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10 Tips for Men in Long Distance Relationship

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Long distance relationships in themselves are pretty hard. Different work hours and schedules could leave you two with very little time to just hangout and talk. The result being, long sleepless nights or both of you trying hard to take out some time for each other, some way or the other.

Every relationship requires some or the other assistance and Men know that it is not easy to have and sustain any relationship. Add to that the pressure that you can’t meet in person as often as you would prefer, as you and your partner are not in the same cities.

If at the end of the day you are too tired to be patient and have to go through different media portals to help you understand how to make your long distance relationship a bit easy then we are here for you.

So what should be some steps to keep in mind and follow, while one is going through the hardship of long distance? Here are our tips:

1. Be Mature and listen:

Be open to learning and listening to the other person. You both might have different perspectives of things and while you might think that you and your partner are on the same path, the road might end up leading you both to the other end of the journey.

Be open to learning new things from your partner. One should always be open to growth and knowledge as and when the opportunity arises. Your partner might seem like someone you know in and out, but the truth of the matter is that we all grow and learn things each and every day.

Sharing experience and listening to each other, even if you think that they are just repeating and might be sounding boring to you, will lead you both to have a closer bond. Don’t you think the distance between you two is enough rather than creating emotional distance between you two as well.

2. Be open to talk

We have all gone through a phase where our insecurities have taken hold of ourselves. Men, most often than not, try to hide away their feelings and are not so open to share their emotions even with their partners.

Creating a barrier between your partner and you will result in falling out, especially when you both are miles apart and can not be physically close to each other. Make more effort to spill out the beans. Share the things you always wanted to talk out with your mates, treat your partner as the best friend you never had.

Ofcourse while starting out, one will feel overwhelmed and might take a step back. Although, we recommend to get beyond the fear and be as open and honest as you can. The result would be your partner coming out, speaking and sharing things that you might have never even thought of. The end result of this all will be a bond that might put shame to the relationships where their partners are not miles apart. Surely a perfect way to keep things loving and close between you two.

3. Keep things fun and sometimes steamy

The lack of intimacy in any relationship, be it emotional or physical could end up breaking or creating a barrier between you and your partner. So, why hesitate. With the fast pacing technology and internet speed, one can always get intimate with their partner in numerous ways possible.

Be open to flirting and letting the conversation flow. While in a long distance relationship, one would feel the lack of touch and intimacy where you can actually feel the contact of their partner. One could always get even on that through different modes of intimacy and video channels available to us in this modern age.

Make sure that even your intimate time with your partner does not become dull and monotonous. Keep things fun, light and steamy. Men, roll up your sleeves and put an effort to come up with creative ideas and date nights. Take up the leads and make sure to take the conversation a turn where both of you will enjoy it.

4. Take a lead and plan date nights

This would mean that you both will have to figure out a time that is suitable to both of you. Both of you will have to make sure to take out time from your personal lives and go on online dates where no other disturbance can bother you.

If you are thinking how can one be creative for an online date. Well, men take these dates as a meeting that you are about to have for work. Make special google invites and calendar schedules. Make themes around your date which you both can then follow.

5. Surprise your partner

Be open to new ideas and gift surprises. Everyone likes gifts, whether they accept it or not is different thing. Try to come up with surprises, this will brighten your day. On days that you know that your partner is suffering or going through some hard times, try to cheer them up with something they always wanted but were never able to get to it.

Be a ray of sunshine in your partner’s life and they will start appreciating you more and more. Be spontaneous, plan a trip to meet them without telling them. Although, make sure that your partner is available during the said day. Even if you end up reaching their place and find out that they are keeping busy, be patience, they love the fact that you have shown up and are already feeling guilty about not being able to give you the time.

6. Be ready to apologise

There are going to be arguments and disagreements. Every relationship goes through them, even friendships. Be ready to apologise. There are going to be times that you might end up apologising for things you believe you were not fault at. And that is okay, there will be times when your partner will do the same.

Understand that the relationship is a delicate thing and when it is long distance, one needs to protect and be cautious about keeping it safe. This requires both the parties to be understanding of each other’s moods and life choices. Be okay to bent, there is nothing wrong in saying a simple sorry. Don’t let your man ego come in between of a healthy thing.

7. Don’t be overprotective

Yes, we understand that as a man you might have the urge to be protective of your partner. This is one of the ways you show your emotions and care for your partner. But, many a times, men tend to cross the line and become overprotective.

Under no circumstances is your overprotectiveness acceptable. Your partner is an adult and have their own lives. It is their conscious decision to make you an important part of it, by becoming overprotective, you are losing on your privileges and telling them that you do not trust them completely.

8. Don’t be self centered

A lot of times, in a long distance relationship, men tend to forget that the other person is also living a life that does not only revolve around them. Be humble. Be open. Be ready to understand that, them choosing their friend’s birthday party over an online date with you should not be made into an argument. There are going to be times when you will do the same.

9. Be honest

Yes, those who believe in ‘honesty is the best policy’ are generally good communicators with healthy relationships. Being intimate and open to your partner, will only bring them closer and make a special bond.

Be honest about things you feel that will make your partner uncomfortable and upset. It might just happen that the reaction that you are assuming will not be given at all. Consider your partner as your equal and an adult. They might be far more understanding than you believe and surprise you.

10. Be sensitive

We understand that with above mentioned notes you are already trying to be sensitive and understanding. But all we are saying is make conscious effort to be sensitive towards your partner.

Listen, learn and love. The three important words to make any relationship work and become successful. Also, it’s a process, the first being open to listening, taking learning from what you understood and implementing it in your relationship. Love is the end result.

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