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10 Outdated Men’s Fashion Style Statements

The men’s fashion world has not seen much of a change over the years, as compared to women. Most of the trends we see are just a repetition of a previous trend with a modern and finer twist to it. But even through all that, there are some fashion style statements that are still present that are really drab compared to our modern styles. Except for the men belonging to the upper niches of society, most men are still clueless regarding what to wear and what not to wear. If we look around us, the average Joe is still going around wearing flip-flops with loose-fitting jeans and a faded t-shirt to add to it.

The way one dresses up matters, as it creates a first impression, especially if one is seen wearing modern, trendy attire. Men are not given the right advice and lessons in fashion, but it is important to educate them. Continue reading to avoid these fashion-style statements that have become outdated.

Baggy Clothes

Number one on the list we have is any sort of baggy clothing. Baggy clothes were a popular style statement amongst the surging popularity of hip-hop. They were never a style option but a sort of statement amongst the artists to distinguish them from the rest. The fashion style soon became a part of the general population, but it quickly became outdated due to its oblong nature. If you still own such clothes, exchange them for something more well-fitting that would make you more presentable, taller, and more stylish.

Sandals with Socks

Sandals with socks are the most lazy-style statement anyone could think of. It’s the best way to make yourself look out of style. Sandals were created for the sole purpose of wearing them bare and keeping the feet cool. This outdated fashion style should never be followed by anyone.

Any kind of footwear with Velcro

Velcro footwear is a surefire way to be seen as an incapable person who cannot take responsibility. Velcro might appear more functional, but it also sends the message that you’re so lazy that you can’t even tie shoelaces. Unless you’re a youngster who has not even hit puberty, velcro shoes are an outdated fashion that should be avoided.

Studded leather belts

Belts are one of the few accessories that can make or break a man’s outfit. Apart from a watch or a tie, a plain leather belt is one of the classiest-looking fashion style statements that a man can wear. Unless you want to feel like a man-child who still has angsty, raging hormones, studded belts are an outdated fashion style that must be thrown in the dumpster.

Logo-embroidered trousers

Unless you belong to the class of sophisticated Italian men that know nothing but their designer branded clothes, printed pants are downright the cheap-looking and cringiest piece of attire any man can own. They had become popular amongst the rich in the 90s as a sort of wealth statement, but they never turned out to be a trend and quickly became an outdated fashion.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes were a popular go-to footwear when they first came out, but they quickly faded away into the sidelines because of their look, which does not go well with any kind of outfit. If you still own a boat shoe that has become an outdated fashion, it is best to replace it with something that will serve you for a longer time, such as brown sneakers.

Skinny Tight Jeans

Skinny tight jeans as part of a man’s outfit quickly went away as fast as they came. If you’re a gym-going bud who loves to show off his hard work, wearing any sort of skinny outfit is the worst way to do that. Skinny tight jeans are one of the worst outdated fashion styles and are sure to make your legs look like a sausage.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are still popular, but if you look around, you will rarely find people wearing them. It was the fire in the '90s but eventually dug its grave due to its oblong shape, which did not suit all face types and quickly got replaced by oval wayfarers.

Running or Sports Shoes with any sort of Formal Pants

Running shoes are one of the coolest-looking pieces of footwear a man can wear, but only if they are worn with the right outfits. Chunky running shoes with sophisticated formal pants are the worst outfit combination any man can wear. It is mostly popular among older males, with an age demographic of 40 and older. An outdated fashion style must be removed from your wardrobe.


Crocs are a popular style statement that is functional for water resistance and also provides good comfort. But it is something that suits no outfit whatsoever, and it is also something that seems suitable only if you’re a kid. An established or working professional wearing a croc is a pet peeve for many people and gives the impression of being a lazy and irresponsible man. Crocs are still popular, but they eventually have become an outdated fashion style statement for the adult man.


Men’s fashion is still at a rudimentary level when compared to women's, but that’s what distinguishes a man’s sophistication from the rest. A man’s fashion outfit is something that always comprises minimalism, sophistication, and elegance. One’s outfit is the best way to create an impression that also has a lasting effect. Avoiding outdated fashion styles and replacing them with suave and classy outfits is the best way to create that good impression.

Written by: Ridhiman Das

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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