the general theme of the engagement ceremony and matches your skin tone.

Combining with Accessory Pieces: Pair the sherwani with matching churidar pants or trousers to finish the outfit. For a genuinely magnificent look, accessorize the ensemble with ethnic footwear such as juttis or mojris, and accessorize it with a spectacular necklace or turban.


Fusion of Contemporary Indo-Western

engagement dresses for men

Bringing Cultures Together: For a contemporary look, go for an Indo-Western fusion ensemble. This could entail wearing a Nehru jacket with jeans or even a classic kurta with fitted pants.

Try Out Some Silhouettes: Experiment with silhouettes, selecting cuts that accentuate your figure. Asymmetrical or draped kurtas paired with dhoti pants are great ways to update traditional wear.

Wearing Accessories With Thought: To create the ideal blend of classic and modern style, accessorize with modern pieces like a leather belt, chic cufflinks, or a striking watch.


Dapper Tuxedo Sophistication

engagement dresses for men

Black Tie Event: Classic black or midnight blue tuxedos are the epitome of style. A tuxedo is the ideal choice for evening engagements since it conveys sophistication and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Specifics Count: Pay attention to details such as a clean white shirt, a bowtie that fits properly, and satin lapels. To have a traditional tuxedo appeal while keeping a modern edge, go for a slim-fit silhouette.

Shoes and Closing Details: Accessorize with simple pieces and shoes made of patent leather to finish the ensemble. A stylish watch or a set of tasteful cufflinks can inject some individuality without detracting from the overall refinement.


Casual attire

engagement dresses for men

Tailored Casual Wear: If there's a laid-back atmosphere at your engagement celebration, wear tailored casual attire. A well-tailored blazer can be the ideal combination of fashion and ease when worn with smart pants or chinos.

Utilize Your Colors to Play: Adopt a more expansive color scheme by adding pastels or earthy hues that go well with the season and the engagement's theme.

Astute Casual Accessory: Add classy accents to your casual ensemble, such as a leather belt, loafers, and a patterned pocket square. To look put-together, choose a shirt that is well-tailored and clean.


The Best Engagement Dress Ideas for Men

Bandhgala Ingenuity:

engagement dresses for men

  • For a sophisticated and regal appearance, go for a Bandhgala suit.

  • For a modern touch, go with a kurta set and floral waistcoat in contrasting hues.

  • The Bandhgala is a fantastic option for unforgettable engagement attire because it radiates elegance.

Classical Sherwani Style:

engagement dresses for men

  • Accept the classic allure of a traditional sherwani for an elegant and cultural look.

  • For a regal touch, experiment with incredible needlework and embellishments on opulent textiles.

  • The sherwani is a magnificent engagement costume that embodies grandeur and tradition.

Formal Coat Enchantment:

engagement dresses for men

  • For a timeless and stylish look, choose a formal coat combined with a shirt and a pair of pants.

  • Try different hues and textures to give the ensemble more dimension.

  • This sophisticated yet traditional ensemble is ideal for those who crave a blend of contemporary style.

Kurta Pyjamas with a Retro Charm:

engagement dresses for men

  • For an ever-trendy retro engagement look, try a basic kurta pajama.

  • For a delicate and elegant look, go for pastel or earthy tones.

  • The timeless elegance embodied in the simplicity of a kurta pajama makes it the perfect choice for individuals who value traditional design.

Contemporary Tuxedo Style:

engagement dresses for men

  • Wear a well-fitting tuxedo suit for a contemporary, business-engagement vibe.

  • Opt for a traditional black or navy tuxedo to look put-together and sophisticated.

  • The tuxedo is an elegant and sophisticated option for formal and modern engagement ceremonies.



Since our engagement day is a celebration of love and commitment, your outfit choice should be appropriate for the moment. Feeling at ease, self-assured, and loyal to your own style is crucial, regardless of whether you choose to dress in a traditional suit, a royal sherwani, an Indo-Western fusion, a dashing tuxedo, or fitted casual wear. On your big day, you'll surely make an impression and leave a lasting statement if you choose one of these essential engagement dresses for guys.

Written by: Harsh Rana

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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