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5 Interesting Facts About Chocolate For Men

Who in the world doesn't love a quick bite of a chocolate? Chocolates are an absolute go-to for anyone as it gets the taste buds rolling and dance to the tone of sweetness at their best note.

Chocolate is a source of happiness that you can consume. Not only does it get our taste buds watery real quick but it also enhances our mood. Men crave chocolates just as much as women do. Men have an incredibly sweet tooth with a tendency to crave anything coated, covered, dipped, or containing even a trace of chocolate.

Why are men often into chocolates?

First things first. None other than taste. Men find chocolate's delicious, smooth, and rich flavour impossible to resist. Some people may find it difficult to resist indulging because of the mouthwatering combination of sweetness, and creaminess. For men especially, the colou r, snap, texture, and complexity of flavours and smells that chocolate comes in, appeal to all five senses, i.e. Sight, Touch, Hearing, Smell, and Taste.

Men also turn to chocolates for conversation with anyone, no matter where they are or who they are with, and you will quickly find common ground. Whether it's a childhood obsession with Milky Bars or dark chocolate or an obsession with nuts and dry fruits-based chocolates.

5 Interesting facts that you might have been little aware of

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods worldwide, and as we prepare to celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7, let’s be prepared to raise our eyebrows and witness 5 interesting facts about chocolate that will leave us in awe:


You will be scratching your heads if you are told that chocolates were not sweet at the outset, won’t you? It's just difficult to imagine chocolate in any other form than a bar, melting in your mouth and leaving a sweet, rich aftertaste.

But the fact is that chocolate was not always solid or sweet - it was actually liquid and quite bitter! It wasn't until 1847 that chocolate became a delicacy in the form of a bitter liquid. Fry and Sons, a British chocolate company, pioneered the concept of "sweet chocolate" by combining cocoa butter, sugar, and chocolate liquor. This concoction was grainier than smooth, but many people liked it. This marked the revolution of chocolate making with a sweetish taste tethered all over it.


Men in particular enjoy white chocolate over dark chocolate sometimes because it is sweet and creamy. There is a misconception surrounding white chocolates, however. Many assume that it is made of other dairy products and creams rather than cocoa.

Well well! White chocolate does not contain cocoa solids, but it does contain cocoa butter, which is derived from the cocoa bean. Cocoa butter accounts for approximately 50% of the weight of a cocoa bean. White chocolate is technically classified as chocolate because it contains cocoa butter. For men who were used to considering white chocolate as not ‘real’ chocolate, well it’s time you put that to bed and enjoy having a bite of white chocolate like Milky Bar knowing that it is indeed a true chocolate.


Men who eat chocolate are most likely to exhibit a greater desire for romance than men who do not. Chocolates cause the release of mood-enhancing chemicals that boost energy and desire. Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, a chemical thought to generate the same sensation as falling in love. Eating chocolate produces a natural high that improves mood and frequently makes men feel a true sense of love.

It is a proven fact that chocolate affects people greatly on a physiological and emotional level. You don’t only have to eat chocolates to feel the outburst of love. Giving chocolate is also a sign of love; it can also be used to express joy, pique desire, apologize, renew a friendship, or even just lift one's spirits due to its potent mood-enhancing properties.

Chocolate is the most romantic way for men to express their feelings for their partner. Be it dark chocolate or classics like Cadbury's Dairy Milk or something new, there is something for everyone’s taste.


Have you ever wondered why a piece of chocolate starts to melt if you place it on your tongue? Chocolate has a melting point between 86°F and 90°F. This is substantially lower than the average human body temperature of 98.6°F, therefore the heat from your hand elevates the temperature of the chocolate, causing it to melt.

The "beta prime" condition of cocoa fat is the required crystalline structure for chocolate production. This crystal structure, often known as "form V," has an unusually acute melting point of 36.4 degrees Celsius. When you put it on your tongue, it melts completely, and you get that liquid sensation while it trudges down your throat.


According to the "Chocolate Trait Theory," personality traits can be inferred from a person's taste for particular chocolate forms, and contents, and what they do with the wrapper and packaging afterward.

Men who enjoy milk chocolate are generally gentle and passionate. Also, they are generally very intelligent and enjoy being the center of attention. On the other hand, men who love a bite of dark chocolate always have very strong opinions and like to be around others who share their beliefs and desire to have great relationships. Also, If you are a man who enjoys nut chocolate, you are most likely to have a distinct appeal. Also, these types of men are also quite introverted, and they tend to criticize themselves the most. In reality, they have a very tiny group of friends and are fully focused on their personal connections with others.

Similarly, In terms of the makeup of chocolates, men who prefer coffee centers are said to be open-minded, making them better listeners. While men who prefer hazelnut or praliné centers are said to be responsible, peace-loving, and adaptable, making them easier to work with.


One of the most cherished companions that never fails to make us smile is chocolate! So much so that chocolate is consumed worldwide over $100 billion annually. Chocolates, be it dark or white or nutty chocolate not only garner the attention of women around the world but also men and appeal to be a lip-smacking delight.

There's nothing like your favorite candy bar to reward yourself when you're feeling a little extravagant. For all the men out there, just grab a bar of chocolate and express gratitude to the universe for such a treat!

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